Beauty profile: Jess Hart

12th November, 2014


Jess Hart’s new cosmetics line Luma is all about natural beauty – something Jess is certainly the epitome of. Seeing her new baby on the shelves is something Jess has waited two years to see. “I’ve dreamt about it so many times I don’t think it’s quite kicked in that it’s no longer a dream,” she says.

Jess recently sat down with me to chat about the best makeup tips she’s picked up as a model, her summer essentials and the biggest beauty sin she’s ever committed!


Starting her own makeup line…

As a model I have spent a lot of time in a makeup chair over the years so I’ve grown to learn a lot about what works for me and what doesn’t. My beauty philosophy is very much less is more so I wanted to create a makeup line that enhances a woman’s natural beauty. It’s taken over two years to get it exactly where I want it but I’m so happy with the result.

What sets Luma apart…

Luma is all natural. It’s taken me a long time to get everything right but it was worth it and all the work has paid off delivering a premium product that is affordable. There is not one product in the range that has not had my touch and 100 per cent approval.

My fave part of the Luma creative process…

My favourite has been the learning curve. I’m learning so much about the product development process from ingredients to formulas and packaging. The most challenging part has been getting it to exactly where I want it and up to my standards while still keeping it as natural as possible and at an affordable price point.

The best makeup tip I’ve ever received…

Work out what works for your complexion, your eye colour and your colourings such as if you have more pink in your skin tone or yellow. If you have brown eyes go for purple tones such as aubergine or lavender as it will bring out the brown. If you have yellow undertones in your skin go for peachy blushes instead of reds or roses. If you have blue eyes go for copper tones on your eyelids – I use my bronzer as an eyeshadow or fawn/ taupe colours work well too.

One beauty ritual I can’t skip…

Brushing my teeth? :-) I’m generally pretty relaxed with my routine but always make sure I moisturise and wear an SPF during the day.

My worst beauty sin…

Wearing a lip, cheek and strong eye all at once. Always pick one to feature and go super natural on the other two.

One beauty look that was definitely a mistake…

Neon blue eyeliner – but who knows, one day that might be cool! You have to make the mistake to know that it’s a mistake though so experiment until you know what works for you.


One of Jess' beauty essentials

One of Jess’ beauty essentials


What are your must-have beauty products for summer? LUMA Tinted moisturiser SPF15, LUMA Illuminating Highlighter and Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturiser.

Natural beauty is…

Beautiful skin that’s not too covered. I don’t like to see faces hidden with a cake of makeup. Enhance what you have – highlight your cheeks, amp up your natural lip colour and a little mascara. That’s naturally beautiful.





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