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Chanel wallet on chain: Is it worth it?

20th February, 2023

Chanel is always one of those brands where you can’t really go wrong. In fact, the price of the average Chanel bag on the resale market has actually dramatically increased, so it’s a worthwhile investment as far as making a big, splurge purchase goes. There’s also something eternally classic about a simple Chanel bag that means you’ll have it for years and years to come.

One of my very first Chanel purchases was the wallet on chain (WOC). As far as leather accessories go, it’s a great entry level purchase to make when it comes to Chanel, but bear in mind that it’s still quite pricey! Prices currently start from $4020 (denim fabrication) in Australia, and that’s for a simple design, if you want one of the more trendy seasonal styles or leather you can expect to pay around the $5000 – $6000 mark. There’s a great resale market for the Chanel WOC however, so definitely consider second hand as you may get it at a cheaper price.

This diminutive Chanel style is something that will have longevity and is quite versatile, but there are a few things to keep in mind before decided whether to buy one or not. Here’s my honest take on it…

What can I fit in it?

A warning: this bag is tiny. I can fit a small wallet, key, small lip gloss. Unfortunately my current phone is too big for it!

What is the wear and tear like?

It has lasted many years so the wear and tear is good. A definite investment piece.

How versatile is it?

Really versatile – I can wear it with most things and I can wear it casually as a crossbody or put the chain inside and wear it as a clutch.

Is black a good colour to get?

I wear a lot of black so it is a great colour for me. I feel like you can go wrong with neutral tones for everyday things. That said, there are some great colours/patterns available now which might work if you’re after more of a statement piece. However bear in mind that the more seasonal trend styles will date as they don’t tend to reissue them, so a bag from a 2023 collection will easily be indentifiable as being from that season.

What are its best features and worst features?

The best feature is that having the black WOC means it is very versatile and doesn’t date. The worst feature on my particular bag design is that it only clips up with a little clip on the CC’s so its not secure for small things like coins.

Would I buy it again?

Yes, it’s stood the test of time.

I love the classic simplcity

The Chanel WOC comes in so many great colours nowadays, you can definitely find one to work back with anything in your wardrobe.


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