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Why spring cleaning your wardrobe can help solve style dilemmas

2nd April, 2023

A good wardrobe spring clean is one of those things that can result in a tidy closet and even better, less style dilemmas. The start of a new year or a new season is always the perfect time to examine what you own and do a big cull to ensure that you’re not taking up valuable space with things that you don’t use or no longer work with your lifestyle. Apart from all the extra room you’ll acquire post-spring clean, there are some great side effects that will make dealing with any dramas that come with getting dressed in the morning a whole lot easier.

Here’s why wardrobe spring cleaning is the key to minimising style dramas.

You’ll know exactly what you have to work with

The thing with a wardrobe that’s overflowing is that you generally don’t see what you have at your disposal. The key to being able to get dressed with minimal fuss is that you can see everything at a glance without having to rifle through piles of clothes in the process. This also results in you having a little more variety in your looks as you can discover some long lost pieces that may have been buried in the deep dark recesses of your closet.

You have a tighter edit of clothes

You’ve no doubt heard of the wonders of having a capsule wardrobe and it’s because you’ve essentially got a number of pieces that work well with each other which takes out the hassle of having to figure out what to pair with what. If you’ve done a genuine spring clean, it means you’ve narrowed your wardrobe down to the clothes that you love and work for you which makes it a little easier to style a look (yes, even on the most frantic of mornings!)

Having a tight edit of clothes can be effective in sides stepping wardrobe dilemmas

You’ll fill all the style gaps in your closet

One of the annoying things about an overly full wardrobe is that you’re not sure of the things that you need to replace or add which means you’ll inevitably come across said problem at the most inopportune time. Having a perfectly organised closet means that you’re able to identify these gaps ahead of time so you can take steps to rectify them before you actually encounter the issue.

You’ll only have wearable options to work with

Everyone has those pieces in their closet that never see the light of day because they don’t fit/are damaged/don’t look all that great. By doing a closet clear out you can gift yourself the ability to dress yourself using only pieces that you know genuinely work and are flattering. By taking out all the unusable pieces out of the equation, you’re simply left with only the clothes that genuinely work.

In the mood to do a spring clean? Check out my tips here.

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