How to get away with wearing PJs in public

31st October, 2022

Out and about in Hamilton Island with this PJ-esque set

Whenever I get home at the end of a long day I always make sure to change into my pyjamas. So you can imagine my delight at seeing the PJ trend very much having a moment. Matching sets in silk, linen or cotton that have a PJ-esque vibe to them are now in vogue and I couldn’t be happier. There are so many options to choose from too! From long sleeved shirts to short sleeved tops and matching shorts or pants, there’s definitely something about them that is reminiscent of what we’d wear to bed but with a chic twist.

As easy and as comfortable as they are there’s still definitely an element of styling involved with pyjama sets. Rest assured that it’s not a whole lot but a little more than what you’d be doing with the PJs you’d wear to roll into bed! You might need to leave your slippers for home (unless perhaps they look like this) and embrace some key things to ensure you look presentable while you’re well, wearing pyjamas out in public. So, what do you need to do?

Choose fabrics wisely

Flannel pyjamas are obviously not on the menu here, but you can definitely embrace sets made of cotton, silk and linen. They look elevated and as a bonus are very breathable which makes them ultra comfy to wear. My fave of late is wearing silk PJ sets as they’ve got that sleepwear vibe to them but they look infinitely more glam because of the slinky look of silk.

Go for prints

There are some beautiful plain options available but when it comes to this trend I’m all about prints. Geometric and slightly retro prints are a fave as they manage to add some interest and manages to give a cut and silhouette usually reserved for sleeping a fashion-ey spin.

Tuck it in

As you can see above and below, I always tuck the top of a PJ set in. I think it achieves a flattering effect as it helps to add some shape to the typically loose, boxy silhouette of a PJ top and it makes pyjamas set look a little less sleepwear and a lot more dressy.

Add great shoes

Whether it’s a flat or heel, make sure you bring your A-game when it comes to shoes. If you want to pull off wearing something that looks like sleepwear then you need to ensure that it’s going to look a little bit special with a fab shoe.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

Whether it’s a great necklace worn with a deep V neck PJ top to help fully showcase your decolletage or a knockout pair of statement earrings there’s definitely plenty of opportunity to embrace accessorising with this trend. I think you need to differentiate these pjs from the regular kind so you need to add splashes of glam where you can.


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