What’s getting me through the week

24th April, 2020

I’ve discovered very quickly that during this time of self-isolation it’s the little things that matter. Without the distractions and busyness of life, I’ve grown to appreciate that often it’s the simplest of acts which make the days all the better. In our house we’ve learned to embrace fun new activities as a family, started new rituals and tried to find a different groove. Here’s what’s currently helping me to get through another week in iso.


My girls love them and they have got me hooked too. We try and do ones that the whole family can enjoy so we can all work on one together.

Ozark on Netflix

It’s always so great when I find a new series on Netflix that I can binge watch with Luke after the girls are down. We’re currently watching Ozark. Only a few episodes in but loving it. 

Take away once (or twice) a week 

At the moment I’m cooking kids’ and adults’ meals three times a day, which is a lot more than I usually would be doing. So it’s a welcome break to order in. As a family we usually would go out for dinner once or twice a week so now we make that a take away night from our favourite local restaurants.

Pancake Sunday

This ritual has become a real thing in our house. My girls ask if it’s Pancake Sunday every day!

Long family bush walks 

Being indoors for such a long time has meant that we really savour the times we’re out and about a lot more. We’ve got a trail that we like to do that’s pretty quiet and secluded so it’s a nice way to get a dose of fresh air and some exercise, let the girls stretch their legs a bit but maintain social distancing at the same time.

What’s currently helping you get through the week?

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