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22nd July, 2014



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Spitfire Round Sunglasses

ASOS Vintage Round Lens Sunglasses

Reclaimed Vintage Wayfarer Sunglasses

ASOS Vintage Round Lens Sunglasses

Spitfire Chilli Wave Round Sunglasses

Reclaimed Vintage Aviator Sunglasses



ASOS Gold Aviator Sunglasses

ASOS Half Kitten Cat Eye Sunglasses

ASOS Silver Aviator Sunglasses with Mirrored Lens

Reclaimed Vintage Round Sunglasses

Le Specs Hey Macarena Sunglasses

ASOS Metal Corner Detail Cat Eye Sunglasses



Jeepers Peepers Bobby Round Sunglasses

AJ Morgan Round Sunglasses

Spitfire Round Sunglasses

Spitfire Round Sunglasses,

AJ Morgan Round Sunglasses

ASOS Flat Top Cat Eye Sunglasses



ASOS Half Frame Classic Round Sunglasses

Le Specs Black Lagoon Sunglasses

ASOS Heart Shape Sunglasses

Jeepers Peepers Glitter Round Sunglasses

ASOS Corner Detail Retro Sunglasses

Ray-Ban New Clubmaster Sunglasses

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