The apps I use as a mum

4th August, 2015


Parenting is often all about juggling multiple things at the same time so I’ve found that being able to access information via an app on my phone has been amazing in helping me to keep track of everything. I think there’s an app for just about every parenting concern or query out there! And while each parent will have their own set of apps that they can’t live without, I found the below apps extremely useful. Some of these apps are ones I still have now, while some I used when Sophia was still a baby, but I found them to be quite handy in helping me navigate being a first-time mum.

The Wonder Weeks

This is a calendar that tracks your baby’s growth and development. I get a little alert on my phone each time Sophia goes through a little growth milestone. It’s been really handy for helping me keep track of Sophia’s behavioural developments.

Feed Safe

I used this app when I was breastfeeding. The app was developed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association, Reach Health Promotion Innovations and Curtin University and is based on the latest research and the alcohol guidelines set by National Health and Medical Research Council. If I wanted a glass of wine, I’d put the timer on and it would tell me when it was safe for me to feed again.

Save our Sleep

This app is based on the book series written by baby whisperer Tizzie Hall. It was great for when I was still getting the hang of putting Sophia on a routine and acted as a great reference as it tells you which routine your baby should be on depending on their age and weight.

Save the Date to Vaccinate

This is an app from NSW Health and I use this to keep track of Sophia’s immunisation schedule. I find it really handy as it’s helps me stay on top of when I need to book Sophia in to be vaccinated.




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