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The nail polish colours I always wear

19th February, 2018

Nail polish is one of the easiest shortcuts to looking polished. If I have a fresh manicure I feel that I could be wearing my daggiest tracksuit pants and I’d still maintain an element of – excuse the pun – polish. I know there’s a rainbow of colours out there when it comes to nail polish, along with a multitude of brands. I’m a creature of habit however and once I’ve found my faves I tend to stick to them. I always go light or dark with the colours I wear and will opt for light on my fingers and dark on my toes or vice versa. These are the three shades that I always come back to time and again.

OPI Funny Bunny nail polish

Funny Bunny

Judging from the Instagram accounts I follow, this is a popular colour that’s become a fave amongst celebs and bloggers. I think it’s due to the fact that is seems to be just the right shade of white—not so opaque that it looks like liquid paper and neutral enough to suit most skin tones. Cute name too.

OPI Bubble Bath nail polish

Bubble Bath

A pretty light pink nail polish shade that I’ve found works well with my colouring. It’s a great colour for when I’m in the mood for something quite feminine.

OPI Malaga Wine nail polish
Malaga Wine

A burgundy/wine shade is a great option for me when I’ve got a big event or special occasion. I like this as it’s dark without being too overpowering and it works with most outfits too.

Tell me—what are you favourite nail polish colours?
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The beauty buys you need to check out this week

17th February, 2018

In need of a beauty fix? Then you’re in luck because there are some amazing buys worth checking out this week. I don’t know about you but I think there’s just something about popping on a new lipstick shade or cracking open a gorgeous new makeup palette for the first time that offers up quite the thrill. Here are some buys that will have any beauty fan wanting to add to cart.


Bobbi Brown 5-in-1 Essential Face Palette

If you travel a lot or just can’t be bothered having to deal with multiple products then this will solve all your dilemmas. With everything from concealer, to bronzer to foundation in the one palette you’ll always look impeccable when you’re on the go—and significantly lighter in cosmetics too.

Dior Addict Lip Glow

If you can never find the right lipstick shade this is one way to guarantee the perfect colour. This is reacts to the natural chemistry of your lips giving you a custom hue that’s uniquely suited to you.

Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess Eye Palette

It’s hard to find a quad palette that has just the right shades (there’s often always a random colour that you’re not quite sure what to do with) but these are all gorgeous and quite wearable.

Kitsch Luxe Shower Cap

Oh the cuteness! Shower caps are often a necessity rather than an accessory but this solves that problem. If you’re not a fan of polka dots this range also comes in stripes and plain black.

Tom Ford Bronzing Powder

For a flush of “I just came back from an exotic tropical holiday” colour Tom Ford is your man. This bronzing powder not only gives great colour, the packaging is unbelievably chic. You’ll be looking for excuses to pull this one out for touch ups.

What’s on your beauty wish list?

The fragrances in my perfume wardrobe

12th February, 2018

Perfumes are so special to me as scent is such a powerful thing. I considered the fragrance I was going to wear on my wedding day for awhile as I wanted it to be something that would instantly transport me back to that time so it had to be one that had longevity and that I wouldn’t tire of easily. I know people who have one signature perfume and stick to it religiously, however I fall into the other camp of having a few options to suit my mood. There are occasions where I feel like wearing something light and airy during the day and there are other times when I need something a little heavier such as when I have to attend an evening event. I’m always open to trying different scents, and in the process sometimes end up finding a new favourite, however over the years these have been the ones in constant rotation…

Balenciaga Paris Eau de Parfum

This is the fragrance I eventually decided on for my wedding day. It’s the kind of scent that will earn queries as to what you’re wearing as it’s so striking. It’s a floral scent that is subtle and not overpowering like some flowery perfumes can be and its gorgeous bottle is made for being on display.

Burberry Body Eau de Parfum

A slightly woody, musky scent this is a good one to turn to when I’m in the mood for wearing something bold.

Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Parfum

I’m already a fan of Giorgio Armani cosmetics so it wasn’t a surprise to discover that I’m also quite fond of their fragrances too. A sweet scent with hints of vanilla, it fades quite beautifully so makes a great all day perfume.

Chloé Eau de Parfum

A floral scent with strong hints of rose, this is quite a feminine fragrance that’s perfect for special occasions.

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum

An earthy aroma that’s a little heavier than other scents in my collection this is ideal for winter as its got quite a warm, inviting air about it.

Do you have a signature scent? What’s currently in your perfume wardrobe?  

My quick beauty routine to get out the door fast

22nd January, 2018

Most days I have to be out the door fast so unfortunately I don’t have much time to spend on getting ready, especially on the beauty front. This is why I’ve managed to hone down my makeup routine to one that’s just a few minutes long to earn myself some precious extra time to round up the kids/gather my things for the day/have a coffee. This is a stripped back version of my regular regimen but it helps me feel pulled together and ready to tackle the day ahead:

I always moisturise my face first before applying a 50+ sunscreen. I never skip the sunscreen as I know my skin will thank me for it in the years to come! Afterwards I always apply a foundation to even out my skin. Usually I go between Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk or Chanel Vitalumiere as they both provide a dewy skin finish.

The next step is to fill my eyebrows with a brow powder from Amy Jean Eye Couture. I usually brush my brows in place first before I set it with a powder. I use a blonde colour palette when it comes to brow powder as I don’t want my brows to be too dark and I find it’s usually a bit more subtle when I use a blonde shade.

I’ll apply a bit of Tom Ford eyeshadow in terracotta tones in the crease of my eyes and around my lashes just to give my eyes a little lift and then put on a coat of mascara using ModelCo Fat Lash mascara as a finishing touch. And that’s it! It takes minutes but helps me feel pulled together and presentable and ready to face the day.

What’s your quick beauty routine?


A night at the ballet with Estee Lauder

5th December, 2017

All set for a gorgeous evening at the ballet

I’m a big fan of the ballet so I was excited when Estée Lauder recently invited me to attend a beautiful night out in Sydney to watch a production of Sleeping Beauty at The Capitol Theatre. I felt throughly spoilt as the evening started at the Park Hyatt where I was able to get ready and have my hair and makeup done (always a great start to any evening!). I love getting dressed up for the ballet so I opted for a one shoulder Rebecca Vallance dress with bow detail and black Alaïa heels. When it comes to special occasions, I always like having a fragrance to remember them by and in this instance I chose Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse. It’s a floral woody scent which is strong and modern, and perfectly matched the mood of the evening. It’s a scent that I’ve fallen in love with and have been wearing non-stop ever since.

After getting ready I joined fellow bloggers Carmen Hamilton, Sara Crampton and Eleanor Pendleton for dinner at the Park Hyatt dining room before we were picked up and whisked away to the theatre. It’s always lovely when work and friends combine as the evening felt like a great girls’ night out.

The highlight of the night was watching Sleeping Beauty and even better was the fact we were lucky enough to be treated to a performance that featured renowned prima ballerina Misty Copeland as a special guest. As a treat we were also able to pop backstage to meet Misty who told us that she had only weeks to rehearse the role when usually she’d have months—a true testament of how talented she is. It was also interesting to be able to go on a tour of the set and see the inner workings of such an amazing production.

In the lead up to a hectic time of year it was nice to be able to take the time out to enjoy such a memorable evening. And now each time I wear the fragrance it instantly brings me back.

What a view! My room at the Park Hyatt

Pink prettiness

Hair and makeup time

The ideal finishing touch to any look – a gorgeous fragrance such as Modern Muse

The lovely table setting at dinner

With Eleanor Pendleton, Sara Crampton and Carmen Hamilton

This Rebecca Vallance dress was perfect for the night

Backstage with prima ballerina Misty Copeland

This post was produced in collaboration with Estée Lauder


Beauty Q&A: Kirsten Carriol, founder of Lano lips

20th November, 2017

With celebrity fans including Drew Barrymore and Linda Evangelista and her products stocked at Net-a-Porter, Sephora, Nordstrom and Boots, Kirsten Carriol’s Lano brand is a bonafide global success. The creator credits her upbringing on a remote sheep farm and her DNA scientist father’s teachings about the benefits of lanolin for the idea behind Lano, a lip and skincare brand that utilises the all natural ingredient’s intensive moisturising properties. Since its inception Lano has evolved from a lip balm to a range that now includes hand cream and moisturiser. Here Kirsten chats to me about her biggest pinch-me moment, the best advice she’s ever received and her favourite beauty hacks…

What is a day in the life of you? 

I’m fast. I like to keep mornings quick and simple and take shortcuts. I focus on giving loads of love to my children and then I want to get out of the door quickly, looking as good as possible.

But first, I check my emails for urgents from the USA from the night before (I won’t lie on that).

Then, I feel I can give my full attention to my two sons, to chat to them, give them love and breakfast and pack them off for school for the day.

Then it’s a rush job to get myself ready, have a shot of coffee and then into to the office. My morning beauty regime is a cleanse with my Lano Cleansing Bar and moisturise my face and body with Lano Everywhere All-Over Multi-Cream – it’s literally 2-steps in my skincare for face and body, and it works for me.

Once I’m in the office I nail down my USA emails before 9am, then I plan my priorities for the day. Each week I have a conference call with my USA and UK Team, and every minute I have catch-ups with my Sydney team as we work in a super close-knit structure and environment. Emails are great but phone calls and verbal conversations rule when it comes to productivity and getting stuff done fast.

From there – who knows! One day I could be working through the logistics of launching the brand in SEPHORA Europe, the next day its finalising our next campaign shoot.

It’s very varied, which is exactly how I like it. I would hate each day to be a carbon copy of the other. I get bored easily and LOVE change.

Kirsten uses this multi-cream daily


Lano cleansing bar

What was your biggest pinch-me moment with Lanolips?

When we presented the idea to both Priceline & David Jones – and they both wanted to stock our first range. This was my first pinch-me moment I thought that this idea could actually really happen (Before web stores were ‘a thing’ you were totally reliant on retailers).

Since then, I’ve had many: I’m about to head to Europe to launch Lano in SEPHORA, when we signed [beauty retailer] Violet Grey, when I was on air at QVC in the US and Larry King was in the room next to me.

It’s been wild.

Where did the idea come from?

I was coming back from my honeymoon in Europe and was about to board a long-haul flight and wanted a lip balm that was going to actually keep my lips hydrated and none of the balms I had in my handbag did the job. I remembered using lanolin as a small child on my parent’s sheep farm and my dad calling it “nature’s wonder moisturiser” and thinking why am I not using lanolin? It was on that flight that I decided I was going to bring lanolin back, but better.

What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

There has been a lot of fantastic advice—and I’ve learnt to be a better listener. Also, I listen to a lot of podcasts on human behaviour, and one message has always resonated with me, from one of the guys behind APPLE—is that human brains will always seek out the ‘easy route’. This has always been my underpinning philosophy behind my first multipurpose product nine years ago, and it still is. This message helps me to remain focussed on our brand purpose. Low-fi, easy lip and skincare.

Where is your favourite cafe and what is your go-to dish to order?

Brunch at Bills in Bondi is my absolutely favourite.

I love their sweet corn fritters: smashed avocado, lemon juice, alfalfa sprouts, and corn fritters with chili jam. It’s killer. I’ve been having it for 20 years.

What is your favourite beauty trick?

Do more, with less. I’m a sucker for a beauty-hack.

When I ski I add my 101 Ointment to my face moisturiser so it’s supercharged to fight the wind.

A lip balm that doubles as a cheek tint is essential. And contact lens cases make THE BEST travel containers for moisturiser on one side and foundation in the other.

The 101 Ointment is one of Kirsten’s favourites intensive moisturisers

What piece in your wardrobe can you not live without?

My engagement ring. Striped anything. And my Stan Smiths.

Where is your favourite travel destination?

Tahiti. St Tropez.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

To stop time, so when I work-travel I don’t miss anything in my sons’ lives.

What is your cocktail of choice? 

Gin and tonic.

Where do you see the Lano brand in five years?

If you had asked me five years ago where I saw Lano, I’m not sure I would have been able to say SEPHORA, Net-a-Porter, Nordstrom, Boots and Bloomingdales, that would have felt too ‘big’ and yet, here we are.

So, in answer, I don’t know – I just want to continue to build a cult brand that everyone from Drew Barrymore, to Linda Evangelista, to my mother and sister love.

What do you think was the key to such success and rapid growth? 

I don’t need the public accolades of success but I do like to produce a product that I am proud of. I like to help people in the genuine sense, so if I can produce something that will help to solve a problem that nothing else has solved, I’m happy. Focussing on that has probably been the key to our long-term growth.



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The one part of your beauty routine you shouldn’t neglect

9th November, 2017

If there’s one thing I’m fastidious about when it comes to my beauty routine its skincare. From cleansing to moisturising I always make sure that I take the time to ensure my skin remains in top shape. Whilst overall skin maintenance is important there’s one part of my routine I admit I wasn’t so laser focused on and that was taking care of the area around my eyes. This is crazy when you consider that it’s often one of the first things people notice about your face. It’s for that reason that Elizabeth Arden’s Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum has become such a critical part of my skincare regime. Having already used the brand’s face serum from the Ceramide range and loved the results, I wasn’t surprised at the difference using the eye serum made to the overall condition of the delicate skin around my eyes. Just using a capsule each morning made my eyes look firmer and brighter and in turn helped me look healthier and more youthful. It’s an easy step to incorporate into my existing routine and one that I can definitely see myself continuing.

Along with younger looking eyes, Advanced Ceramide Capsules Eye Serum have also become an essential when I’m applying makeup (thumbs up for any beauty product that can do double duty). I always like to focus on my eyes whenever I’m doing my makeup but most especially when I’m going to an evening event. I think the key to great eye makeup is all in the prep that you do in that area. I always apply a cream concealer to cover any discolouration around my eyes but I’ve found that by mixing it with an Advanced Ceramide capsule it not only enables the concealer to glide on more easily it instantly makes my eyes look more luminous. With a great base to work with I then apply eye shadow, eye liner and mascara and I’m pretty much ready to walk out the door. So easy and so simple.

For a step-by-step guide to my eye makeup routine check out the video below:

This post was produced in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden 

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Date with Kate: Chloe Morello

22nd October, 2017

If you’ve ever searched for a makeup tutorial video then chances are you’ve come across twenty-six-year-old Chloe Morello. The beauty vlogger has a cult following of over two million subscribers on her YouTube channel and over 900,000 followers on Instagram, with her audience growing by the day. I sat down with Chloe to chat about her latest beauty venture, Face Halo, her upcoming wedding and of course, the beauty products she can’t live without.

Did you always want to get into the beauty industry?

No. Well, I mean I’m from Batemans Bay, I just assumed that I would end up working at the motel that we own.

What’s been your biggest pinch me moment in your career?

Well I’ve been on TV a few times now, and that is always exciting. It’s still very exciting knowing that my mum is down there [in Batemans Bay], watching me from the same living room that I grew up in.

What has been your most viewed tutorial?

An eyeliner tutorial that’s got eight million views now.

Where is the strangest place you’ve been recognised?

I was in Chile and someone recognised me there. YouTube is everywhere. Actually South America’s extremely popular for YouTube.

What would be your advice to up-and-coming young bloggers and vloggers?

You have to do it regularly. You can’t just sporadically upload. People want regular uploads. Also  all these social media sites work with an algorithm now which is hard. To stay on top of it, you really have to be uploading regularly. And also it’s best if you have a good quality camera. You don’t need the most expensive camera, but you need to have access to some lighting. I bought my first lighting on eBay for $120 and I still have it. So just to be able to invest maybe a couple hundred dollars into some lighting really helps with beauty videos. Otherwise you can sit in front of a big window and use natural light.

What is your number one beauty tip?

Well obviously looking after your skin. Making sure you’ve got a clean base to work with, removing your makeup. But also when it comes to applying makeup, it’s not applying a lot straight away. I think building up and layering your makeup so that you don’t suddenly make a huge mistake and have to take it off. It’s much better to apply in smaller layers. So if you need more you can add it. If you put too much on, it’s hard to take off.

What is your number one must-have beauty item?

Makeup-wise it would be a brow pencil. [I use] Benefit Precisely My Brow, it’s the really thin one. And then when it comes to skincare, Face Halo.

Tell me about Face Halo.

It’s a microfiber makeup remover pad. So it’s a reusable makeup pad and you just add water. It basically does what makeup wipes set out to do which was to eliminate the chore of taking your makeup off with a one-step process. But this takes it even one step further because there are no chemicals. So it doesn’t irritate your skin, people don’t get inflammation, and again we’re talking less waste and less landfill too. Even people with eczema and things like that can use this without irritation.

Chloe is the brand ambassador for makeup remover wipe Face Halo

How did you become involved with Face Halo?

I wasn’t asked to be involved in Face Halo. I went to them [the founders]. [I was at their place and needed to take off my makeup]… “You want to take your makeup off here, try this new product we’re developing.” And I was like, “Okay.” And everyone was watching me, because this is their baby, and I was like, “Wow.” And I looked at it and I was like, “Oh my gosh, my makeup is off!” I couldn’t believe it, so I asked if I could keep it and I still have it. It’s an old prototype. I’ve only used Face Halo to remove my makeup ever since. A couple of months later when I organised to see them again, I actually asked them if I could become a part of the company.

What else do you do as part of your beauty regimen?

I still like to use skincare because anti-ageing is important to me. But I no longer have to cleanse as much. So I like to tone, and then I use a moisturiser. It’s called Dr. Spiller. [I use] the blue cream and the collagen cream. I love that one. Obviously SPF. And then makeup I use every brand imaginable.

Do you have a favourite makeup brand?

Well I definitely go through phases, but I think my favourite brand right now is Charlotte Tilbury.

What makeup would we find in your handbag?

I carry NARS creamy matte concealer, usually a brow pencil, I love the Precisely My Brow. I keep Face Halo with me, it’s really handy. And whatever lipstick I’m wearing. Today I’m wearing MAC [in the colour]  Yash.

Do you prefer natural makeup or a glam look for everyday wear?

It really depends, but I would say it’s glam, but I try to make it look natural. I’m actually wearing 20 products [right now].

What celebrities do you take inspiration from?

When it comes to beauty, I really love Rihanna. Jennifer Aniston always looks effortless and I love Shakira, which is a random one I think, but she actually does all her own makeup.

Do you always do your own makeup, including magazine shoots and TV appearances?

I always do it. I don’t like how [other] people do my makeup. I am a makeup vlogger so it actually blows my mind when people suggest that I have a makeup artist. Because that’s what I do and usually if they interview me, it’s because they’re interested in my makeup vlog and it’s just funny that they think that I need a makeup artist.

What are your biggest beauty tips for summer?

You might think that during the summer I reduce the amount of makeup I wear. No I don’t. It’s the same amount of makeup. There’s such a focus on getting a tan for me. I love that summery look, so I love to use fake tan, and that involves a lot of exfoliation. I exfoliate every week. I have one of those gloves, and I do my face and my body. And then I fake tan. I even fake tan my face.

What are your most requested tutorials?

I’m getting married in January and I’m getting a lot of requests about doing a wedding look. So I will probably do some trial runs.

Will you do your own makeup for your wedding?

Absolutely. Oh yeah.

What makeup look are you planning for your wedding?

It’s going to be in January which is really hot here in Sydney, probably like 30 something degrees. So I will be trialling what are the best products that last and [work] against flash and everything, but it will probably be something similar to what I’m wearing today. I’ll have lash extensions because I love big lashes but don’t want to cry them off. So I’ll probably get lash extensions. I like glow, I love highlighter, and a nice tan.

Can you give us any other details about your wedding?

Yes, it is in Sydney Harbour, so we’ll be able to see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Three hundred people are invited and Steven Khalil’s making my dress.

Any honeymoon plans?

We’re going to Mexico.

Where is your favourite travel destination?

We went to Bora Bora last year and that was amazing. So beautiful. We just went to Europe together for the first time. I loved south of Italy. It’s so beautiful. And actually camping with my family in 2015 around Australia.

What’s next for you?

I’ve just come on board with Face Halo, so that’s a big priority to me. I’m a part of the company so it’s not just like a regular collaboration I guess. So I’m really putting my heart and soul into that, because I want it to be as successful as possible and it is such a great product and it really has changed my beauty routine. So that’s really important to me, and I’m getting married which is very big. I want to buy a house soon. I’m just focusing on that and I think the production value of my own videos. So my fiancée’s coming on board to help me film those.



WE WENT TO: District Brasserie, 

WE ATE: Steak tartare with smoked onion crumble, horseradish, egg yolk and tapioca cracker; coal grilled Bannockburn chicken with barrel aged feta, gem lettuce, preserved lemon and provençale dressing; heirloom tomato with burrata and olive sourdough cracker.

WE DRANK: Champagne and sparking mineral water.

Photography: Ashleigh Larden


The versatile hair accessory celebs and bloggers are loving (and it’s probably already sitting in your wardrobe)

7th October, 2017

As fair as styling my hair goes I’m a big fan of anything that’s quick and easy. That’s why the current beauty trend towards fashioning scarves into a hair accessory resonates so well with me—it’s simple to do and it instantly feels on trend (and as an added bonus it’s a great way to hide dirty locks when you just can’t be bothered dealing it). As Emily Ratajkowski to model of the moment Kaia Gerber and fashion blogger extraordinaire Nicole Warne demonstrate there are myriad ways to style a scarf. You could wear it as a headband for a look with a vintage feel to using it as a stylish hair tie for a ‘do that looks instantly cool. And the best bit? Jumping aboard this trend requires minimal hair styling skills so if you’re a little challenged in that department you can most definitely still try this look at home. If your scarves are currently gathering dust in the back of your closet this is a great way to extend their wear and give them a new lease on life plus it’s an inexpensive way to update a look. What’s not to love about that?

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Met Gala beauty inspiration

4th May, 2017

The Met Gala is often referred to as the fashion Oscars with its incredible red carpet line up and next level outfits. And it’s not surprising. Under Vogue Editor Anna Wintour’s no doubt watchful eye you’d definitely want to be bringing your fashion A-game. This year’s Costume Institute Exhbition and Met Gala theme was Rei Kawakubo and Commes des Garçons: The Art Inbetween which called for avante garde outfits in a nod to the influential designer. Whilst there were some daring and experimental looks (hello, Rihanna!) that definitely made their mark, the beauty was also on point. Just take these ladies for example…

A post shared by Kate Bosworth (@katebosworth) on

Kate Bosworth does a severe scraped back bun and bold lip to perfection. It’s just further proof of the power of a really striking pout.

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Selena Gomez did simple and sleek for her ‘do but it shows that the lob may well be making a comeback. Poker straight and parted down the middle, this sophisticated hairstyle definitely commands attention.

If you’re in the market for an up-do why not try Reese Witherspoon’s pinned back pony. The clips and looped through features just elevates it from an ol’ ordinary red carpet hairstyle.

A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

You can always count on Jennifer Lopez to bring ample levels of glamour wherever she goes. This look has a decidedly vintage vibe with the bold Bambi lashes and the 60s style tresses and looks classic with just the right dosage of drama.

A post shared by Alexa (@alexachung) on

On the opposite end of the spectrum Alexa Chung opted for her signature tousled hairstyle and minimal barely there makeup. Perfect for the woman who wants to look polished without looking like she spent an inordinate amount of time getting dolled up.

A post shared by Gisele Bündchen (@gisele) on

Never underestimate the appeal of a high pony with loose, relaxed waves. It looks red carpet ready but easily transitions to after party mode seamlessly. A bold smoky eye and nude lip come together for a look that’s pretty and understated.