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Work from home pants that are almost as comfy as trackies

1st May, 2020

Having recently discovered just how important comfortable pants are when you’re working from home I’ve been hunting around for various options that tick both the form and function box. I think putting on a proper outfit is important for getting into work mode but I know the allure of just wanting to stay in something cosy and comfy like tracksuit pants for the entire day. So, how about meeting in the middle?

The jury’s still out on wearing jeans while WFH (I’m a fan but I know others find it just way too uncomfortable) but the great alternative is a pair of relaxed pants that still have a little bit of structure and polished finishes such as a tie waist or pleating. You can still maintain optimal comfort levels without feeling like you’re way too dressed up.

Also keep fabrics in mind. You want to go for breathable fabrics like linen and cotton as it feels so much nicer against the skin, and they’re made for wearing the entire day at home.

So, if you’re on the hunt for some new pants to add to your work from home wardrobe, here are a few to definitely consider adding to your list.

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