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21st August, 2019

Denim. It’s a constant in my wardrobe and is something that I wear multiple times a week. Given I tend to live in jeans most days I like to have a few pairs on hand so I can mix things up a bit. Also I find wearing my fave pair constantly will inevitably result in it losing shape so its best to have a couple of different options to give each pair a break. Purchasing denim these days can be expensive, so I’ve found that there are a fews ways to ensure that you don’t blow your entire fashion budget on jeans, and here are some of them…

Stock up at sale time

The most obvious way to save money on denim is to wait till it has been reduced in price. But before sale time even hits, it pays to do a little research into what pairs you want to snap up. Go in store and try on a few different brands and styles. Once you’ve narrowed down what you want, take note and pounce once brands and retailers start slashing their prices. Be on the look out at specific times like the Black Friday sales, Click Frenzy, different brands’ spend and sale events, Afteryay and end of financial year and after Christmas time.

Hit up chain stores

Premium denim can cost upwards of $200 which is a pretty significant investment for jeans. If your budget doesn’t allow, you can find some great options at most chain stores. Brands like Country Road, Cotton On and Seed stock a number of styles that rival most of the cuts that you’d find from denim brands, but at a fraction of the price.

Buy multiples

Finding the right jeans is no easy feat so once you do find them consider snapping up another pair. This allows you to have more than one in rotation, which can help with the longevity of your denim. If you’re able to alternate the days you wear a particular pair of jeans rather than wearing them regularly you can extend its shelf life, which in turn stretches out the time frame in which you might have to spend on another pair. To save even more money, wait till they go on sale so you can also get them at a reduced price.

Scour consignment sites

You can find gently worn designer jeans on sites such as The Real Real and Vestiaire Collective, which whilst not new are still in great condition. Away from consignment sites you could also hit up eBay which if you have a discerning eye and the time to devote to your search, has always been a reliable source for pre-owned clothes.

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