The 2022 trends I’m loving

19th January, 2022

The start of a new year is always a fresh slate in the wardrobe department—I look at it as the perfect opportunity to road test new trends and embrace different styles. Seeing what’s coming up in the trend department is one of my favourite things about working in fashion and it’s always exciting to find something that really aligns with how I like to dress. It also opens up a world of new possibilities when it comes to different outfit combinations and how I can refresh existing pieces, which in turn injects some excitement into my closet. So, what 2022 trends am I jumping aboard?

While I love embracing trends, I also believe in not adopting one simply because it happens to be in fashion. Ultimately a trend still has to intrinsically feel like you. I think trends should be used to sprinkle a bit of freshness into your wardrobe but not completely overtake it. Also, I know not every trend will work for me, and I’ve now become secure enough in my style that I know what I will definitely be able to pull off and what won’t. That said, when I do see a trend I love, I do wholeheartedly embrace it, like these…



I’m loving feather trims. They’re quite out there, and I know they’re not to everyone’s liking but I love how flamboyant they are and how they add a decadent touch to a look. There’s also something about the bold textural element it adds to a piece, and how it can turn something quite classic and traditional and dial up the fun. Case in point: the above black suit.  Black suits are obviously nothing new, but when you add a feathered trim, it feels fresh and just that little more exciting. And ultimately that’s what I think a trend item should do: inject some excitement into your wardrobe.

Corset detailing

I’ve embraced corset detailing in its various iterations from tops to dresses and I’m on board with it all. The thing I’m loving about the corset trend this time around is how it has become an overt part of the design of a garment. Instead of being hidden away, you’re able to see the boning and detail, making it feel a whole lot more modern and less 1800s!

Cut out dresses

Sure it’s not exactly a new trend but I’m still very much in love with cut out dresses. I’ve worn them over the last few years and love how they can instantly change up the entire silhouette of a dress. My fave is a midi dress with a cut out as it has the polished look of a midi hemline but with the fashion forward feel of the cut out feature.

Bold colours

There’s no better time than summer to embrace bold hues! While I know neutrals definitely have a place in a cohesive, functional wardrobe there’s something fun about embracing pops of colour. I think there’s always time to dial up the saturation and go big with a bright, vibrant hue. It feels very now, while also adding some energy and vibrancy to a look. Use it as an accent piece or embrace them as the focal point of a look—either way, definitely give it a try. The one thing like about wearing something bright is that it instantly lifts my mood and helps energise me for the day ahead.


I’ve fallen very hard for suits. They’ve had a bit of a renaissance, going from humble corporate staple to a bonafide fashion item, and they’re now a go-to beyond the confines of an office. The options now are way more fun than the suits of the past—they now come in virtually every rainbow colour you can imagine, and have embraced sleeker cuts and bold detailing. They’re also able to be dressed up or down according to your choice of accoutrements. Whether it’s sky high heels or a pair of sneakers, a statement necklace or a simple tee, there are so many directions that you can take a suit depending on how you choose to accessorise it.

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