How to create beachy waves

30th August, 2013


We all want those Victoria’s Secret beachy ‘messy’ curls but I don’t know about you but my hair never looks that good after a dip in the ocean! Brad Ngata for Shu Uemura Art of Hair explains how to achieve Beachy waves with a natural undone finish, in four easy steps.

1. Prep hair with DEPSEA FOUNDATION and massage in to scalp – this prepares the hair and helps activate the natural texture.

2. Spray LIQUID FABRIC evenly through the hair this is a Mineral Texture Spray, if you can let this dry naturally and it will enhance the texture to your hair. *note: if you don’t have natural curls then tong the mid-to-ends of your hair with a medium curling iron. With each section, curl the hair in opposite directions, alternating between sections curled toward your face and sections curled toward the back of your head. 

3. For added texture and to give hair a cooler feel use the VOLUME MAKER this is a nifty pen-like brush that distributes a gritty texture at the roots – I love using it at the crown for added height.

4. To finish, run fingers through your hair to separate curls and to add definition I love COTTON UZU this is a flexible defining cream that is lightweight and adds a little sheen.

Shu1 Shu2 shu3 Shu4


Photography: Byron Spencer, Makeup: Panda Ye Peng for Shu UemuraModel: Valentina Sykes, Hair: Brad Ngata for Shu Uemura Art of Hair.

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