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Wardrobe Envy: Nicole Warne

18th February, 2019

She’s featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, Business of Fashion’s 500 People Shaping the Global Industry and InStyle Australia’s Women of Style Awards… all this from a digital business Nicole Warne founded at the age of 20 under the name Gary Pepper Girl.

Now the digital influencer has consulted and collaborated with brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Net-a-Porter and is currently a digital consultant for QANTAS.

Accolades and accomplishments aside, there is one thing over 2.3 million gravitate to Nicole Warne for and that’s her impeccable style. Favouring a look that’s polished, feminine and classic, she gravitates towards tailored pieces with a strong, modern aesthetic. Her look always feels considered, perfectly put together and with just the right smattering of interesting accessories to give each look her own unique touch. It’s a rare thing to not want something from every outfit she posts, but lucky for us, each one is better than that last.

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Last one, promise ✨ @armani forever

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12 Insta-outfits to inspire your look in 2017

2nd January, 2017

A brand new year may be inspiring you to update your look – but where to start? Before you hit the shops or start doing a major closet clean out be sure to start with a little fashion inspiration first. And what better place to start than with some of the most stylish ladies to ever hit Instagram…

A photo posted by Aimee Song (@songofstyle) on

Dress up your denim with bright pops of colour. A vibrant hue is the ultimate way to offset a pair of blue jeans.

Inject a little man-style tailoring into your wardrobe. Every woman should own a great suit that fits her body perfectly. When it comes to choosing a colour you can’t go wrong with shades such as black, navy or grey.

A photo posted by Olivia Palermo (@oliviapalermo) on

Channel Olivia Palermo and focus on the little details this year. The perfect sleeve, a structured bag or a quirky finishing touch to a pair of shoes is a great way to make your outfit stand out from the crowd.

Who says neutrals can’t make a statement? A natural hue looks even more glamorous with a touch of shine while a multi-toned mules look elegant and polished.

A photo posted by Miroslava Duma (@miraduma) on

Mix and match textures for a look that feels considered and perfectly put together. Suede and wool work fabulously together when the weather cools down.

A photo posted by Miranda (@mirandakerr) on

Think classic when it comes to your accessories. A pair of gold aviators or a chain strap bag are the ideal way to finish an outfit.

Pinstripe shirting goes from corporate to cool when cut in a modern off the shoulder style.  Think outside the box when it comes to traditional patterns and prints.

A photo posted by Nicole Warne (@garypeppergirl) on

It’s hard to improve on monochrome as it works so well. Play with contrast such as adding a white blazer to an all black ensemble to really make the look pop.

A tough biker jacket can look polished when teamed with the right texture or pattern. This leather jacket looks decidedly polished when paired with a velvet bag and a skirt in a delicate houndstooth pattern.

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

Sneakers are here to stay especially when of the white variety. Look for slightly elevated platform styles to give the look a point of difference or stick to old favourites from the likes of Nike and Adidas. The only rule? Keep them spotless!

A photo posted by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

I’ve always been a big fan of touches of animal print. Go all out with a jacket Kendall Jenner style or go for a hint of it such as the trim on a pair of shoes or a bag.

A photo posted by Lauren Santo Domingo (@thelsd) on

Don’t be afraid to clash prints but just be sure to choose one colour to tie the look together. This look is given some cohesion with elegant black pumps that pick up the colour in the jumper without obscuring its playful nature.

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What I Wore: Coffee Date

20th October, 2016


img_07241111 img_06811111

There’s nothing I love more than catching up for coffee with a girlfriend so it was lovely to get back into the swing of things and catch up with Nadia. I’ve been busy with Grace and Sophia recently and comfort has been key so it was nice to be able to dress up for a little time out.

I love an all white look and the beautiful spring weather allowed me to finally wear the above Lover dress. I particularly love the sleeve detail which gives it a beautiful finishing touch. As the dress is quite feminine my favourite Adidas Superstars were the perfect way to ground the outfit a little and also give the look a bit  more of a relaxed vibe. I think pairing dresses with sneakers has been a great way to really take an otherwise quite formal look in a different direction and I will definitely be trying this combination again over the new few months.

Credits: Kate: Dress, Lover; Sneakers, Adidas; Sunglasses, Local Supply & Nadia: Dress, Camilla and Marc;  Blazer, Camilla and Marc; Sunglasses, Le Specs; Handbag, Coach

Shop the look:

Photography: @brigetteclark_




Date with Kate


9th October, 2016


Sara Donaldson and I having lunch at Four in Hand, Paddington

Sara Donaldson is the blogger behind fashion and beauty blog Harper & Harley and has a combined reach of more than 800,000 followers across her social media channels. She was among the main cast on the reality TV show Fashion Bloggers and recently launched an online fashion store, The Undone, with business partner Georgia Martina. Donaldson, 27, chats to me about blogging fame, why finding balance can be a struggle, and her biggest surprise at having an online shop.

How did you first get into blogging? 

I was at university and I was reading really old school blogs. Growing up in Brisbane, there was nothing really going on there, so I just started blogging while I was at university and working part-time as a sales assistant … Then I moved to Sydney and I had a full-time [marketing] role but I was still blogging … And then I finally gave it all up and just did my blog.

What was the defining moment when you decided to take on blogging as a full-time career? 

Five years into Harper and Harley, it was at a point where the industry had changed [so] I could monetise my blog in such a way that I was earning more from my blog than I was with my full-time job … I was quite reserved in stepping away from having another job because I felt like it was a safety net. I didn’t want to launch into it because I wasn’t quite sure where it was going to go.

What are the main ways you monetised your blog? 

Affiliate networks like RewardStyle or ShopStyle, and then also doing sponsored posts for the brands.

What opportunities and doors has blogging opened for you? 

Well, being part of Fashion Bloggers was incredible… [and] it’s just wonderful that I can call amazing brands and designers my friends.

What is the secret to your blogging success?

I’m was an early adopter. It’s also about having consistent content and making sure that content is really premium. You can’t just throw up a bunch of stuff in the air and hope that does well. You have to make sure it’s all done professionally … You have to give your readers advice or give them something that’s a bit special.

With so many blogs out there, what sets you and your blog apart?

I think it’s the black, white and grey [colour scheme].

What is the best thing about what you do? 

Being able to travel, just being independent, not having to work for anyone else but yourself. It’s wonderful. Everyone should have a chance to do that, if it works for them.

What’s the worst part about what you do?

I think it’s just not being able to stop. Even if you want to, you can’t stop.

What is it like to have a career that many young girls dreams about? 

I receive emails all the time from girls in high school that want to be a blogger and they want advice on how to do that.

What is your advice to an upcoming blogger?

Create great content … [But] don’t think you’re going to get instant readers or instant followers. It’s not about getting the highest number of followers on social media … The industry is very fast and, just like a model, your lifespan is quite short. So make sure you have the education. I feel like I’m really successful because I had my marketing background and my experience in the workplace.

What’s your plan for life after blogging? 

I feel like there will be a time in the next few years [when] the industry will change or maybe I [will] have moved on to something else. Running The Undone is so important, and making sure the business doesn’t have my face all over it, so that I can step away, because I do struggle with the fact that I can’t step away from blogging. I can’t take a holiday… It is a 24/7, 365-day job.

You launched The Undone in July. How did you transition from fashion blogger to online store owner? 

I built [Harper and Harley] with an online shopping angle and it was about building a wardrobe that was really diverse and everything paired up with each other. I was able to divert sales on Harper and Harley for other online stores, up to a point where I’m like, “Well, why am I sending it to someone else when I could have it myself?”

Was it always your career goal to open a fashion store?

No. I’ve been [a blogger] for 7½ years and I needed the “phase two” to happen … It’s a big deal for anyone in their 20s – or anyone really, these days – sticking to something that long. So I just needed something else to re-energise me.

How is The Undone performing as a business so far? 

We’re really happy with our first few months of trade. The Undone has such an advantage compared with other new retail outlets, with a ready-made audience due to the Harper and Harley platforms, and we’ve definitely seen that come through via our sales for the store.

What have you found most surprising in terms of having your own online store?

I thought I knew how fast the fashion industry operated, but now that I’m part of the retail-buying process, it’s becoming much more apparent to me. It’s a never-ending cycle, you’re constantly working on two or three seasons at a time: the one you physically have on hand for your customers, the one that’s about to arrive and the one you’re buying for.

Will you still concentrate on your blog now you’ve got The Undone?

It definitely is a struggle because The Undone is so exciting and I want to be doing that full-time and give that all of my attention, but I can’t forget about Harper and Harley. It’s still such a big part of what I do. I have to definitely balance between the two for a while.

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

Hanging out with my dogs and my boyfriend … We go to the dog park in Manly with a coffee and just chill there for a little bit until we’re exhausted … We’re not big party people.


WE WENT TO Four in Hand Hotel, Paddington

WE ATE Spanish Mackarel, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Anchovy Butter; Pumpkin, Chessnuts, Endive, Kombu Butter; Iceberg Lettuce, Egg, Radish, Chives

WE DRANK Sparkling Water

SARA WORE Natan and an Iro leather jacket


Fashion profile: Natasha Oakley

25th November, 2014


Natasha Oakley is summer personified. What else would you expect from the founder of the blog A Bikini a Day? Natasha has made us all green with envy with her snaps from exotic tropical locations around the world wearing you guessed it – a bikini a day. Natasha’s now sharing her summer loves in the new video for Sunglass Hut’s 94 Shades of Summer campaign (a video she also acted as creative director on). With summer almost upon us, Natasha’s getting us in the mood to welcome in the sunny weather and long, lazy days at the beach….

Starting A Bikini a Day…

A Bikini A Day started out as a passion project, due to a mutual love of bikinis that my best friend (and now business parter) Devin Brugman and I share, and it grew organically from there. It only began as a fun project and has definitely soared beyond my expectations. The biggest success in our eyes, though, is how inspiring it is to so many women all over the world.

Being creative director on the 94 Shades of Summer campaign…

I was really excited when Sunglass Hut approached me to work with them – they have such a great range of sunglasses that I love to wear, so it felt like the perfect fit. I have almost as many pairs of sunglasses as I do!

Although I am used to being the creative director for all things related to my blog and really believe in keeping projects as true to my personal style as possible, I really appreciated that a brand as big as Sunglass Hut would allow me to have so much involvement. It was great to work with such a fun and creative team on this project and I loved that I was able to come back to my hometown of Sydney to work on it, and shoot at all my favourite Sydney summer spots!


Starting a new blog…

I gained a large personal following through the success of A Bikini A Day and my followers wanted to see more than what was on my Instagram and what I was wearing on the beach, so my blog ( has become somewhat of a travel and fashion diary to share with my followers – I am having so much fun shooting both swimwear and fashion now.

In the future…

Although I am very strategic with the short term, I like to leave the future open to all sorts of possibilities. I really enjoy running my own companies and am also very passionate about photography and videography and presenting also, so I will see where my passions take me.

My fave summer trends…

Clothing-wise, I’m loving one pieces, boyfriend jeans and espadrilles. For sunglasses, it’s all about pastels, round and embellished frames, which you can find in many designer collections such as those from Prada, Miu Miu and Dolce & Gabbana this summer. As part of my work with Sunglass Hut I’ve also curated my own capsule collection that shows these trends as well as my general all-time favourite styles (who can look past a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators?!) which you can check out at the flagship store in Sydney (or check out the gallery below!).


My summer essentials…

A pair of sunglasses, a bikini, a maxi dress and a great pair of sandals.

The key to bikini confidence…

The key to confidence in a bikini is really simple – every girl just needs to understand that there is no definition of beauty, but that every girl is beautiful on their own and they should rock what they’ve got! Don’t compare yourselves to others, as there is nothing sexier than a girl who is confident in her bikini.

My summer beauty prep…

I exfoliate once every two weeks in summer and gently exfoliate my face once a week. I moisturise A LOT and ALWAYS wear SPF on my face even if I am just popping out for a coffee.

My beauty routine…

My daily beauty routine is quite simple actually – cleanse and moisturise, wear a lightweight tinted SPF moisturiser, mascara and an SPF lip balm.

Shopping for a bikini…

Don’t be afraid to size up or down, as bikinis are rarely made to size. Find a cut (i.e. triangle bikini, bandeau top, Brazilian cut) that suits your body type the most and run with it! My favorite style for my body type is the classic triangle and I stick with it most of the time.

The secret to a flattering bikini photo…

Be aware of your body and what angles it looks the best from, point your toes, keep your arm away from you body so it doesn’t squish against it and look twice the size (don’t you hate that!) and try to avoid really harsh sunlight as it doesn’t do anyone favours.

My fave beach in the world…

That changes regularly but at the moment I would have to say Pig Island in The Bahamas!


What are your summer essentials?


Photography: Sunglass Hut



Fashion profile: Sara Donaldson

19th November, 2014


With so many fashion bloggers out there, you really have to stand out from the pack if you want to turn it into a full time career. Harper and Harley’s Sara Donaldson’s is one such person who has managed to turn her blog into her day job and she couldn’t love it more. Here she shares the secret to taking a good photo, how she feels about starring on Fashion Bloggers and the best piece of fashion advice she has ever received…

What got me started as a blogger…

I was studying marketing in Brisbane and knew I wanted to work in fashion but wasn’t quite sure how to get my foot in the door, especially in a city that didn’t have the biggest fashion industry. I started my blog after getting hooked reading a few international blogs and thought if they can do, it I can do it.

Turning blogging into a career…

I’ve been blogging for coming up to six years and have seen a lot of friends go full time with their blogs, so I knew it was possible if you gave it 100 per cent of your time. As I was also in the first few years of my marketing career I didn’t want to give up on it too early on without gaining some industry experience. After five and half years of blogging and working full time I felt I reached the tipping point where I was earning more from my blog than I was at my day job and it just made sense to make the move and making my blog my full time career.

A typical day for me involves…

Emails and lots of them! Back and forth calls with my management and a meeting with a brand or PR agency. Perhaps an event in the evening and working on upcoming posts and updating the many social media platforms that Harper and Harley is on.

Making Fashion Bloggers…

I have a few friends in the TV production industry so knew there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that no one knows about. I think the hardest thing for me is that balancing act of trying to be real and let people into your world, but at the same time editing yourself as at the end of the day you have a business and that needs to be the focus.

If I could raid anyone’s wardrobe…

After getting a look into Mandy’s (of the blog Oracle Fox) new walk-in wardrobe on the show I’m itching to rummage through it!

My style is…

Black, white grey. Clean lines. Relaxed.

The best piece of fashion advice I’ve received…

Never wear more than three colours at a time.

My style icons are…

Emmanuelle Alt, Caroline de Maigret, Elin Kling.


Elin Kling


Caroline de Maigret


Emmanuelle Alt

One thing I own too much of but won’t stop buying…

Black midi skirts and black dresses.

My biggest fashion splurge…

A Proenza Schouler leather jacket. But worth it!

My game plan for beating an “I have nothing to wear” day…

Go onto Pinterest and get inspired.

How I avoid wardrobe boredom…

Accessories can be the most simple way to make an outfit feel new again. Invest in a great bag, a simple ring or a new pair of sunglasses.

The key to a good photo is…

Know your angles and lighting is key.

My guilty pleasures…

Chocolate and bad TV.

My beauty routine is…

Tone morning and night with SKII and also take off my makeup before bed. I use simple cleansers like Cetaphil that aren’t full of nasty chemicals and one of my favourite moisturisers is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. Plus I never leave the house without filling in my brows.


Photography: Harper and Harley, NY Mag, Street Peeper, 


Fashion Profile: Zanita Whittington

30th October, 2014



When you ask Zanita Whittington what made her first start her eponymous blog, she laughs and says, “I think it was probably just a little too much free time to be honest.” From her early days blogging where she says her first post “was dreadful. I actually took it with a point and shoot camera but it looks like a blurry iPhone shot” to shooting fashion campaigns and starring on the reality TV show Fashion Bloggers, Zanita’s blog has well and truly morphed from a hobby into a highly successful career. Here Zanita reveals her biggest fashion fail, how she reacted to seeing herself on TV for the first time and the one thing she’d never ever wear…

What she planned to do before blogging…

I kinda didn’t have a plan and the blog helped me decide. I really thought I could just carry on my life freestyling a little bit. I used to be a model and you kind of have a grey cloud on your horizon as a model because it can’t last forever. My blog was something that really taught me to be myself and to grow into a woman that’s considered a businesswoman and has a brighter future than just flailing.”

How she reacted seeing Fashion Bloggers for the first time…

When I started watching it I started crying. Obviously it’s pretty exciting seeing myself but it’s like I’m watching some other kind of character… but I’m so proud of the other girls.”

Her favourite go-to outfit…

“I’ve been wearing these Friend of Mine leather overalls for three days. I don’t know if I should be admitting that! They’re so comfortable. I really just like wearing clothes I’m comfortable in. I love onesies and overalls and boiler suits and big long skirts and things. I don’t like showing a lot of skin; that’s my main rule for myself.”

Her biggest fashion fail…

“Oh my gosh there’s so many. When I look back it’s actually not really the individual pieces, it’s just styling that I’ve really stuffed up. Years ago I really liked to be creative with the styling of what I wore, but I didn’t really have many pieces and not everything goes together so you compromise a lot. I look back over my archives sometimes and I’m like ‘what?’”

Her best style advice…

“I don’t really like to give people styling advice because I think you should just trust your instincts. Maybe that’s good advice in itself, to just go with your gut.”

If she could only be dressed by one designer for the rest of her life…

“I’d go with not a brand but a store, it’s called & Other Stories. It’s mostly because they have big collections and it’s so diverse and I could have a lot of options. And their stuff has quite simple pieces but there’s also a lot of quirky stuff there that I’m a fan of.”

The most prized item in her wardrobe…

“I’ve got this vintage denim jacket which I just absolutely love. Vintage pieces are always really special because they’re always one of a kind. I also have a brand new Chloe handbag which is probably the most extravagant piece I own, so it would be that as well.”

One thing she’d never wear…

“Oh body con. Never say never cause ill probably end up wearing it to some fancy event but I hate wearing tight dresses. You can’t eat a lot of food!”

Favourite style icons…

“Diane Kruger is always really polished but she always has an element that’s thinking outside the box. Also Chloe Sevigny, I think she’s quite brave in her personal style.”

The Peter Lindbergh pic Zanita wishes she'd taken.

The Peter Lindbergh pic Zanita wishes she’d taken.

One image she wishes she’d taken…

“It’s probably that Peter Lindbergh photograph with all the naked models in the alley. I wish I took that picture. The supermodels of the 90s are the reason I love fashion.”

Favourite person she’s met…

“I really loved meeting Diane von Furstenberg. I met her briefly but I would love to hang out with her as I’m sure she’s got the best stories.”

Her favourite travel spot…

“I haven’t been there in a long time but when I was 22 I went to Japan and it’s been on my list to go back there. It’s just the most magical beautiful place. It feels like going to an alternative reality.”

What left on her blogger bucket list…

“I really want to go to Iceland and do a bunch of editorials and things. It’s so perfect. It’s like a photographer’s dream.”