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My tips for flattering denim

22nd October, 2023

A great pair of jeans is an essential in my wardrobe as they’re often a go-to for me whether I’m after a casual look for the weekend or a dressy outfit for work. I’m often on the hunt for new additions to my denim collection and I’m one to spend a lot of time looking around and trying on different styles to find the perfect pair. When it comes to denim these are my rules for ensuring I always end up with the most flattering fit.

Get them tailored

It’s important that jeans are always the right length for a polished finish—don’t just let them pool at the bottom near your ankles. I always make sure to get them taken up professionally. If you’re petite and hate losing the original hem of your jeans you can pay a little bit extra when you have them altered and often the tailor can reattach it for you.

The right fit

There are so many different styles out there when it comes to denim so it’s important to try as many as you can to find the right pair for you. Just keep these things in mind…

  • If you’re going for a skinny leg that they are tight all the way down and fitted at the leg and not loose around the ankle. A cropped or ankle length is the most flattering length when it comes to skinny jeans.
  • Boyfriend jeans are designed to be baggy but ensure that they don’t look to overwhelming—they should be slightly loose around the thighs but still taper down to the ankle.
  • If you’re going to wear a boot leg or wide leg they should definitely be cropped to suit the shoes you’ll wear with them most. If you need to get them taken up bring your heels in with you to the tailor to make sure it’s cut to the right length and the hem isnt dragging on the floor.
Go for the most snug fit

I find denim always tends to “give” a little when you wear it repeatedly so to avoid my jeans getting too baggy I always make sure I get the most snug fit I can. By snug, obviously go for a size that you can still comfortably button up as you don’t want to cut yourself off at the waist and end up with a muffin top. It should feel firm but not overly tight.

My denim go-tos

Skinny leg jeans are my number one pick when it comes to denim as it works with my petite frame. I always go for a lighter wash for casual wear and darker for a dressier look. I will do a ripped effect during the day and non-ripped at night. I also light straight leg styles which end just near my ankle as I find they’re a great piece to work back with dressy pieces such as a blazer or basic staples like white t-shirt.


How I refresh my denim looks

16th September, 2023

There’s nothing quite so trusty and reliable as denim. I am guaranteed to wear jeans at least once or twice a week and it’s one of my fave outfit shortcuts when I just want to cruise through the morning and not really have to worry about styling an outfit. Denim always works! The flip side of wearing denim so frequently is that sometimes I do feel the need to refresh what I’m wearing and experiment a little to change up my usual rotation of looks. Injecting a little newness into my outfits involving jeans is something I try and do every so often and here are a few of my tried and tested denim tips…

Play with volume and silhouettes

The great thing about denim is that it works with pretty much everything. I’ll often play with different tops of different volumes and silhouettes to pair with my go-to style of high waisted straight leg denim. I’ll go from a slightly more on trend look like the puffed sleeved blouse I’m wearing above, to a crisp white shirt, a sleek fitting bodysuit or a white tee and they all look great paired with classic blue denim.

Incorporate polished pieces

Gone are the days where denim was strictly casual. These days you could easily wear jeans out to dinner as much as you could wearing them out and about to do errands. The key is to pair jeans with polished pieces to elevate it. This could be a pair of statement earrings, a really beautiful heel, a great bag… by working jeans back with items that have polish you can create a cohesive look that’s also fitting to wear to an occasion.

At Fashion Week having a white denim moment

Experiment with styles

There are so many denim styles out there right now it would be a shame not to try them out! I do favour a straight leg and high waist more often than not, but I do have a couple of different jean styles that are totally different. I’ve got a pair of skinnies that I wear all the time, the same with wide leg style and I also love white denim for its freshness and they’re just perfect in spring/summer. If you want to refresh your denim looks, definitely start by adding a different style to your favourites.

Embrace the classics

I often work denim back with tried and tested classics, like a black blazer or trench to dress them up and refresh them. A trusty pair of jeans can instantly look so different when you pair it with style staples that are guaranteed to elevate it. While I love jeans and a tee as much as the next person, sometimes I will add a striking jacket or coat to inject a little extra personality.

What are some of your favourite ways to refresh denim?



How to buy jeans

20th July, 2023

Jeans are a cornerstone of my wardrobe

I can’t live without denim. It’s a key part of my wardrobe all year round so it’s key to find the perfect pair. I buy a lot of stuff online and while I have purchased jeans from a website before, usually it’s when I already own a pair in the same brand and can feel a little more confident in the sizing. I think jeans are one thing that you really need to go in store to try on to make sure the cut, fit and colour all work well. My key criteria is that it works with my body shape, has some flexibility and isn’t too stiff, isn’t too low rise (yes, even if they’re back in fashion!) and is generally high-waisted and has to be of a good quality so it lasts. When you find the perfect pair of jeans you just know! If you’re in the market for new jeans, here’s my foolproof plan to find The One…

Buy the right size

It may sound obvious but I’ve been caught out before by the whole “it will stretch” claim. I’ve learned that you should always just buy a size that’s firm but not super tight. It should feel comfortably snug but not so much that you feel like you can’t breathe!

Take the time to try things on

Yes, you may have a pair of old faithfuls that have served you well but it pays to try on different cuts, styles, washes and brands when you’re buying jeans. It can be a tedious process, I know, but taking the time to actually try things on outside of your denim comfort zone may help you unearth a pair of jeans you never knew you always wanted.

Identify your go-to style

I used to favour skinny jeans over every other cut, but more and more I’ve made a high waisted straight leg my go-to. Occasionally I’ll still wear a skinny silhouette but I’m definitely favouring straight more and more. While this works for me and my style, your perfect match might come in the form of a wide leg or a boyfriend cut. The key is to try on as many different styles as you can and once you’ve found the perfect pair invest in a few different washes.

I've become a convert to the high waisted straight leg jean

Know your denim

A heavier denim has more durability than a lighter denim. So if you’re after a pair of jeans that will last a few seasons, it pays to go for something a little thicker. Also a heavier denim will generally offer better support than lighter, thinner denim which can be a little less forgiving. However if a stiff denim isn’t for you, look for a pair that is made up of around two per cent lycra and 98 per cent cotton—it’s got enough give to be really comfortable but is able to hold you in where you want it to.

Expand your denim wardrobe

I love light denim jeans but I also like black denim and white denim. I find that having all three shades in my wardrobe covers all the bases and allows me to have options for plenty of different outfit combinations. Also, know that some washes will show wear and tear a lot sooner than others. For example dark denim will show obvious “whiskering” a lot sooner than lighter denim so keep that in mind when choosing the colour of your next pair.

Don’t be a denim snob

I’m not too stuck on brands—I’ve bought jeans from ASOS and loved them as much as a designer pair, but the most important thing is how it fits. I’m picky when it comes to the colour or the cut but apart from that I’ll happily wear any denim label. Even if you’ve got your go-to brand, it’s a good idea to try on a few different brands each season in case you find another one that works better for your body. There’s SO much new denim each season that you need to keep on top of what’s out there in case there’s a new range that would perfectly suit you.

If you’re getting jeans hemmed, bring the shoes you’re wearing with them with you

If you’re going to get jeans tailored it should only ever be the length that you alter. You should keep looking until you find a pair that fit you around your bottom and your legs rather than trying to do anything with the waistband or legs. I’m not that tall so jeans can be quite long for me so I’ll take them to be professionally altered. I like my jeans to sit on my ankle bone. When I’m getting them hemmed I’ll normally take the shoes I’d wear the most with them to the alterations place so I can be sure to get the correct length. If you really want to wear them with multiple shoe heights, I think if you get the right length for high heels they can work with sneakers, flats and most other shoes quite fine.

What are your favourite go-to denim brands?


New ways to wear denim this week

4th September, 2022

I would honestly be lost without denim in my wardrobe. I’m in jeans multiple times a week as it’s the perfect pant to dress up or down without too much fuss. I’ve been known to go from pairing denim with a white tee one minute to a dressy top the next as it’s the ultimate chameleon—it can easily work for multiple occasions.

I’ve shared my tips on buying denim in the past as I think it’s such an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. Once you’ve found the perfect jeans you’ll never look back. However I’m also loving denim’s various incarnations. Whether it’s a skirt, a lightweight jacket or shirt, there’s no denying that I’ve got a serious case of the blues. So if you’re like me and want a hit of inspo to kickstart your love affair with denim this week then look no further…


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A post shared by JULIE SARIÑANA (@sincerelyjules) on

Distressed denim features in a lot of women’s wardrobes but don’t relegate it to being just a casual staple. You can easily dress ripped jeans up by pairing it with a button down shirt and statement flats. Cute tote optional.


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A post shared by Aimee Song (@songofstyle) on

A denim skirt is a weekend favourite of mine but this look has me rethinking its purpose. Pop on a blazer and a pair of sandals and you’re instantly in polished territory.


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You can never ever go wrong with a white shirt and jeans. Tie up your shirt for a more casual look or tuck it in to keep it looking for pulled together. Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to dust off your favourite slides as they’re a dream pairing with denim.


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A denim jacket is one of my must-have trans-seasonal pieces as they’re so easy to throw on over an outfit. Pair it with a dress, skirt, shorts, you name it.


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Just because I love jeans so much I often like to find dressier pieces that I can pair with them so I have an excuse to wear them to an event. A simple jacket thrown over jeans can easily take it into more polished territory with minimal fuss.


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Denim on denim (on denim in this case!) can be tricky to pull off but Elle Ferguson manages to make it look easy. Look for graduating shades for a cool ombre effect.


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One of my favourite go-tos is a feminine blouse/top and jeans. It seriously doesn’t get any easier than that. I’d pair a look like this with heels and I’m ready to go out.

How are you loving styling denim at the moment?


25 of my fave denim looks

20th April, 2022

If there’s one thing that is a mainstay, can’t-live-without part of my wardrobe it is denim. I am guaranteed to be in it a few times a week because it’s versatile and it just works. I love the fact that it can be dressed up or down and paired back with everything from a t-shirt or singlet, to a blazer or statement blouse. Either way it’s comfortable, chic and oh-so easy. It also doesn’t hurt that denim is now pretty much accepted for most occasions too, so it’s a good failsafe option for those times where I’m not quite sure what I’m going to wear.

I often wear denim when I’m in off duty mode or doing the school run, either with a tee and sandals or a jumper and sneakers in winter. If I want to dress it up a bit more I’ll wear it with a blouse and blazer, or pop on a trench over the top and wear it back with a pair of loafers. The beauty in denim is that it can run the full spectrum of my wardrobe, from really casual to an event and either way it’s guaranteed to work.

In putting together this post I revisited a few of my fave denim looks and not only did I rediscover a few fave looks to wear again but it also showed how truly versatile it is. I’ve worn it on shoots, to Fashion Week, launches, fashion showings and everything in between. I do favour denim paired back with a few key things: a white t-shirt or shirt, a great shoe and some fun accessories. While I’ve found a skinny jean that I really love, I’ve also embraced a high waisted straight cut, a slightly baggier relaxed cut, a wide leg and shades ranging from a classic blue to a crisp white and black. Also, it’s great in its other iterations, from a jumpsuit to a denim skirt or dress. This is the beauty in denim — it can suit almost anyone’s style as there are so many cuts and silhouettes to choose from. So, if you’re a denim lover like me from way back or just starting to embrace it again after months of lounge wear, here are a few combinations to try…



What to wear with white jeans

29th June, 2020

Wearing white is one of the best ways to freshen up a winter look. While it’s expected we gravitate towards dark tones during the cooler months, there’s something fresh about incorporating crisp white into a look—it’s unexpected and one way to brighten up an outfit.

Also, one of the great things about wearing white denim is that it plays well with virtually every kind of print and pattern you can think of. You can wear it with a neutral palette like I have above, or work it against a classic print like spots or stripes, or pop it on with a tee and a coat. The options are pretty much endless. It’s also a great trans-seasonal option, being able to go from winter knits during the cooler months to slips and tees once summer is upon us. You can also layer it really well given the ease in which in can work back with different colour palettes, also it works beautifully with different textural elements.

If you’ve yet to introduce white denim into your wardrobe you’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of shapes and styles to work with this season. From straight leg jeans to old favourite skinny denim and cropped styles, there’s definitely an option to size every size, shape and budget.

While it can sometimes feel like a daring feat to wear white during the day (particularly when you’re a mum encountering sticky/an or dirty hands almost constantly!) there’s something so polished about incorporating white denim into your casual wardrobe. It’s easily becoming a fave in my own wardrobe and I’m sure it will be the same with yours. Go ahead and add a little lightness to your winter look, I promise you won’t regret it.

Shop my edit of great pieces to wear back with white denim below.

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Straight leg jeans are your new best (denim) friend

19th June, 2020
Photography: Sophia Athas

I spoke about denim styles a few weeks back and since then I’ve really found myself gravitating towards straight leg jeans and more relaxed silhouettes. While I’ve still got a place for more fitted jeans in my repertoire, there is something to be said for the understated, nonchalance of a great pair of high waisted straight leg jeans.

The great thing about this style is that it’s so easy to work back with different pieces you more than likely already own. You can pair it with a classic white shirt, a relaxed tee or a slouchy knit and it works equally as well. The same goes for shoes. From heels to sneakers, slides and sandals, straight leg denim works beautifully with all of them.

So if you’re looking to add to your denim collection this season I don’t think you can go past straight leg jeans. They’re cool, versatile and best of all, ultra comfortable. I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to snap up more than one pair…

Scroll down to shop my edit of straight leg jeans — from different washes to cuts, there’s almost certainly a style to suit your taste and budget.

Photography: Sophia Athas
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The best denim pieces for your iso wardrobe

5th May, 2020

If it wasn’t a regular feature of your weekly wardrobe before, then I’m betting it will be now. For me, jeans have become quite the iso style staple and I’m in my favourite pair a few times a week, whether it’s working from home or ducking out for a quick grocery shop. I’ve been in the market for a denim update so I decided to chat to stylist Jess Pecoraro about all things jeans. While Jess and I would normally be working together on looks for big events and race days, right now, I’m choosing to tap into her fashion expertise for my at-home wardrobe for the next little while.

So I decided to share our latest video call above, because who doesn’t want free wardrobe advice from a professional? Here we chat about the super affordable brand doing an amazing version of the current must-have style, to how to store denim and the one style she and I aren’t so in love with anymore…

Your denim dossier

Jess’ go-to denim brands. Commit these to memory!

For the best mum style jeans: Zara

Go to all-round denim brand: Nobody

Classic with a twist: AGOLDE + Frame

Vintage: Levis, Etsy and Farfetch 

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The wardrobe items I’m currently using the most

2nd October, 2019

I’m the first to admit I often play favourites when it comes to my wardrobe. There are just some pieces that are constantly on rotation for me at the moment because they just work with everything I own and are great for instantly dressing up a look. And sometimes I just get into a certain vibe when it comes to my outfits and the following pieces work beautifully with the aesthetic I’m going for. Here are the few that are currently at the top of my list…

501 Levis Skinny Jeans

I like the fact that these jeans are a little tapered but still tap into the trend for a more relaxed fit. They’re also a great wash and are able to be dressed up or down whether I’m in the mood to wear a white t-shirt or a beautiful blazer.

Chanel Gabrielle Backpack

I can’t really go past a beautiful Chanel bag and whilst I’m a big fan of their classic 2.55 style, this backpack is also right up there for me. Not only does it look elegant but it’s also utilitarian and can hold all my essentials and still leave me hands free — perfect for travelling or when I’ve got a busy day of running errands.

CC Logo Pink Suede Sneaker

I pretty much live in sneakers so I’m so in love with this pair for the fun pink shade and the on trend shape. Plus who can resist a comfy shoe that also ticks all the style boxes! This is one investment piece that I’m definitely maximising the cost per wear on.

Sparrows Weave The Round Wicker and Leather Top Handle Bag

Beautiful wicker bags are a go-to accessory this season and I do love the shape of this bag for its simplicity and relaxed elegance. I’ve loved being able to wear it on holiday with casual summer dresses and with more dressy ensembles. A versatile piece that I know I’ll be using non-stop this summer.

Giuseppe Zanotti Farrah Heels

I’ve been wearing these shoes to events and with work ensembles of late because it’s such an easy, wearable style that goes with virtually everything. Whilst it’s a great black heel, I love the crystal detail which elevates it and gives it a striking detail that sets it apart.

Aquazzura Deneuve 105 Bow-Embellished Suede Pumps

I often refresh my shoe wardrobe with a new black pump every season and this pair by Aquazzura has been such a great buy. I’ve worn it with jeans to dresses and suits so it’s a definite style chameleon. A heel that definitely ticks all the boxes.


On a budget…denim

21st August, 2019

Denim. It’s a constant in my wardrobe and is something that I wear multiple times a week. Given I tend to live in jeans most days I like to have a few pairs on hand so I can mix things up a bit. Also I find wearing my fave pair constantly will inevitably result in it losing shape so its best to have a couple of different options to give each pair a break. Purchasing denim these days can be expensive, so I’ve found that there are a fews ways to ensure that you don’t blow your entire fashion budget on jeans, and here are some of them…

Stock up at sale time

The most obvious way to save money on denim is to wait till it has been reduced in price. But before sale time even hits, it pays to do a little research into what pairs you want to snap up. Go in store and try on a few different brands and styles. Once you’ve narrowed down what you want, take note and pounce once brands and retailers start slashing their prices. Be on the look out at specific times like the Black Friday sales, Click Frenzy, different brands’ spend and sale events, Afteryay and end of financial year and after Christmas time.

Hit up chain stores

Premium denim can cost upwards of $200 which is a pretty significant investment for jeans. If your budget doesn’t allow, you can find some great options at most chain stores. Brands like Country Road, Cotton On and Seed stock a number of styles that rival most of the cuts that you’d find from denim brands, but at a fraction of the price.

Buy multiples

Finding the right jeans is no easy feat so once you do find them consider snapping up another pair. This allows you to have more than one in rotation, which can help with the longevity of your denim. If you’re able to alternate the days you wear a particular pair of jeans rather than wearing them regularly you can extend its shelf life, which in turn stretches out the time frame in which you might have to spend on another pair. To save even more money, wait till they go on sale so you can also get them at a reduced price.

Scour consignment sites

You can find gently worn designer jeans on sites such as The Real Real and Vestiaire Collective, which whilst not new are still in great condition. Away from consignment sites you could also hit up eBay which if you have a discerning eye and the time to devote to your search, has always been a reliable source for pre-owned clothes.