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Vogue: Behind The Scenes

16th October, 2014

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I’m so excited that Fashion Bloggers finally premiered on the Style network last night! I hope you all got to see it. It’s slightly nerve wracking to let people into your world but it’s so much fun that you get to see what really goes on in the life of a fashion blogger! I was thrilled they were able to capture a fly on the wall perspective of my recent Vogue shoot. I felt so honored that Vogue asked the women of our family to take part in a shoot on our family property. The shoot was the first time I let my baby girl, Sophia, be photographed for a magazine so it was a very special moment for me and I will cherish the photos forever. It was also the first time my sister in-law Hoda, let camera’s in with her daughter Rose so it was so nice that both our daughters were able to be shot with “Grandma Gai” – making it a very special moment for us all as a family. The shoot was such a fun day, one I will never forget. The Vogue November issue is out now and here are some behind the scenes photos taken on the day.

Kate x

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