Comfy work from home looks that will still make you feel productive

21st April, 2021

We’ve all been working from home for over a year now and if you’re like me you’ve tried to find the happy compromise between feeling comfortable and not too over dressed, to wearing something that makes you *feel* like you’re in work mode because it’s not say, your fave trackies and t-shirt (although that’s trending too—but that’s another story!). I have found a few combinations that work for me, that I thought I’d share in case you’re stuck for inspo on the WFH outfit front.

They all strike the right balance between looking polished, but also comfy enough that I could happily sit at my laptop for a few hours in said outfit. Also, I always like to make sure that everything looks Zoom ready. If I need to jump on a call, I want to make sure that I don’t have to fuss around trying to get changed in a hurry. And I guarantee all these looks will do just that.

A matching set

This is a stretchy top and skirt from Manning Cartell and it’s high on the comfort spectrum, but the greatest thing about co-ord sets is that they just look so polished when you wear them. I think the key here is to get something that you want to spend the entire day in so a breathable fabric, with plenty of give.

Top and tapered pant

I wear this combination quite a bit because it’s one of my shortcuts for days when I just need to look put together but I don’t want to fuss around too much with having to style an outfit. You could easily pair a tapered trouser with a tee, a shirt, a blouse… the list is endless. These pants are also ultra comfortable which is always a must when it comes to any WFH look.

A black dress

The LBD works during the day too! A simple cotton dress like this looks like you made an effort in the style stakes but wearing it for the duration of your working day is also totally fine, because it’s ultra comfy.

A tee and midi skirt

My criteria for WFH looks is always if I can spend a few hours in it without fussing around in my outfit, and if it’s Zoom ready should it be required. This combination is a yes on both fronts. Black on black will always look like you made an effort, but if you want to embrace more colour, this particular outfit equation still works.

Jeans and a turtleneck (or sweater)

Go ahead and grab your most favourite pair of jeans and wear them working from home. The key to making them feel less weekend is the choice of top. I’ve always found turtleneck styles or even just a cosy knit is the perfect way to do denim, but elevated, so it feels work appropriate and not that you’re about to just hang around the house. You could also throw on a white shirt and it would work beautifully.

Wide leg pants and a ribbed top

Okay so you don’t have to wear the heels if you’re at home, but I wanted to share this look as an example of something that’s really easy to put together but looks very on trend, and so chic. A pair of wide leg pants (white denim is my fave at the moment) and a ribbed top looks ultra stylish and is currently trending. I highly recommend it.

What are some of your favourite WFH outfit combinations?

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