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If you like my coin necklace…

6th September, 2023

One of the things I get the most DMs about whenever I wear it is my antique gold coin necklace. It’s something that’s very sentimental to me as it was a gift from my dad and it’s a piece of jewellery I wear almost daily. It also goes with pretty much everything and can be dressed up or down so I honestly can’t live without it. I’ve often worn it back with just a plain white tee and jeans or dressed it up here with a three piece suit! I think that’s always the sign of a great accessory — if you can wear it in multiple ways then you have a winner on your hands.

While I unfortunately can’t give you an exact match for my necklace as my dad had it custom made, there’s definitely plenty of style adjacent options out there to fill that coin necklace shaped gap in your wardrobe! I’ve been doing the rounds of some of my fave sites and have found some great options, with some having a special meaning behind them to make your necklace feel even more special.

My tips for choosing a necklace is to make sure you get a long enough chain that you can wear it with various necklines. Also, a long-ish chain means you can layer it with other shorter necklaces to achieve the perfect jewellery stack. I’ve rounded up gold options in my edit, but I did come across some silver versions in my search if gold isn’t really your thing. I do tend to favour gold though as it has a certain warmth to it that works well with most skin tones. Happy accessorising!

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