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22nd June, 2015

Lena Perminova

Like most people I’m always on Instagram. It’s a great source of fashion inspiration and I love being able to check out what my fave fashion icons are up to. I follow quite a few people but these people are at the top of my list:



Miroslava Duma is one of my style icons. I love seeing what she’s up to whether she’s travelling the world or attending an amazing party but I also love seeing what she’s wearing because it inspires me. She always has the most beautiful outfits and she’s definitely one of my favourites.


Lena is a Russian fashionista who’s also a mum of three. She’s always going to amazing parties and runway shows and she’s always dressed to perfection. She’s a great source of outfit inspiration and I love seeing the exciting things she gets up to.



I love following the girls from Fashion Bloggers. Nadia has got a really fun personality and I love how it shines through on Instagram. Not only is she always really well dressed but she’s always at the best bars and restaurants and latest parties and her Instagram is a great way to get an insight into her world.



Zanita’s always dressed in a really unique way and I love her original take on fashion. Often I’ll see something on the runway but wouldn’t think of putting it together the way Zanita does. She’s got a really great eye. She’s also a really amazing photographer and I really just love seeing what she does with her photographs and she really excels at capturing the moment and creating a beautiful image.



Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley is a big source of fashion inspiration. I really love the way she works her wardrobe with a minimalist colour palette of black, grey and white. She always gives some great tips and tricks on how to dress.



Mandy from Oracle Fox is the ultimate in really beautiful style and travel. I feel I’m on an endless journey with Oracle Fox and just travelling across the world to Paris and to amazing beautiful beachside resorts. She’s also an amazing photographer and I love seeing the images she captures.

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