My tips for sale shopping

26th December, 2016

Sale time! This is a great time of year to bag a bargain and restock your wardrobe but it can also be the time when you may end up splurging on things on impulse and end up having lots of items sitting at the back of your wardrobe for the rest of the year. This is why it’s important to have a shopping game plan when it comes to hitting the sales. Here’s what I always do when it comes to sale shopping in-store or online.

Compile a shopping list

A bargain isn’t really a bargain if you end up snapping up something that you had absolutely no intention of buying in the first place. This is why I always inspect my wardrobe and compile a list of things I need so I know exactly what I need to buy when I’m trawling my favourite online stores or browsing my favourite boutiques.

Be prepared to try on things

The crowds are crazy during the after Christmas sales so make things easier on yourself when you go to try things on by wearing an appropriate outfit. This means wearing something simple such as a dress that you can take on and off quite easily and also shoes that you can easily slip in and out of without too much fuss. Leave the strappy sandals at home and opt for a pair of slides instead.

Don’t settle for second best

The rush of trawling through sale items and finding something drastically reduced is understandable for those who love to shop but it’s also the time to be discerning. Only snap up things that truly fit the description of what you want and not something that is just close enough. If the neckline isn’t right on a dress or the pair of designer shoes you’ve tried on pinch your feet it’s best left on the shelf. You only want to buy things that you will definitely be able to wear.

Always know the returns policy

Make sure you protect yourself from buyer’s remorse by being aware of a store’s returns and exchanges policy. You may find that you need to take something back in the event it doesn’t fit or doesn’t work with your wardrobe and you don’t want to be caught by surprise to find that you’re unable to do so.

What are some of your sale shopping tips?

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