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How to rescue your lips this winter

23rd June, 2016


Chilly weather can often mean that my lips get really dry and are often in dire need of some TLC. These are the tricks I have learnt over the years to bring chapped lips to life in winter!

Add some moisture 

The wind and cool air can take its toll on your lips so make sure you add moisture back throughout the day. Quench your thirsty lips with a lanolin-based lip balm. Lano Lanolin’s balm is blended with pure lanolin and a bit of banana extract which mimics the skin’s natural oils to protect your lips. As a bonus it also has a subtle sheen.

A trick I learnt awhile ago was to apply balm to the lips prior to washing off makeup. Facial cleansers can dry out your lips which can in turn cause  and cause chapping.

Exfoliate regularly

Just like you would exfoliate your face to get rid of dead skin the same applies for your lips. First, create your own lip scrub using brown sugar mixed with olive oil or honey to bind the mixture together.

Apply to your lips and using a soft toothbrush (make sure it’s a new one and not the one you use to brush your teeth!) rub it into your lips using a circular motion. As the skin on your lips is quite thin be gentle and don’t rub too vigorously. Leave the scrub on for a minute then wipe it off using a damp washcloth. Aim to do this at least once a week.

Pucker up pink

When the weather is dreary a little colour is the perfect solution for a lift to your complexion. I like to choose a pink which is a shade or two lighter than my natural lip colour.

If pink is not your thing, you can try something more minimalist with Napolean’s lightweight gloss and lipstick hybrid which offers a sheer, natural looking finish.

Magic gloss

If your lips are quite dry avoid matte lipsticks as it can sink into your lip lines and make them more pronounced. It is better to opt for a lip-plumping gloss if you suffer from dry lips.

If you prefer something less sticky, go for this gloss from Red Earth which contains vitamins to smooth and soothe lips.

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