What’s getting me through the week

22nd May, 2020

Whilst restrictions have eased slightly in NSW, things are obviously not back to normal. So while we’re still staying home as much as we can, things on the work and school front have also slightly changed and we’ve just been doing our best to navigate this new normal. For me it has become even more important to appreciate the small highlights throughout the week, like the following…

Supporting local businesses by buying blooms

Fresh flowers in my home

Nothing cheers me up more than a beautiful vase of flowers in my home. It’s particularly great right now as we’re spending so much extra time at home—it’s nice to have something pretty to look at. Also, we always buy our flowers from a local store, and particularly now, it’s great to be able to support nearby businesses in any way we can.

Oysters from East 33
A snapshot of our Gather degustation

Catering at home

It’s been such a luxury to be able to enjoy a nice meal that I haven’t had to cook!

Now that the restrictions have lifted slightly we socialised with another family so it was nice to try some catered meals. We ordered fresh oysters from East 33 – and they were amazing! It was also nice to be able to be able to have it with friends.

Another time Luke and I also tried a Gathar degustation for a date night by ourselves while kids were asleep, and we ordered a family roast via Pomelo online. It was great to be able to have a break from the kitchen.

Loving luxe knits

Luxe knitwear

Now that the weather is definitely getting much cooler I have been living in beautiful knits. There’s something quite comforting about wrapping myself up in a gorgeous jumper and the brands I’m loving right now include Rebecca Vallance, Bec and Bridge, Uniqlo, Joslin Studio and Viktoria and Woods. 

These are my Allbirds pair from last year and I lived in them!

Allbirds sneakers

I discovered these sneakers last year and they are without a doubt one of the comfiest sneakers I own. I’ve just ordered new white wool ones for winter because they are so warm and I wore last year’s to death. They’re also made from recycled materials such as bottles and cardboard, which in my eyes makes them an even better purchase than they already are.

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  • Reply Melissa McIntosh 26th May, 2020 at 10:56 am

    Hi where are those mint pants from? Obsessed!!! Mel x

    • Reply Kate Waterhouse 29th May, 2020 at 2:42 pm

      Hi Melissa, love them too! They’re from Bec and Bridge. :)

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