How to define your signature style

17th March, 2021

Let me preface this by saying that defining your look is something that happens over time. It doesn’t just immediately happen because learning how to define your signature style is a lengthy process of discovery. As you identify what makes you feel great, what’s flattering and what’s not and what’s simply feels “you”, you’ll soon be able to pinpoint your look. The thing with discovering your signature style is that once you know it, it frees you from the constant back and forth between what to wear and what to buy because you’ll immediately know if an item of clothing or a particular shoe fits into your style ethos. And that’s when things get exciting. By doing this, you’ve given yourself the ability to sidestep a lot of wardrobe dilemmas by simply being able to articulate you in clothing form.

But it does take a little effort on your part. I think I slowly discovered my signature style by paying attention to how I felt in particular styles, how certain things looked on me and slowly pinpointing what made me feel confident. Also, I had a range of women whose style I admired, and I started to really look at what it was about what they were wearing that appealed to me. And it really helped to shape my style. If you want learn how to define your signature style, here are a few key things you need to do.

Look at what you double up on

A lot of us subconsciously start a healthy collection of items of clothing that make us feel great, and just feel like us. So look at your closet and see what those things are. Is it light denim? Is it midi dresses? Stripey tops? Once you start to see those things, you’ll know that those items will make up the bulk of your signature look.

Moodboard your style icons

As I mentioned, I do have a few women whose style that I just love and I started to look at them collectively to see what it was about their wardrobe that clicked with me. Was it the colour palette they worked with? The silhouettes they chose? The accessories they used? You can try doing this yourself by collating a range of outfits from your style icons and pinpointing the commonality between them all. Once you’ve identified them, then you can use them to work on your own signature style.

Describe what you see

Sometimes it just helps to label things. So look at what you wear, and think of words to describe it. Would you describe your look as classic? All about bohemian? Edgy and cool? You’d be surprised to know that often once you label your look, it makes it much easier to really spot the things that are you.

Think of what gets you compliments

What are you often wearing when people tend to send compliments your way? You may find a connection amongst them. So if you find that whenever you wear a printed blouse that you earn yourself major style praise then that could be something that underpins your signature look, as it’s something that obviously works for you. This is one of the most helpful things you can do to when learning how to define your signature style.

Find your ‘thing’

Most people have something that is instantly identifiable as being them. It could be the fact that you’re always rocking a flowy dress, or that you love pairing sneakers with absolutely everything, but whatever it is, own it. Because it’s intrinsically you. And if you look back over history’s most revered fashion icons, you’ll find that there was always something about their look that was their calling card, their signature ‘thing’.

Trust your instinct

You’ll often know when things just feel off when you’re wearing something. It could be a particular silhouette that just doesn’t immediately feel like you, or it could be the fact you keep trying to wear particular items of clothing but always end up changing out of them. More often than not, your gut will tell you which styles are winners and which ones aren’t, so it pays to listen to it. It won’t steer you wrong.

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