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My favourite Date with Kates in 2016

27th December, 2016

I’m lucky enough to spend time with a lot of really interesting people throughout the year due to my Date with Kate column and 2016 has been no exception. I’ve had plenty of great “dates” this year but these in particular have been my favourites…

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson has always been such an icon of Australian fashion and beauty and I’ve been lucky enough to meet her a few times and interviewed her once before so it was great to be able to catch up with her again. We caught up soon after I had Grace and she’s such an interesting woman that she was definitely one that I wanted to make the effort to see and interview.

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin is definitely one of the it girls of the moment and one that I follow on social media so I was curious to see what she was like in person. We actually caught up at her 20th birthday party at Mrs Sippy in Sydney’s Double Bay whilst she was in Australia launching her collaboration with Modelco and had a great time chatting about all things beauty.

Emma Watkins and Lachlan Gillespie

My daughter, Sophia is a huge fan of The Wiggles and watches their show all the time so it was great to be able to hang out with Emma and Lachie. I’ve actually been to so many Wiggles concerts that I’ve now become good friends with the pair. Just to speak with them and how successful they’ve become was quite fascinating.

Zoë Foster Blake

I think Zoë’s fantastic. She’s so talented and incredibly funny and I think an inspiration to women with how much she has achieved in her career from launching her own beauty line to writing several books (with one, The Wrong Girl, being turned into a TV show this year). We had a really lovely time catching up and it was intriguing to hear about all the different projects she is up to.

Bec Judd

I had a great time co-hosting the Australian Marks & Spencer launch with Bec this year and it was nice to be able to do a Date with Kate together just as she had announced she was expecting twin boys. We have a lot in common as we both have young kids and it’s always really interesting hearing about how another mum manages to juggle everything in her work and personal life.

Kristin Davis

I have of course watched Sex and the City numerous times so it was great to be able to meet Kristin Davis during her visit to Australia as part of her work with the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees. We caught up at Flying Fish restaurant in Sydney’s Pyrmont and spoke about everything from playing Charlotte York to why she’s so passionate about campaigning for human rights.

Miranda Kerr

High tea with Miranda Kerr has got to be one of the highlights of the year as far as doing Date with Kates go. She’s always so lovely to speak to and we had a really lovely time discussing being a working mum, her relationship with Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel and how she likes to entertain family and friends.

Sigrid Thornton

Sigrid Thornton has long been one of Australia’s most celebrated actresses and we caught up to chat about her role in the production of Fiddler in the Roof. It was fascinating hearing about her 40-year career in film, television and the theatre.

Miranda Tapsell

Miranda Tapsell is one of the most warm and engaging people you’ll ever meet. We had a great time chatting about what it’s like being an indigenous actress and her career highlights to date.

The Veronicas

I enjoyed a really tasty vegan feast with The Veronicas’ Lisa and Jess Origliasso as we spoke about launching their new single and what it’s like dealing with “body shamers” who claim their weight is unhealthy. Having watched their career since 2005 it was great to be able to chat to the twins about how far their career has come.

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