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5 designer accessories worth splurging on this week—and they’re on sale!

11th February, 2018

Who’s in the mood to shop? If you’re up for spoiling yourself this week, here’s a round up of the best designer finds that will not only make welcome additions to your wardrobe but rather excitingly are currently on sale!

Alaïa Arabesque embellished clutch

Anything Alaïa is always a good idea particularly when it comes in the form of a super practical yet next level black clutch. You’ll wear this to death so you can definitely justify the splurge.

Givenchy leather belt

A belt is a great way to elevate an outfit whether it be a pair of jeans or a dress and this understated Givenchy piece will do just that style cred aplenty.

Isabel Marant dancing hoop and pendant earrings

The geometric style of these earrings will be just the thing to give an ensemble an edgy and luxe feel.

Valentino Rockstud leather bracelet

Who can resist the classic Valentino Rockstud style? A diminutive way to add a designer touch to a look.

Tom Ford Margret aviator sunglasses

Classic and understated, these sunglasses are well worth adding to your collection because you’ll absolutely wear them to death.

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