Wardrobe Envy: Blair Eadie

22nd July, 2019

There are some whose wardrobes are such a visual smorgasbord of amazing looks that you can’t help but want everything they wear. And one of them would have to be blogger Blair Eadie, the woman behind fashion blog Atlantic-Pacific. If you’re a fan of monochrome everything then look away now because if there’s one thing that this fashionista is not, it’s being averse to colour. In fact, her entire aesthetic is a riot of colour in a polished, edited way.

From colour blocking to rich vibrant tones and incorporating a veritable rainbow in everything she wears, this is colour done right. Working with such a bold palette may seem intimidating at first, but not if you learn how to embrace it in a way that’s elegant and modern—and that’s exactly what Blair Eadie does.

One of the best ways to do a rainbow palette is to colour block. Working bold tones together to create an effect that purposely clashes hues is effective and makes for a powerful sartorial statement. Another way is to pick a colour to highlight in your look and incorporate it within your outfit and further complement it with your accessories. And to ensure cohesion, if you’re wearing a particularly colourful piece, pick a hue from that item and carry it throughout for a continuing colour scheme.

Also your first instinct might be to dial it down with your accessories when working with such vibrant colours but do as Blair Eadie does and go even bolder with your accoutrements. The effect is stunning. Think chandelier earrings, bright headbands and sunglasses that pop. The entire effect is a look that screams playful and fun, yet is polished and elegant through and through. And what’s not to love about that?

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