The new way to wear tailored pants

29th March, 2021

A tailored pant has always been a classic wardrobe staple, but these days it’s become a lot more versatile. While it may have once conjured up images of corporate wear, the new tailored pant is relaxed, accessible and cool. In the last few months, I’ve really embraced it as a constant part of my outfit repertoire, and I’ve worn it going from meetings one minute to dinner the next, even just a casual meet up with friends and the occasional school run. The key to avoiding it looking too “done” is what you pair with it. So if you’re keen to make these a part of your regular looks, here’s how to style tailored pants.

Go for relaxed tops

As you can see above, I paired white tailored pants with a chocolate brown halter which significantly reduces it’s office wear feel. The key here is to avoid anything too fussy, think a plain white tee or a ribbed knit. By going for something that’s a little more dressed down, your outfit looks cool rather than corporate.

Consider the cut

Learning how to style tailored pants first starts with the cut you choose. For a more ‘now’ silhouette go for a pant that’s straight or slightly tapered. It offers a more streamlined feel and looks sleek. Also make sure that you’ve hemmed it properly so you don’t have excess fabric at the bottom—you want any pant to look spot on, and that means it has to be the perfect length.

Worn with a blazer for something slightly more polished

Worked back with a singlet for something a little sexier

With a halter neck and flats for a casual feel

Pair it with flats

One of my favourite combinations is wearing a tailored pant and working it back with a pair of flats. A gorgeous slide (I highly recommend the Gucci pair I’m wearing above), or loafer or sneaker are all great options. By eschewing heels, you can dress down your look, but still maintain a polished feel with.

…that said you can wear it with a great heel

You can totally wear heels with a tailored pant (obviously!) but choose something with a slightly more minimalist feel, think something strappy as opposed to a pump. It makes it feel more on trend, and just avoids turning your look into something for the boardroom.

How are you wearing tailored pants?

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