How I’m caring for my skin during lockdown

6th September, 2021

My skin is probably one of my biggest beauty investments due to the nature of my work—whether I’m on hosting duties for 7Racing or in front of the camera for a brand or my blog, I’ve always prioritised my skin as it’s important for it to be in the best shape possible. Ordinarily I’d make time for a facial or other treatment every few weeks but that’s on pause at the moment because of stay at home orders in Sydney. Which means I’ve largely been left to my own beauty devices! As a result I’ve been been exploring ways to look after my skin as best as I can sans expert input. It’s also something relaxing I can do so it’s been a little treat for me to give my skin some TLC once the craziness of the day is over. My skincare routine has all of a sudden become a big highlight to the week.

I have my skincare favourites which are still in rotation but I’ve also been trying to do some at-home treatments in the interim. While it’s not quiiiiite the same as having a proper facial at the hands of a professional, I think I’m doing a good job in the meantime with what’s at my disposal (still can’t wait to go to a spa as soon as it’s possible). So, what have I been doing as far as my skin goes?

Giving my skin a break

One thing that I am doing differently is taking a break from makeup when I can (bar the odd work thing here and there). I’m finding that since my skin has had some time to go au naturale given events and other commitments are on hold, it’s been thriving.

Sticking to my usual routine

I’ve been quite religious about sticking to my normal skin routine (which I talk about here) as it’s something that was working pre-lockdown so why rock the boat? It’s a nice way to bookend the day and I’m taking the time to do everything more mindfully so I’m not rushing through it and giving products the time to their thing.

Weekly treatments

I’m making a point of exfoliating my skin weekly. I’ve been using Cosmedix’ at home mini blueberry peel to exfoliate my skin and I like the fact that it makes my skin feel really clean and fresh afterwards. I’ve also been enjoying doing face masks every week. It’s something I can do while I’m sitting down to watch a show so I appreciate the multitasking aspect of it! It’s easy to forget how nourishing a simple sheet mask can be (I’ve been trialling a few from L’Oreal and think they’re great and they’re also inexpensive) and now that it’s become a ritual I’m making them a more regular part of my skincare regimen.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

I’ve been using Bangn body moisturiser of late and really rate it. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and supple and I’ve always been quite religious with moisturising so I have enjoyed discovering a new product to love during all this time spent at home. Also now that we’re slowly emerging from the cocoon of winter woolies it’s time to get skin spring/summer wardrobe ready!

What are you doing to give your skin some TLC?

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