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Wardrobe Envy: Whitney Port

19th August, 2019

Those who remember the MTV series The Hills and The City will remember the impossibly long-legged, all round nice girl and she of the impeccable wardrobe, Whitney Port. Since then Whitney’s designed her own fashion line, penned a book, become a mum and launched her own podcast, With Whit. She’s also just returned to our screens in the reboot of The Hills, titled The Hills: New Beginnings. The one constant is that she can still pull together a killer outfit.

Whilst her style now incorporates more mum-friendly outfits with denim and lounge wear featuring prominently, she’s still one to pull out a glam look (or three) but the constant being a relaxed Californian vibe that features throughout. These days she tends to favour printed or colourful dresses when she’s on duty, worked back with everything from biker boots to heels. You’ll also find vibrant prints (often clashing them), statement accessories and punchy co-ord sets constantly in the line-up.

If you love Whitney’s style learn to embrace the undone—her look is all about looking effortless but with unexpected touches whether it’s in the form of her accoutrements, shoes or beauty look. Add a dainty bag here, a a pair of statement earrings there or a standout pair of shoes. Her style involves always looking comfortable but in an outfit that’s always got a healthy injection of personality.

Wardrobe Envy: Blair Eadie

22nd July, 2019

There are some whose wardrobes are such a visual smorgasbord of amazing looks that you can’t help but want everything they wear. And one of them would have to be blogger Blair Eadie, the woman behind fashion blog Atlantic-Pacific. If you’re a fan of monochrome everything then look away now because if there’s one thing that this fashionista is not, it’s being averse to colour. In fact, her entire aesthetic is a riot of colour in a polished, edited way.

From colour blocking to rich vibrant tones and incorporating a veritable rainbow in everything she wears, this is colour done right. Working with such a bold palette may seem intimidating at first, but not if you learn how to embrace it in a way that’s elegant and modern—and that’s exactly what Blair Eadie does.

One of the best ways to do a rainbow palette is to colour block. Working bold tones together to create an effect that purposely clashes hues is effective and makes for a powerful sartorial statement. Another way is to pick a colour to highlight in your look and incorporate it within your outfit and further complement it with your accessories. And to ensure cohesion, if you’re wearing a particularly colourful piece, pick a hue from that item and carry it throughout for a continuing colour scheme.

Also your first instinct might be to dial it down with your accessories when working with such vibrant colours but do as Blair Eadie does and go even bolder with your accoutrements. The effect is stunning. Think chandelier earrings, bright headbands and sunglasses that pop. The entire effect is a look that screams playful and fun, yet is polished and elegant through and through. And what’s not to love about that?

Wardrobe Envy: Lauren Santo Domingo

24th June, 2019

As a former Vogue editor, now entrepreneur and co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of the insanely chic online retailer Moda Operandi, Lauren Santo Domingo pretty much oozes style out of every pore. Her perfectly coiffed looks are always classic, chic and sharp and never fail to tick all the fashion boxes.

With a wardrobe largely featuring high end designers, her style can at first glance appear a little intimidating. However when broken down you can easily take elements of her look and adapt it into your own.

Firstly look for classic textures and silhouettes, with Lauren favouring a beautiful Chanel tweed, modern suiting and on point outerwear as part of her core look. Secondly don’t forget about your accessories. Play with statement jewellery including earrings and necklaces, carry bags with interesting shapes or features and add a wow element to every ensemble whether it’s knockout heels or a bold lip. And when it comes to every piece you own, take a leaf from the statuesque Lauren’s look and always go for quality—because a collection of well made, sophisticated pieces is definitely the lynchpin of an envy inducing wardrobe.
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Wardrobe Envy: Olivia Palermo

20th May, 2019

There are some women whose outfits just spark wardrobe envy wherever they go and whatever they wear and Olivia Palermo would most certainly fit into that category.

Ever since her days appearing on the reality TV show The City to now fronting campaigns for the likes of Salvatore Ferragamo and Rochas and brand collaborations with Westward Leaning and the legendary late Karl Lagerfeld, everything that Oliva touches turns to fashion gold.

So what is it about her style that incites so much interest? Her knack for putting together unlikely combinations—clashing bold prints, layering textures, experimenting with silhouettes and adding unexpected accoutrements all make for a look that’s aspirational for women the world over. It’s the kind of unique aesthetic that makes her wardrobe one to watch. Plus her love of mixing designers labels with chain store pieces makes her outfits accessible—it’s the kind of thing that we all could do.

If you want a little OP style of your own, think outside the box. Experiment with colours. Add something extra. Work with volume. And above all love your accessories. Whether it’s sunglasses, statement belts or jewellery, there’s always a finishing touch to every outfit that makes Olivia Palermo’s ensembles something to remember.

Wardrobe Envy: Lara Worthington

22nd April, 2019

From appearing in that Tourism Australia ad at the age of 18 to now being the insanely stylish woman at the helm of her own brand, The Base, mother of two and wife to actor Sam Worthington, Lara Worthington, the quintessential Aussie girl next door has certainly come a long way.

Lara’s style has also experienced a bit of a style evolution. She now moves between classic, man-style inspired pieces interspersed with soft, feminine looks that exude an effortless, relaxed sensibility. And the overall effect is that she always looks put together without looking overly “done”.

If you want to inject a bit of Lara into your wardrobe look to invest in a great blazer, a beautiful dress and sleek, tailored pants. When it comes to accessories, keep it to a minimum and always embrace shoes with a strong, modern vibe.

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