The fashion habits to leave in 2015

5th January, 2016


A brand new year is the perfect excuse for a fresh fashion start. Here are some of the style habits that are so last year:

Wearing ill-fitting clothes

All your clothes should fit you perfectly. No ifs ands or buts. So if you’re hanging onto something that’s just a little bit too small or wearing something that’s quite obviously too big because you spent a lot of money on it some time ago, then now is the time to donate it to charity to bring someone else some joy. If you have to keep readjusting something you’re wearing or you feel uncomfortable in it, then it’s obviously not for you. Say good bye!

Buying something just because it’s on sale

Just because you can purchase something for a discounted price it doesn’t necessarily make it a bargain. Avoid impulse buying something purely for the reduced price tag, because most likely the short lived excitement of finding a bargain isn’t worth just having something relegated to the back of your wardrobe. If it doesn’t make your hear race faster, it’s most likely not going to be worn enough to justify purchase (even at the sale price).

Not using enough of your wardrobe

We tend to only use a small percentage of our wardrobes over and over again which means that there are some perfectly good pieces which are being neglected. Set yourself the challenge to pull out one thing that you don’t really wear that often and find a way to add it to your regular wardrobe rotation. You might just open up a new world of outfit possibilities.

Buying the same thing over and over again

I’m sure most women are guilty of this! Once you find something that works it’s easy to just keep revisiting it time and time again which is how you may find yourself the proud owner of 15 white t-shirts. While I’m all for buying something that you love and know that works, it’s also a good idea to introduce some versatility in your wardrobe otherwise boredom can quickly set in.

Not having a style blue print

While experimentation is great when it comes to fashion, it also pays to know what works and what doesn’t. Knowing what your style is and what looks good on you can often help avoid unnecessary purchases. Just having a clear idea of the cuts, silhouettes and colours that are flattering to you can help make not only shopping easier, but it also helps to make getting dressed everyday a much smoother process. Also, having a style guide will help you avoid the making trend-based purchases that may not work with your existing wardrobe. For example while white sneakers are definitely a huge trend at the moment, before I introduced a pair into my life (see above!) I made sure that it worked with a multitude of things I already owned.


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  • Reply jo 5th January, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    love it kate, thanks for a wonderful start to 2016. what are the sneakers you bought? are they all white superstars?

  • Reply Lindy Kennedy 6th January, 2016 at 6:03 am

    Good advice kate, I am definitely guilty of buying the same blush pink pieces for my wardrobe! Happy New Year x

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