How to buy investment jewellery

1st March, 2021

I’m a huge fan of buying investment jewellery. Wearing jewellery is a constant part of any outfit for me, so it pays to have beautiful pieces that I love and can wear over and over again. I also love having quality jewellery that has longevity—both from a style sense and from how it’s crafted.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to build a collection of investment jewellery over time, comprised of pieces I’ve bought and some I’ve been given to mark big milestones. And I’ve never ever tired of any of them which proves that looking for quality is something that will enable you to love pieces for the forseeable future and beyond (I know one day, I’ll pass my own collection to my girls).

So if you’re currently on the hunt for a splurge item, here are a few of my tips for how to buy investment jewellery that will be a forever kind of relationship.

Think timeless

Given how pricey they are, investment jewellery is the kind of thing where you should go for styles that are classic. As they’re pieces that are worn over and over again they shouldn’t be trend based or majorly fashion focused, instead go for a style that won’t ever date.

Look for every day pieces

If you’ve got an endless budget at your disposal then have fun! Go for knockout event jewellery and over the top jewels, but for most of us, it’s all about things that will get worn all the time. The cost per wear is great for investment jewellery if you end up wearing pieces all the time. So look for things like:

Ensure they can be worn any time

Look for pieces that can be worn day and night. This allows you to get the most cost per wear out of them. The above items are great examples of jewellery that can be worn anytime and can be dressed up or down.

All my fave pieces in one stack
Pick the most versatile metal

I tend to favour gold for a lot of my jewellery, but choose the hue that will work back with your wardrobe the most. By doing that you’ll guarantee that you get the most wear out of any pieces you own.

Opt for great layering pieces

To ensure that any jewellery you go for is going to be on high rotation, go for pieces that can be layered with others you already own. This way you can wear them solo or you can stack them with other costume or fashion jewellery and get even more wear out of it.

Do your research

Given investment jewellery is quite expensive, make sure to do your research. Look into everything from the jeweller you choose, to the kind of precious stones or metals any pieces are made from. If you’re buying a watch this is even more important as a good quality watch is such an intricate piece of machinery that it pays to know what exactly what kind of make and model is the best, and also that you’re choosing a reputable brand.

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