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The simple accessory that’s so easy to incorporate into your look

24th September, 2022

One of my fave accessories is a gold medallion my dad had made for me out of an antique gold coin. I’ve had it for years and wear it all the time as I love its sentimental value, and on a more practical note, it goes with virtually everything I own. Its had many an outing whether it be to a big event for work or a day spent with my family and each time I find it adds a special touch to each look. I’ve also noticed that the gold medallion is popping up on my fave blogger ladies’ Insta feeds (see below for some of my picks) and its definitely giving me plenty of ideas on how to wear my own, whether it be to a dressy affair or when I’m doing off duty style.

I find the key to a flattering fit is to ensure that you don’t clutter the look too much by allowing the gold medallion to take centre stage. You can do this by either wearing it solo or pairing it with simple, minimalist pieces. As for what to wear it with, your options are plentiful. I’ve worn mine with everything from a shirt dress to a strapless jumpsuit but the key for me is to have a bit of décolletage on show to allow it to really pop. And as with most accessories there are plenty of options out there for this particular style, from the budget-friendly to investment piece territory, so you’re bound to find a piece that suits.

Scroll below for some blogger-inspired looks and  to shop my gold medallion picks…

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Micro trend alert: chain link jewellery

12th September, 2022

Looking to update your jewellery collection? It’s time to jump aboard the chain link micro trend. Gold chains are very much having a moment, whether in a chunky style or a delicate chain, and they’re the ultimate way to add some oomph to an outfit. I personally love to stack mine with other gold pieces in my collection, with my gold medallion often being my go-to. When you’ve got a slightly more pared back look, it’s also a nice way to make a statement without having to rework what you’re wearing.

That said, I’m also loving other chain style pieces, from bracelets to earrings. I’ve got a few gold chain link earrings which I often wear either with a super casual look like jeans and a tee or something more elevated like a suit. I favour gold as I think it often suits my wardrobe more seamlessly and works better with my skin tone. If it’s not earrings or a necklace I’m wearing, I also love to stack some of my favourite wrist accoutrements from a watch to my beloved Cartier bangle and add a bracelet on top to finish off the look.

So, if you’re looking to update your jewellery collection, then look no further because this is one trend that’s definitely worth embracing.


Chain Reaction: My fave chain link moments

Some outfit moments of late featuring this fun trend — note it also works from super summery beachwear to a glammed up vibe at the races


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Cool jewellery brands to refresh your accessories collection

22nd January, 2022

A girl can never have too much jewellery, right? Lucky for us we’re thoroughly spoilt for choice when it comes to cool jewellery brands. Whether it’s delicate rings and necklaces or statement earrings that are guaranteed to be the centrepiece of any look a nice bit of sparkle is always a good idea. So whilst the iconic jewellery houses are always a great place to find something special, these days there’s something to be said for the smaller boutique labels which deliver a unique aesthetic and standout pieces you’re guaranteed to love. Here are 10 to keep on your radar.

Reliquia Jewellery

The brand’s name is derived from the world relic and the Spanish word for family heirloom and it’s a fitting description for Reliquia’s range. Each sculptural piece has a strong art deco influence that shines through and you’re guaranteed to find something that makes a bold statement.

Katerina Makriyianni

Inspired by her native Crete, designer Katerina Makriyianni creates her entire collection by hand. Her signature look is all about working with a rainbow of vibrant colours and natural textures, with the fan design being a staple element of the brand.


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Rebecca de Ravenel

I have a pair of ombre pink Rebecca de Ravenel earrings and love that they’re so striking. Each of the colourful embroidered drop earrings in the range are handmade in India and incorporates a sphere design element throughout.


Inspired by Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’ each piece in the collection is inspired by one of the poets 100 poems. Think arresting gold pieces that almost feel like they’re each a mini sculpture. The detail, the shapes, the texture all equate to singular pieces that each have their own unique feel.


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This NYC-based label is all about modern minimalist jewellery. Delicate rings and necklaces along with dainty studs and drop earrings makes for an understated way to accessorise any look.

Natasha Schweitzer Jewellery

This Australian brand is designed and handcrafted on home soil with its pieces being worn by the likes of Lara Worthington and Jessica Gomes. The design is quite sleek and streamlined with geometric influences throughout. Perfect for the girl who loves jewellery that’s a little different and is a talking point.

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A fave of influencer Elle Ferguson (her little sis Lucie is also the founder), Babyanything’s aesthetic is distinctly bohemian. Think a Bondi/Byron vibe. With fine delicate pieces that are perfect for layering, this brand is the key to a great accessory party.

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Holly Ryan

With a range that encompasses fine jewellery and also pretty everyday pieces, Holly Ryan’s range is one that can fit into all facets of your life seamlessly. 

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UK brand Missoma delivers on the kind of on trend pieces that can update any look. From medallion necklaces to bracelets, statement earrings and cuffs, it’s the perfect go-to brand for sourcing up-to-date accoutrements.

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From delicate stacking pieces to knockout statement jewellery, Mejuri delivers on all fronts. If you’re looking for jewellery that will have people asking where you got it from, then this brand should be your first stop.


Up close and personal with my Melbourne Cup day jewellery

8th November, 2021

A race day look isn’t complete with a touch of sparkle and when it’s the kind of race that stops a nation then it definitely has to be extra special. I have had the privilege of working with the high end French jeweller Chaumet over the past few years and one of the highlights is being able to wear beautiful pieces from one of their collections. For this year’s Melbourne Cup day, I chose some stunning jewellery from the Joséphine collection— a range that is inspired by the famous pieces made for Empress Joséphine, one of the first clients of Maison Chaumet. The collection features rings, bracelets and pendants and each uses eye-catching stones fixed in an elegant and regal setting.

Working with a plunging neckline on my dress, I wanted to keep my decolletage quite simple so I decided on earrings, rings and a bracelet to accompany my look. Whenever I decide on an edit of accessories, particularly jewellery, I always take into account my entire outfit from top to bottom, from shoes to clothing to bag to ensure that there is cohesion. While I was spoilt for choice, I eventually gravitated towards a few key pieces to complete my look.

The rings are a true statement piece on their own but I wanted to dial up the drama and wore two rings next to each other for a bold effect. When you’re working with such beautiful jewellery, why stop at one, right? The Joséphine Aigrette pavé diamond bracelet in white gold was the perfect complementary piece. It’s the kind of jewellery that has a understated elegance to it that means it doesn’t overwhelm, it just has a presence to it that still makes an impact. The final piece of the puzzle were my earrings, the Joséphine Ronde d’Aigrettes earrings in white gold, set with brilliant-cut diamonds truly dialled up the sparkle. What I liked about these earrings were the fact the curved shape had a slightly more contemporary feel, yet still had a classic look to them that made them versatile and easy to pair back with a variety of different pieces. On a day like Melbourne Cup day, I do think bringing the sparkle is key and Chaumet certainly delivered.

Photography: Ashleigh Larden

This post was produced in collaboration with Chaumet


Chaumet’s Bee My Love Collection Should Be On Every Jewellery Lover’s Radar

1st November, 2021

Investment jewellery, the kind that is designed to last the test of time, should both be classic yet with a distinct spin that ensures it will bring you joy every single time you wear it. It’s something I always look for whenever I’m considering jewellery, and it’s one of the reasons I love Chaumet’s Bee My Love collection. I’m a big advocate of detail being one of the critical parts of any outfit and it’s why the pieces from this range are worthy of a spot in any jewellery box.

Each piece in this range embraces a honeycomb design that evokes the perfect geometric symmetry in a beehive. It’s modern and so visually pleasing as pieces slot perfectly together. If you’re a fan of stacking jewellery it works really well as you’re able to wear multiple pieces and there’s a precise cohesion that ties everything together. The combination of diamonds and gold is also pretty hard to resist. It’s understated and elegant but with with a distinct sprinkling of sparkle that makes each piece designed to stand out and be a talking point. Additionally, Chaumet use gold, white gold and  rose gold in this collection so there’s a metal to suit virtually any individual preference.

From earrings, to a lariat necklace to bracelets, all the pieces in the Bee My Love collection definitely fit all the criteria I look for when it comes to investment jewellery- striking pieces yet with a timeless feel. If you’re looking to grow your precious jewellery collection this design is definitely one that will have longevity, and has a unique feature that makes it interesting and distinctive. I’m a stickler for detail when it comes to my outfits, and pieces like this, are definitely the kind of thing that can elevate a look into something truly special.

This post was produced in collaboration with Chaumet


How to layer jewellery

24th May, 2021



There are some days where I will keep my accessories quite pared back while other days I’ll layer a few pieces. There’s no doubt that the layered jewellery trend is huge at the moment and what I love about it is that it can be worn in so many different ways. However I’ve found that to avoid the whole look being a bit overwhelming, there are some important things to keep in mind…

If you’re layering bracelets…

If you’re going to the beach or something more casual then anything really goes and you can wear fine jewellery with a chunky watch mixed with material or leather bracelets. If you’re dressing up a bit it’s great to keep the same theme and keep your bracelets in the same metal family and the same thickness. I do sometimes like to clash my metals but I always have to have something that ties them together somehow; for example when I wear gold and silver it’s because I’m wearing a watch that features both those colours.

If you’re layering necklaces…

If you’re layering a thin necklace then it’s best to keep it in the same metal and the same style. For example you don’t want to do a beautiful long thin necklace and then have a chunky choker. You just want lots of delicate pieces in all different shapes and sizes.


If you’re layering rings…

As rings are so close together, it’s a good idea to have them in similar colours if you’re going to be wearing a few (if you are wearing an engagement ring or a wedding ring I think you can get away with them not being the same colour family). It also comes down to the type of rings you’re wearing. With more delicate rings you can get away with wearing more than you would if you were wearing chunkier, statement rings.  Ultimately it’s about mixing and matching until you get a combination that you’re happy with.


What do you think of this trend? Do you like layering your jewellery?

Photography: Stockholm Street Style, Song of Style Sincerely Jules, Peace Loves Shea


How to style statement jewellery

24th March, 2021

Jewellery is one of the simplest and most effective ways to dress up any outfit, particularly when it comes to wearing statement pieces. I love experimenting with bold jewellery, whether it’s a statement necklace or a cluster of rings, it’s fun being able to play with different accessories and working them in unexpected ways. Learning how to style statement jewellery is a key styling skill to have up your sleeve, and it’s not hard at all.

There’s also never been a better time to fall in love with bold jewellery, particularly now when there are just so many fab pieces available. You can embrace pricier investment jewellery, or cheap and cheerful chain store finds, or mix and match and achieve such a striking effect either way. But before you do, here are a few tips on styling statement jewellery and striking just the right balance.

Choose a focal piece

The thing with bold jewellery is that while it’s fun, you can also have too much of a good thing. I’ve found the best thing to do is to choose a focal point and keep the rest of your accessories pared back. This could be wearing a big statement necklace, or a knockout pair of chandelier earrings but either way, ensuring that you choose one piece to have as the focal point ensures your look is balanced.

Consider your outfit holistically

You want to ensure that your jewellery complements your look rather than takes over it so look at your outfit as whole. Learning how to style statement jewellery means having to consider colour, cut, style, and think about what kind of piece will work with the various elements of your look. For example jeans and a tee might work well with a statement necklace, while a simple dress might be worth elevating with bold earrings. Once again, it’s about balance.

Think about layering

Sometimes bold jewellery doesn’t always have to mean a single piece, it can mean making a statement by working multiple pieces together. It could be stacking different necklace sizes or styles, going from delicate to something bolder, or wearing various bangles of varying shapes, textures and styles, or simple wearing different rings all together. This works great if you don’t really ‘do’ bold jewellery but want to achieve a similar effect.

Make sure your jewellery is actually noticed

Wearing bold jewellery generally means that you want those pieces to stand out and be noticed. Why not when you’re wearing something amazing, right? For this reason you need to factor in things such as necklines, sleeve lengths, even how you’re wearing your hair. For example if you’re planning on wearing statement earrings, will you actually be able to see it or is it being hidden entirely by your hair? If you’ve got your heart set on wearing an beautiful bangle, is it going to be hidden by your jacket sleeve? These are easily fixed with a few style tweaks, but you want to bear them in mind before you walk out the door.

Play with proportions

Keep your jewellery in proportion to the rest of your look. This might mean that an oversize necklace might not be the right choice with a voluminous top, whilst a slimline dress might work beautifully with a great pair of shoulder-grazing drop earrings. Keep these elements in mind to ensure that you’re wearing your jewellery not that it’s wearing you.

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What I wore: Birthday Sparkle

8th December, 2020

What better excuse to embrace a little extra sparkle than another trip around the sun? I decided to glam up with this Bec and Bridge dress which is just made for long Christmas lunches, parties aplenty… and birthdays. The mocha shade is a great example of how a neutral hue can be impactful — the details of course are critical in achieving this with the cut-outs and the C rings elevating this dress. I also love the drop waist design and the ruching feature which when combined, really manage to turn this look into something special.

I’m a fan of simple accessories and this mini bag by Oroton definitely ticks that box—it’s a streamlined structured design, with the gold accent making it ideal for a festive soiree. But without a doubt, it’s the light dusting of jewellery that really made this outfit. The Chaumet lariat necklace works well with the square neckline of my dress, and accompanied by the matching bangles and necklace, it helps to form a cohesive look while also adding a touch of glitz and glamour to my ensemble. And if you can’t embrace a few sparkling pieces on your birthday, when can you?

Credits: Dress, Bec and Bridge, Jewellery, Chaumet; Bag, Oroton

This post was produced in collaboration with Chaumet


The Princess Diaries

30th September, 2020
Not your average day in the office. Wearing a beautiful Chaumet tiara and ring

In what can only be described as a surreal year, I had a definite pinch-me fashion moment recently. Having worked with the luxury jewellery house Chaumet in the past, most notably during 2018’s Melbourne Cup Carnival events, I was thrilled to work with them again this year. Not only do they produce exquisite jewellery, but it gave me the chance to play princess—if only for a brief moment.

Chaumet has a long history (since 1780 to be precise) of creating beautiful tiaras for monarchies and aristocratic families. In producing this shoot, I was given the opportunity to wear this stunning tiara from their Josephine collection. The elegant vine design, featuring diamonds is such a delicate aesthetic but has a boldness about it that makes it an undeniable statement piece—as you’d expect from a tiara!

One of the most interesting things about working with Chaumet is learning about the painstaking craftsmanship that goes into producing a single tiara. I learned that a tiara can take between 500-1500 hours of work to complete, which is around 2-6 months. This includes everything from preparing the setting, to polishing, re-cutting diamonds and finally, the final finishing touches that make a Chaumet tiara such a standout piece of jewellery. It certainly made the opportunity to shoot with this tiara even more special.

Playing princess for a day was truly a surreal moment and one that I’ll definitely be banking as a top fashion memory. Because there’s being given the opportunity to wear beautiful jewellery, but there’s something about a tiara that’s in a category unto itself. A definite little girl dream fulfilled!

Photography: Sophia Athas

This post was produced in collaboration with Chaumet

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Linden Cook Impression: The ultimate way to personalise jewellery

22nd January, 2020

Late last year I was invited by jewellery brand Linden Cook to their showroom to view their Impressions range and was lucky enough to be able to create my own special necklace on the day. Each piece in the range is one-of-a-kind as each delicate pendant features a fingerprint impression. Mine features Sophia and Grace’s fingerprints, but the four of us, including Luke and myself were all able to experience having a traditional wax cast taken of our fingerprints on the day.

The whole process is incredibly easy but results in such a personal, unique piece. You can choose from four different lengths (or request a custom length), the number of fingerprints pendants you want and also the type of metal used. Once you’ve purchased it on the site, you’re sent a kit to take the wax impression, send the completed cast back to Linden Cook who will then start crafting your necklace. As each piece is handmade, it takes around 4-6 weeks to receive the finished piece.

I’m quite sentimental when it comes to my jewellery and love the pieces I wear to mean something so I was thrilled be able to have this experience. It’s very special to have a beautiful piece that allows me to have the girls with me always. If you’ve got an important milestone coming up this would definitely be a memorable way to mark it.

[Top necklace] The beautiful finished product