The pieces I get the most DMs about

19th February, 2023

I tend to field a fair few DMs about various things, from where I bought a particular piece from to an enquiry about something in the background of a post on Instagram. Without a doubt however there are certain things I wear that will without fail trigger a flurry of DMs asking what brand it is or where I got it from. Along with these jeans which I have already written about, there are three things that I will always have to field questions about. Here they are…

Guinea Coin Necklace

The number one thing I always get asked about in my DMs is always in my coin necklace (probably because I wear it nearly everyday). It’s a guinea coin that my dad bought at an auction and had made it into a necklace. It’s so versatile and it’s one of those pieces of jewellery that is a constant in my wardrobe, plus it has sentimental value so it’s extra special.

Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet

My aunt gifted me this bracelet for my 30th birthday (the nail bracelet above) and I almost always will be wearing it, much like my coin necklace. I absolutely adore it as it works really well in a wrist stack but it also stands on its own if I want to go for a more minimalist approach. If you’re ever looking for an investment piece to spoil yourself with, I would definitely consider it. All these years later and it’s still in regular rotation.

D.O.F Sneakers

I will often get messages asking about these Department of Finery (D.O.F.) sneakers. They’re called the Zara in case you’re wondering! I’ve had them for a few years and they work really well with most outfits and are ultra comfy. I like that they look a little bit sporty and are quite a different vibe to the rest of my sneakers. I’ll wear these shoes with jeans most of the time but they also pair well with dresses.



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