5 staples to take you through transeasonal weather

9th October, 2023

The button down shirt is high on my list of style staples

Here we are again – that time of year when you walk outside and anything could greet you weather-wise. Transeasonal weather is a tricky thing to navigate. It’s not winter anymore but not strictly consistently warm weather either so dressing for the day requires being prepared for whatever the day might throw at you. It’s important to wear pieces that are going to be able to be worn in warm or cool weather, and it’s why pieces that are suited to layering work best. Being able to peel off or put on various layers means you’ll be comfortable regardless of what the temperature is outside. Having navigated this enough times, I’ve come upon a few staples that are ideal for transeasonal dressing. Here are the five that are definitely front and centre in my closet of late.

Lightweight sweater

A crew neck sweater in a lightweight wool, cashmere or cotton is perfect as it breathes but also retains warmth and it’s a perfect transeasonal weather ally when you’re dealing with fluctuating temperatures. Also it’s quite versatile in that it can be paired back with everything from jeans and trousers and can easily be thrown on over a tee or shirt. Opt for ultra reliable neutrals or you could start embracing slightly bolder colours signalling the change in season.

Button down shirt

A layering must-have, the button down shirt is very much a style chameleon. Wear it tucked on or out, open or closed, tied up… it can be styled according to where the day is going to take you. The trend of late also is to wear it open with a white tee or tank underneath which also adds to its usefulness as a layering piece. A white shirt is always a classic, but you could also opt for bright pastels or bold stripes for a modern take on this eternal classic.

Tailored pants are a must

Tailored pants

Love a tailored pant as its potential is almost limitless. I packed a pair on a recent overseas trip and I was able to dress them up or down so easily, plus they’re great for dealing with climbing or dropping temperatures. They also tick the layering box as you could pair them with a shirt or a tee, then add a sweater or a lightweight jacket on top.

Knit dress

This is one of my favourite trends of the season. I’ve seen so many good iterations of it from chain store to designer, there are plenty of options available to suit any budget. I think a long sleeved knit dress is ideal as it has the cocooning effect required to keep you warm, but it’s not going to cause you to overheat if the day gets hotter as your legs are still somewhat exposed. Opt for a fun pastel, print or classic neutral — any option will be guaranteed to be on high rotation.

Trench coat

A trench consistently makes it onto style staple lists because it’s timeless and so utilitarian. A great trench can be worn with jeans, over a dress or paired pants and it works equally as well. Plus you can wear it with the sleeves pulled up or down, belted or open, meaning you can adjust it according to what the day brings. Opt for a longer mid-calf style to ensure that it can be paired back with as many different outfits as possible – plus it’s the on trend silhouette this season.

What are some of your favourite transeasonal style staples?


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