Reader question: How do I wear oversized shorts?

11th April, 2016

Dear Kate,

I really liked the outfit you posted on your Instagram where you were wearing oversized shorts. Do you have any tips on how to pull off this particular look? 




Admittedly wearing something with a lot of volume can be a bit daunting as you want to avoid it overwhelming your frame.The key with wearing anything oversized is balance, balance, balance. Originally I wore a tight top with the denim shorts I was wearing (pictured above) however it didn’t look in proportion as I found wearing something fitted at the top overly exaggerated the volume in my shorts. I then swapped it out for a loose tee which I could tuck in to help give the outfit some volume on top. This helped to strike the right balance. By wearing similar proportions on the top and bottom, it helped define my waistline and in turn give me a bit of shape. Hope this helps!

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