Gucci live streams its latest collection ‘Epilogue’ by Alessandro Michele

18th July, 2020

Many designers have had to pivot the way they’ve done their shows post-COVID so it’s been interesting to see brands reimagining how they showcase their collections. Gucci’s latest show ‘Epilogue’ epitomises this perfectly. The show, the last of Milan Digital Fashion Week, took the form of a visual narrative that involved a 12-hour livestream in two locations in Rome, the Palazzo Sacchetti and Campo Boario. What was even more interesting was that creative director Alessandro Michele eschewed the traditional format of models on a runway in favour of casting the team from his design office to showcase the latest collection. The result was fresh and innovative, and something that definitely challenges the tried and tested formula of a typical fashion show.

Gucci being Gucci, there were plenty of looks to love. I found myself bookmarking a few pieces and styling ideas for (fingers crossed) future events. I particularly enjoyed all the vibrant colours, from teal to punchy pinks and a beautifully eye-catching shade of emerald green. Also, the use of clashing prints ranging from soft florals to bold paisley patterns was particularly striking. A few things I took away from the show — and will definitely be trying — were mixing textures to create a layered look with depth and also incorporating headwear in its different iterations, such as 70s inspired headscarves and a pink boater. The latter is something I will definitely be keeping an eye out for for spring carnival.

Overall it was such a beautiful moment for the Gucci brand, with fashion industry insiders and fans both being able to enjoy the event around the world, without even having to leave their home. I hope it’s a sign of a more modern and adventurous approach to how brand’s showcase their collections in future, because ultimately fashion is there to push boundaries, innovate and introduce us to new ideas.

The live-streaming locations

The visual narrative was live streamed from Rome’s Palazzo Sacchetti, a gorgeous late Renaissance building steeped in history, and such a great juxtaposition to a show that was modern, a little experimental and ingenious. While the other location was Campo Boario, a former slaughterhouse which is now known for its street art and graffiti.

My favourite looks

While it was hard to pick from the 76 looks on show, I found myself gravitating towards the below looks. I loved how they celebrated colour and texture, but also the layering of prints and the use of striking accessories such as headwear, scarves and eyewear to enhance each look.

This post was produced in collaboration with Gucci

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