What being in lockdown taught me about style

30th October, 2021

It’s crazy times of late and while we all try to navigate this new normal it has been interesting to reflect on how fashion has adapted to current circumstances. Tracksuits are well and truly a thing now — elevated into a loungewear staple that’s seen everyone from Camilla and Marc to Bassike release their own luxe versions. While jeans are a legitimate WFH go-to and we’re all embracing versatile basics like never before. The one thing that lockdown highlighted is that there are definitely parts of our wardrobes that we can’t live with, and those that we could probably rethink. Here are a few lessons I picked up about style over the last few months.

Comfort is and will always be key

Spending copious amounts of time at home meant clothes had to be ultra comfortable. I know that for me, I had to juggle working along with having the girls at home 24/7 so outfits had to be practical first and foremost. So I ended up going back to the same pieces over and over again, simply because they were comfy and also stylish. This included everything from jeans to staples such as tees and knits and also activewear. It really made me work with a tighter edit, which actually made getting dressed easier.

Why certain things are go-to pieces and others aren’t

It also forced me to look at certain items in my wardrobe and question why I wasn’t wearing them during that time (event wear and ultra dressy pieces aside) and why it was for example that I preferred certain t-shirts over others I had. This really made me look at my favourites in a whole new light and allowed me to identify key things I liked about them, and in turn, formulate a criteria list that I can use for when I’m buying anything in future.

Denim is ridiculously versatile

I loved denim way before lockdown but it cemented my love for them even more (see above for proof!). Finding jeans in a flattering length and cut is priceless and is the kind of thing that can be utilised day in and day out and worked back with so many different pieces. I pretty much lived in denim most days in lockdown, and I still do when working from home and the handful of denim pieces I had really formulated the bulk of my looks.

Matching sets are a great shortcut to style

A co-ord set is one of those things that when you put it on you immediately look stylish. Which makes it even more of a no-brainer as it requires absolutely no effort to put together. I’ve got a few matching sets on rotation and find them to be such a good option for when I don’t want to think about putting an outfit together. Invest in a set, and it will save you during any wardrobe dilemma/lazy day.

Invest in good basics

I’ve said this before time and time again, but basics really are the building blocks of any good, functional wardrobe. I had several tees, tanks and long-sleeved tops on the go, constantly on rotation during lockdown and nothing much has changed since then. They still formulate the bulk of a lot of my looks, and I whip them out time and time again. Plus the cost per wear is unbelievable because I am in them all the time.

Collect classics

Trend pieces are fun but I found that it was always the core items like blazers, coats and jackets that I’d find myself turning to to help tie a look together for most of my Zoom calls. Things such as a great black blazer or a beautiful statement coat are the kinds of items that can really make or break an ensemble, and are such a great thing to have at your disposal on days where you need to quickly smarten up an outfit.

What did lockdown teach you about your style?

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