How to get more wear from your event wardrobe

22nd May, 2022

While event wear is a lot of fun to wear, it’s also usually the kind of thing that can end up collecting dust in the back of the wardrobe as you wait for the next event to roll around. And it’s such a waste. Event wear is usually extra beautiful because it’s designed to be worn for special occasions, and it can be expensive as a result. The problem with this is that the cost per wear plummets if it’s just going to sit in your closet until a wedding invitation arrives or the next milestone birthday rolls around.

So, it’s time to let them come out and play on a more regular basis. The key is what to pair it with so you don’t feel ridiculously overdressed. I’ve managed to collect a lot of dressy pieces because of the races and other events so, I’ve had to learn how to re-use and recycle. If you’re not entirely sure where to begin, below are my tried and tested methods for turning event wear into day wear.

Mix with casual items

If you’ve got a closet full of dressy pieces such as cocktail dresses and suits, never fear, you can definitely still wear them in your weekly rotation but you just need to temper their dressiness with casual pieces. So for example you could take a pair of suit pants and wear it with a tee and sneakers for a smart casual look. The same goes for a glitzy top which can be worn back with denim, or a dress which can be paired with sneakers or slides.

Layer with other pieces

Layering is a really valuable styling tool because it can instantly transform a look. Wear a denim jacket over a cocktail dress and it tames its event vibes. The same goes for wearing a suit blazer with a denim. Or popping on a white shirt over a dress and knotting it, to achieve an effortless, yet polished look.

A basket bag like this is a great way to dress down event wear
Add natural textures

By incorporating more relaxed textures into a dressy ensemble you dial down its glam factor. So if you want to take your fave LBD out for a spin during the day, pair it with a wicker basket to give it a more casual spin. While pairing a linen shirt with dress pants can make it slightly less dressy and far more everyday wear.

Dress it down with flats or sneakers

Your choice of footwear is everything, so if you want to tame an event look, ditch the heels and pair it with flats or sneakers. The beauty of this is that shoes like slides, sneakers and sandals are so commonplace now that you can get away with wearing them in virtually any setting. A midi dress usually designated for fancy dinners can all of a sudden be work appropriate by pairing it with a pair of leather slides and a lightweight jacket. While a skirt you’d reserve for a night out can be dressed down with a plain tee.

Tell me—how do you recycle your event wear?

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