Collette Dinnigan for The Australian Ballet

11th December, 2014


I have recently fallen in love with the Collette Dinnigan for the Australian Ballet collection. The range is currently available at Target and is every little ballerina’s dream! It’s tutus and sequins and tulle aplenty and is absolutely gorgeous. If you have a little girl you must check it out. I know I can’t wait to get Sophia into some of the pieces. I recently spoke to designer Collette Dinnigan about creating such a dreamy collection…

How did you get involved with designing a collection for the Australian Ballet?
My friend Sarah Murdoch (who is on the board of directors of the Australian Ballet) asked if I had any ideas on ways to take the ballet to a wider, younger audience while raising money to fund an education program.

What’s the design process like for a collaboration such as this?
My designing process is the same but it is fun to have the interaction with others and be able to talk about ideas and make them happen as part of a team.

You were inspired by the Nutcracker for this collection – what’s your favourite ballet?
I love the Nutcracker as I think it’s such a universal ballet that appeals to all. I just saw La Bayadere and was blown away by the beauty of the design and costumes as well as the dancers.

Collette's favourite piece in the collection

Collette’s favourite piece in the collection

What’s your fave piece in the collection? 
The little sequin tutu as I think it’s every little girl’s dream to wear sequins and tulle.

What is currently inspiring you as a designer?
My summer garden filled with blossoms in all shades of pinks and hues of lilac, the light in the country and the sun as it is rising against the horizon. I guess everything to do with nature. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful the country is.

What’s your favourite part of the design process?
The very beginning when I have time just to imagine.

What’s the most challenging part?
Keeping focused and making sure my edit is right and the direction is maintained.

What are some things you do at the start of designing each new collection?
Housekeeping – reorganising the office, updating my contacts, filing, it’s all a distraction as once I am immersed it’s a creative journey that I can’t stop and evolves and changes by the minute (or so it feels).

Who would you love to see wearing one of your designs and why?
Alexa Chung. I love her edgy, girly fashion confidence.

What are some of your favourite daily rituals?
Lemon and honey when I wake, then always a hot bath before I need to organise the family for school. A good coffee – I don’t care how far I have to go. And at the end of the day a good glass of burgundy!

If you could collaborate with anyone on a collection, who would it be and why?
I would love the opportunity to work with Tim Burton in his fantasy filled world. I think he is a genius in capturing a world we dream of as children but with an adult’s humour and sense of escapism.

What do you think of Collette Dinnigan’s collection for Target?

Photography: Target

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