Reader Q&A: What should I wear to autumn racing events?

13th March, 2019

Autumn racing is upon us and it’s definitely a great one to dress for. Whilst spring racing generally takes centre stage, I do love being able to play with lots of textures and layers during this time of year on the racing calendar. I’ve received a few questions from readers asking what to wear to autumn racing events so to help guide you, these are some of my golden rules for nailing your look.

Keep it simple

This rule applies no matter the time of year—always remember that any event at the races isn’t an evening event so it’s best to go for looks that err on the side of conservative. If you were meeting your grandmother for lunch, what would you wear? It’s best to keep things like minis, sequins and other clothes you’d wear to a nightclub at home.

Remember your headwear

Headwear is always a must for any racing event but for autumn it’s important to leave any straw hats at home and instead opt for a felt number. If you’re not a hat person there are so many other options available now that you’re definitely going to be spoilt for choice. Think headbands to headpieces with artistic shapes and textures and metallic works of art.

Dress for the weather

It’s time for your open toed stilettos to go into hibernation and replace them with a pair of elegant pumps. If the weather is looking to be cool or wet, then it’s important to bring a jacket with you to stay warm, just be sure to bring the right style. Leave anything bulky at home and instead go for a blazer, a cape or an elegant trench.

Go for less is more beauty

Beauty looks at the races should be elegant and simple. The key is not to look overdone. Keep your base fresh, and add a simple slick of black eyeliner or bold lip. Also when it comes to hair you don’t need to look like you spent hours at the hairdresser. A great blow dry, natural waves or a sleek bun will do the trick and save you hours of getting ready time.

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