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The nail polish colours I always wear

19th February, 2018

Nail polish is one of the easiest shortcuts to looking polished. If I have a fresh manicure I feel that I could be wearing my daggiest tracksuit pants and I’d still maintain an element of – excuse the pun – polish. I know there’s a rainbow of colours out there when it comes to nail polish, along with a multitude of brands. I’m a creature of habit however and once I’ve found my faves I tend to stick to them. I always go light or dark with the colours I wear and will opt for light on my fingers and dark on my toes or vice versa. These are the three shades that I always come back to time and again.

OPI Funny Bunny nail polish

Funny Bunny

Judging from the Instagram accounts I follow, this is a popular colour that’s become a fave amongst celebs and bloggers. I think it’s due to the fact that is seems to be just the right shade of white—not so opaque that it looks like liquid paper and neutral enough to suit most skin tones. Cute name too.

OPI Bubble Bath nail polish

Bubble Bath

A pretty light pink nail polish shade that I’ve found works well with my colouring. It’s a great colour for when I’m in the mood for something quite feminine.

OPI Malaga Wine nail polish
Malaga Wine

A burgundy/wine shade is a great option for me when I’ve got a big event or special occasion. I like this as it’s dark without being too overpowering and it works with most outfits too.

Tell me—what are you favourite nail polish colours?

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