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What I Wore: Coat of Arms

27th July, 2021

One thing that can really make or break a winter look is your choice of coat. While it’s primary purpose is most definitely to provide warmth, I think the kind of coat you wear has the power to act as the beautiful bow that ties an outfit together. There are so many different styles of coat to choose from, of course, but I’m always a huge fan of anything in a classic silhouette in a beautiful neutral hue. This Jil Sander coat from Cettire is the kind of style that can easily transcend trends and remain a forever fashion staple. The double breasted style with a belt feature is sophisticated and elegant and can easily be popped over many a look and instantly tie it all together. And the cream hue adds an extra old school glamour feel, but from a practical sense, it really is the kind of colour that could work back with virtually anything.

I’ve written about shopping for coats in the past, and my approach has remained the same. I think it’s important to buy the best quality you can afford—look for beautiful fabrics such as wool or cashmere which provide warmth but also breathe, allowing you to avoid the overheating effect that can often go hand in hand with many winter coats. Additionally I think colour is really important and anything in a neutral or darker shades such as navy, black or grey is a guaranteed winner. You can’t go wrong with those hues as they will pretty much work back with anything. Design and finishing details are also key. Look for clean lines, but also for finishes that can elevate a coat into something special. Consider elements such as belts, buttons, and embellishments which can all work to give a coat a point of difference. Ultimately however a coat has to be something you want to cosy up in, but also something that makes you feel great when you wear it. Once you tick both those boxes, then you’re most definitely onto a good thing.

Credits: Coat, Jil Sander; Sunglasses, Poppy Lissiman

Photography: Ashleigh Larden

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This post was produced in collaboration with Cettire

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