The apps I can’t live without

29th July, 2015


Like virtually everyone with a smartphone I can’t live without certain apps on my iPhone. While I get plenty of use out of most of the apps on my phone, there are a select few that are currently in regular rotation. Here’s what’s always got me clicking.


Instagram is definitely my number one app. It’s a limitless source of fashion and beauty inspiration for me and it’s a great way to keep up to date with what my family, friends and fave fashion influencers are up to. Not only that, it’s also a big part of my job to be across everything that’s trending on Instagram.


I like checking Twitter throughout the day to keep abreast of news. It’s also a good way to update my readers on what’s happening on the blog and what I’ve been up to.


Sara from Harper and Harley has recently got me onto Snapchat. I’m still getting the hang of it but I’m loving it. It’s a great social media tool. You can find me on Snapchat at @kate_waterhouse.


This is a really great framing app. Squaready also enables you to post a full photo on Instagram without having to crop it. It’s handy when you’ve got a pic that doesn’t quite fit into a square frame

Adobe Photoshop Mix

This app enables me to have all the magic of Photoshop on my phone. Like the desktop version, Photoshop Mix allows you to enhance, edit and fix photos. You can even merge multiple photos, cut out sections of pics and do special effects. It’s great for editing images when I’m out and about.


This app has more filter options (74 to be exact) than Instagram which is really handy. Sometimes a girl just needs more filters than the standard Nashville and Lo-Fi selection on Instagram! Afterlight is also a great editing tool which allows you to crop, adjust, add frames and fix up the texture of images.


Diptic is another app I use when I want multiple frames in a shot. It’s handy for creating collages of multiple pics.


Facetune is a really great editing tool. For example if you have a wall but there’s a sign in the background that’s really distracting it will help you edit it out. The biggest warning is don’t go overboard with this tool! Sometimes people use it to smooth their face and it can make an image look unrealistic. You can really distort an image with this one if it’s used incorrectly. It’s good for those instances when you want to patch something out.

Tell me – what are some of your favourite apps?


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