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10th June, 2021

After a hectic few days of multiple outfit changes at Fashion Week last week, I wanted to keep things as simple and low key as I possibly could this week, so I opted for a capsule wardrobe approach. What I love about having a limited selection of pieces to choose from is that it forces you to reuse pieces and think of new ways to do so, but it takes away the overwhelm that comes from using your entire wardrobe. So I settled on a few winter staples—a great coat, a trusty pair of jeans and accessories that would work back with lots of different outfit iterations. Here’s what I wore this week.

I got this coat a few seasons ago and it’s been such a good addition to my wardrobe because it’s on high rotation every winter. A patterned coat is such a great way to lift a pared back outfit, and it really adds an element of interest when you’re working with a simple colour palette. These jeans were a pre-emptive winter buy and they’ve proven themselves to be super versatile. Paired with a black top, this outfit is the kind of elevated casual look that I will turn to time and time again.

Credits: Coat, Viktoria and Woods; Top (similar here), Bec and Bridge; Jeans, Slvrlake; Shoes, Ducie;

See what I mean about this coat? Totally different outfit vibe but it still works. I did a denim on denim look on this day, and I have to say I’ve been wearing this Camilla and Marc denim jacket non-stop. It’s the perfect oversized fit and it works back so well with so many other pieces in my wardrobe. I went for sneakers to keep the look comfy and casual, but a Chanel backpack adds a luxe touch!

Credits: Coat, Viktoria and Woods; Denim jacket and jeans, Camilla and Marc; Top, Ducie; Sneakers, D.O.F; Bag, Chanel; Earrings, Manning Cartell

This is one of those failsafe outfit combinations that I have on hand when I don’t really want to have to think about what I’m wearing. A white top and jeans is always a classic pairing, but popping on a black blazer over the top gives it a polished feel. I dialled down it down from looking too dressy with a pair of sandals to keep it comfy and cool, and added a splash of colour with my green Dior tote.

Credits: Blazer, Wardrobe.NYC; Top and Shoes, Ducie; Jeans, Slvrlake; Bag, Dior

I wore this outfit again (what did I say about a great capsule wardrobe?) minus the coat and it makes such a good go-to uniform. I’ve worn jeans every day this week which is a pretty accurate representation of how a lot of my weeks go, as denim is such a versatile base for an outfit. I can pair it with pretty much anything and it just works.

Credits: Top (similar here), Bec and Bride; Jeans, Slvrlake; Shoes, Ducie; Bag, Dior

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What I Wore: Golden Slipper

27th March, 2021

Having embraced plenty of colour with my racing looks over the last few weeks, I wanted to steer things in a different direction this week and went for classic black. Wearing black is always a failsafe option as it’s virtually impossible to get it wrong, but it can sometimes look a little flat so I’ve always found it’s important to choose pieces with a little extra personality whether it be design details, textures or embellishments. So, this Dion Lee dress was the perfect option. It’s a classic strapless silhouette, but I think the cut-outs give it some edge and allow it to make a statement. The midi length is also perfect for racewear as it maintains a polished vibe.

Headwear is of course one of the key considerations of a race day look so I opted for a hat with veil — perfect for a wet weather day in Sydney, plus it helps ground the look. As the dress is quite detailed in its style, the outfit needed something structured and simple. As for the rest of my look, I opted for a burgundy Christian Dior bag to add a little colour, but also the strap is gold which I thought was a nice nod to it being Golden Slipper day. I wanted a closed toe shoe option for this look, so these dainty pumps by Fendi were the right accessory to finish off the look, and had me ready for another busy day of reporting trackside.

Credits: Dress, Dion Lee; Hat, Nerida Winter; Heels, Fendi; Bag, Christian Dior

Photography: Ashleigh Larden

Fashion, What I Wore

What I Wore: The Little Navy Dress

14th July, 2020

The chance to dress up is always a welcome distraction from everything going on in the world right now. While event dressing is on pause right now, I still couldn’t go past this beautiful dress from Camilla and Marc‘s new range. I’ve always found navy to be such a sleek alternative to an LBD. It’s a slightly more unexpected shade for occasion wear and always looks elegant. What really elevates this dress is the strong design features. The cowl neck is sophisticated and chic neckline, while the split sleeve and the pleated asymmetrical skirt and the belt works together to create a modern silhouette. It also moves really well when on — always a tick in the right box when a dress has fluidity when you walk.

I wanted to incorporate some strong contrasting elements to this outfit and went with crisp white pieces. Bottega Veneta slingback pumps help ground the look and the strong shape is a great contrast to the delicate, finer finishes of the dress.

A structured white bag by Christian Dior adds a great finishing touch to this look. It has an understated simplicity that works well with the detailed nature of the dress. It’s also such a versatile piece as I can wear it with the strap as a crossbody bag or without and use it as a clutch. Dior always does such elegant designs but I always love accessories that work that little bit harder for you.

Credits: Dress, Camilla and Marc; Bag, Christian Dior; Shoes, Bottega Veneta

Photography: Sophia Athas


What I Wore: Sweet Serenity

5th July, 2020

It’s quite fitting that this dress by Leo & Lin is called Serenity, because it has a quiet, understated elegance about it. Linen dresses usually evoke a more relaxed vibe, so I like the fact that this dress incorporates such strong finishes. From the buttons on the cuffs and sleeves to the double belting it takes it in a whole different direction and elevates it. I decided to embrace the sheer quality and pair it with underwear that’s allowed to peek through ever so slightly, but it could easily be worn with a slip for a more modest look.

Whenever I’m wearing something that has a more feminine vibe, I like to experiment with strong accessories. Think bold silhouettes, colour or statement features and in this instance I went for ankle boots to help ground the look and provide contrast to the floaty feel of the dress. I also went for a white satchel to work with the hue of the dress, while a pair of slimline Valentino sunglasses, also of the same shade helped finish off the look.

Credits: Dress, Leo & Lin; Bag, Christian Dior; Boots, Louis Vuitton; Sunglasses (similar here), Valentino

Photography: Sophia Athas

This post was produced in collaboration with Leo & Lin


What I Wore: Checked Out

24th December, 2019

Printed dresses are a wardrobe staple of mine as they’re so wearable and a simple outfit that I can easily throw on without having to fuss around too much—perfect for a busy mum. Aje have been doing some really beautiful pieces of late, and this dress is no exception. I love the interesting greyscale check print which is bold and modern and something that allows the dress to stand out. Also a midi length is always flattering and something that I can wear both for off duty wear, in the office or to an event. One way I love to change up my fave dresses is by adding a belt. I popped a black Gucci statement belt over this dress to cinch in the waist and give it a little more structure, but as the style is so versatile, it’s definitely still great without it.

I decided on accessories that worked with the graphic feel of the dress. My Chanel cap toe flats in contrasting shades worked well against the grey and is just the thing to maintain a polished vibe but are shoes that I can also wear all day. I’ve also found that this dress can work back with so many different bag styles. Below I’ve paired it with a black Dior chain strap bag and also a roomy tote—I can change it up depending on what my day holds.

Photography by Sophia Athas, Hatrik

Shop the Look:

Dress: Theodora Midi Dress, Aje

Belt: Leather Belt with Double G Buckle, Gucci

Shoes: Sling-back, Chanel

Bag: J’adior Calfskin Bag, Dior

Bag: Book Tote Bag in Embroidered Canvas, Dior

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Date with Kate

Date with Kate: Alexandra Agoston

27th October, 2014

Lunch with Alexandra Agoston

Lunch with Alexandra Agoston

Alexandra Agoston is one of Australia’s most successful modelling exports. She has appeared on the cover of leading international magazines and is a regular at the Paris couture shows. The 26-year-old, who is based in New York, chatted to me about how she got her big break, working with John Galliano and aspiring to be an actor.


When you were young, did you always envisage yourself to be a model and live the life you lead today?

No, not really – it wasn’t a dream of mine. I was scouted when I was 15 in Paris so before that, I didn’t really know. I wanted to do something creative but I also liked physics and maths at that time and I never read any magazines before I started working. I didn’t wear any makeup or ever wear any high heels or anything. I was so raw when I started.


How were you scouted?

It was in Paris on a family holiday with my mum and my brother and walking down the street and a woman came like running after us. She was from one of the top modelling agencies in the world and she was the head of it and she was like, “We would love to represent you.” So I came back to Sydney and I started to work here while I was still at school and then, when I was 16, I went to New York and did Fashion Week and did 23 shows in my first season.


What was it like when you first started?

When the opportunity came about, I was definitely intrigued by it. I remember the first job I did. I had never worn high heels before and the stylist could tell so he gave me a pair of heels in the shoot and said, “Put these on and don’t take them off – even brush your teeth in them and wear them with your pyjamas.”


Was it daunting to be thrown into such an adult world as such a young age?

Yeah, you are definitely thrown in. Especially then – even though it wasn’t that long ago – I feel now there is a lot more exposure to the way things work in the modelling industry. With the TV shows like Top Model and Instagram and social media it has created a lot more fascination about backstage and the real life of models. But I feel like when I started, there wasn’t really any of that. There wasn’t even Facebook!


How important is social media with models these days?

I think it’s really important and I also – for me, I love it because it allows me to put together something that I think represents me completely… Then [companies] will book me for me and what image I represent.


Yes, it seems that models these days have to be savvy on social media. This was evident with American Vogue’s Instagirls cover in September.

Yes exactly, it’s amazing. It kind of brings it back to the ’90s supermodels, where it was more about the model as a person and as a personality and about what they represent.


Do have plans to branch out into other things?

I’ve done some acting work and studied acting. So I love that as well. I’m kind of just in that creative zone.


What would be your dream role?

A Quentin Tarantino film.


Does Chris Colls [her boyfriend, a photographer] inspire you?

Totally! In that way I think we have a really beautiful relationship. I’m definitely inspired by him because he is so talented. I’ve learnt so much from him and collaborating and shooting together is amazing.


Do you get to work together very often?

Yeah. We actually just shot a story for Porter magazine, which is really cool.


Is it easier or more challenging shooting with your partner?

It’s easier because we, I think, trust each other so completely that we can both be so open when we shoot. I completely trust his eye and his judgment, so I’m just so free in front of the camera because I know he is not going to capture me in a wrong way.


What would you say is your biggest career highlight so far?

Definitely working with John Galliano for Christian Dior would be a major highlight. To be in that environment and to be part of that historic process is so beautiful. He would design the dresses on me. So what happens is they employ me for that month and I’m on call for him whenever he needs me… I worked with him over a period of almost three years, so I got to know him very well… And to be at the 60th anniversary celebration show at the Palace of Versailles was amazing.


What’s next in the pipeline?

The Kookai campaign is out. I recently shot the high summer collection in St Tropez, which was unreal. Also [this week] Jean Paul Gaultier, who I’ve worked with a lot, is having an exhibition in Melbourne and he asked me to be a part of it because I’ve worked with him in Paris over a couple of years and he is putting his muses together for his collection. He just interviewed me for his book and asked me to attend with him, so it would be great to see him.

WE WENT TO Kitchen By Mike, Roseberry.

WE ATE a chicken Caesar wrap and a daily salad.

WE DRANK freshly squeezed juice and mineral water.

ALEXANDRA WORE a Kookai jumpsuit, a Marni leather jacket, Kookai boots and a Mulberry bag.

I WORE  a  Lover top and skirt