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How to take the stress out of shopping

4th April, 2021

Shopping is often quite a therapeutic activity for me, but I know for some, it’s downright stressful. Whether it’s being unsure what you’re looking for, feeling overwhelmed at all the choice, or not feeling entirely confident in your own tastes, being faced with store after store, or an endless scrolling session online may not be an entirely fun experience. So, is there a way to make shopping just that little bit easier and enjoyable? I firmly believe there is.

As with most things, preparation is key. Even a shopping expedition can become a lot more straightforward and stress-free by doing a few things beforehand to take the uncertainty out of it. Because I think everyone deserves to feel confident in their own style, and that includes being able to shop with the surety of what you like, what you don’t and what will make you feel a million bucks.

Here are a few places to start.

Know your style

Before you even think about going shopping take the time to identify your style. By doing this you’ll have a clear understanding of how you like to dress. And by knowing your look, it gives you a great starting point from which to launch your shopping trip, but it also offers a few guidelines for what you are looking for and what you’re not. By knowing this you can instantly turn a stressful experience into something a little more fun.

Make a shopping list

Channel Santa and make a list, and then check it twice. One thing that people often complain about is that they feel shopping can seem a little overwhelming with all the choice on offer. So one way to make it easier is to have a list of what you’re after. By giving yourself parameters to shop in, you can make the whole exercise seem more manageable.

Do your research

If you’re doing an IRL shopping trip, check out your favourite stores or brands online and see what their offering is like before you head out. This pre-screening process will allow you to know what’s out there and in turn what you could be interested in checking out. It cuts down the time you actually have to go from store to store and makes the whole process more streamlined.

Know what works for you and what doesn’t
Experiment with your wardrobe

A successful shopping trip involves knowing what works for you and what doesn’t. This means trying on what’s in your wardrobe and pinpointing exactly what suits you. If you have a clear idea of the silhouettes, cuts and colours that work for you, it can make flicking through the racks so much easier as you’ll be able to pinpoint the pieces that have potential a lot easier.

Wear something comfortable

One of the annoying things about shopping is that you may find yourself having to get undressed and dressed again multiple times to try things on. And the last thing you want to do is make it even harder by wearing something fussy or with a million buttons to do up. You want something quick and easy. Think a dress that you can simply throw on paired with slides so you don’t have to deal with fastenings of any kind.

Bring a buddy

If you don’t like shopping alone then invite someone whose opinion you trust, and is able to be brutally honest to come with you. Standing in front of a mirror and not feeling entirely sure about what you’re wearing and if it works can be made a little easier by having someone there to bounce looks off.

What are some of your tips for making shopping less stressful?

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