How to style a jumpsuit

27th October, 2021

A jumpsuit is often one of those things where you either love them or hate them. I fall into the former camp as I think they’re a lot of fun to wear and can really make a statement without having to fuss around with trying to match tops and bottoms. I also like the fact that they can work casually but also in a dressy sense from a night out to a wedding However I know sometimes they can seem a little daunting to wear, from deciding what to pair it with to how to choose just the right fit. However, having gone down this route a few times, I have a few tried and tested tips on how to style a jumpsuit to achieve a killer look. Read on…

Consider length

Try your jumpsuit on with the shoes you’re likely to wear it with the most and look at how the length? Is it too long? Too short? It’s a good idea to keep your jumpsuit at a length that hits just at the ankle for the most flattering fit, at this length it can work with both flats and a heel. If you’re planning on wearing a slightly dressier jumpsuit for the evening, make sure that you can wear it with a heel (if that’s what you’re planning to pair it with) without it touching or dragging on the ground. If you need adjustments made, it’s definitely worth doing to achieve the best fit.

Avoid going too big or too small

You want to avoid a jumpsuit that’s going to be so small that you can end up getting a rather unflattering camel toe effect but you also you don’t want it to be so loose that it swamps you. Try and opt for a fit that’s comfortable, where it’s not overly snug but not so big that it looks a little unkempt. You want to be able to freely move around without your jumpsuit being snug in all the wrong places.

Have definition at the waist

The thing with a jumpsuit is that given it’s an all-in-one garment, if you don’t have a slightly cinched in effect at the waist you can risk it totally looking like its wearing you rather than you wearing it. Lots of jumpsuits these days come with a waist tie which I think is a great way to get a more defined waist, but you could also opt to wear a belt to get the same effect.

Keep it simple

Wearing a jumpsuit is a statement making look so avoid going too over the top with accessories. You want to keep the silhouette rather sleek and pared back with a few carefully chosen accessories to help lift it rather than compete with it. A gorgeous statement earring or a beautiful headband for example are effective ways to really lift a jumpsuit without it feeling a bit much.

What are some of your tips for wearing a jumpsuit?

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