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What not to buy at sale time

28th December, 2023

Sale shopping can be an extreme sport for some, as the search for a genuinely good bargain requires time and commitment. However while I went through the list of things I think are worth buying on sale, there are some things I think are ultimately going to be a waste of money in the long run — even if they’re heavily discounted. This could be because they don’t fit, won’t work back with the rest of your wardrobe or doesn’t really gel with your style. By buying something just because it’s on sale, you end up wasting your precious fashion dollars, money  that could have been directed to something perfect for your wardrobe. So, keep these things in mind the next time you’re faced with a sale…

Clothes that are too small

It’s no fun when you find something you love but it’s the wrong size, but don’t fall into the trap of grabbing something that’s quite snug with the plan to fit into it someday. The chances are, that item of clothing will remain at the back of the cupboard. It can be a different story with something that is a little bigger as that can be tailored but be wary of clothes that are too tight a fit. Been there, done that!

A wildcard item

Every so often you may find something that seems a little out of place from your wardrobe repertoire and it can be a a welcome addition to your closet. Generally however, anything that’s a bit of a wild card is likely a wild card for one reason: it doesn’t work with your look and clothes you already own. Also, when prices are slashed, that’s when the temptation to buy something because it’s on sale can kick in and that’s when there’s a high chance you’ll end up with something that won’t work. So, put down that random item and spend your money on something worthwhile instead. Sale time isn’t the time to go all out with a neon yellow dress when your look 365 days of the year comprises entirely of neutrals.

Multiples of things you already own

Most of us are creatures of habit when it comes to what we wear so it’s natural to gravitate towards safe, tried and tested pieces at sale time. I’m all for sticking within your wheelhouse but when you’re buying identical items over and over again, that’s bad for your bank balance and also doesn’t expand your outfit options in any way. Yes, you may love white tees, but do you have to buy the exact same white tee to the 10 you already have in your closet? One of your aims with buying anything whether it’s on sale or not should be to open up some new outfit options.

Anything that’s uncomfortable

It doesn’t matter if something is designer and 75 per cent off, if you are not going to be comfortable in it, you’ll never wear it which means you’ve just wasted money on something that’s never going to see the light of day. I’m talking about things that are itchy, scratchy, have too many buttons when you hate buttons, requires constant readjusting or generally requires way too much thought when you’ve got it on. This will become annoying and once again, you will never wear it and it will just take up valuable wardrobe real estate.

Something that’s wrong to start with

If there’s something a little off about a garment, there’s a good chance that you’ll find it hard to wear with anything else unless you go to a lot of effort to fix it. (Yes, even when it’s really, really cheap and it’s begging you to buy it!). I’m talking things that you say, “oh I’ll get it dyed” or “I’ll get those buttons turned into zippers”. These changes require time and effort, not to mention money and with many of us busy, sometimes you just won’t get around to it and the years will roll by and you’ll still have that pair of yellow pants that you were meaning to make black.

When you can’t immediately think of outfits you can make with it

If something works, and is a genuinely good buy, you’ll be able to rattle off a number of different outfits you can wear with it. That means it’s a good piece to fit into the puzzle that is your wardrobe. However if you’re struggling to think of ways you can style it, then take it as a sign that it’s an item that’s not going to work back with the rest of your closet.




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How to shop more consciously during sale time

28th December, 2022

The after Christmas sales can be a great time to pick up a bargain or two. That said it’s also easy to get caught up in the frenzy of markdowns and discounts that you end up buying something that you don’t particularly need or want simply because the allure of a sale item is too hard to resist. Which is why it’s important to learn how to shop more consciously.

The movement towards more conscious shopping is getting bigger and with good reason—we all want to consume less and make more considered choices and embrace less of a disposable mentality. And what better time to start than at a time when we’re encouraged to buy up big. Here are a few things to ask yourself before making a fashion purchase…

Do you own anything else like it?

We all tend to have things that we gravitate towards whenever we’re shopping so instead of buying just a different variation of something you already own stop and think about whether you really will improve or fill a gap in your wardrobe by buying that particular item. Because you don’t want to find that you’ve just stockpiled 10 different white t-shirts and only end up wearing two of them.

Is this going to last in the long term?

A bargain isn’t a bargain if it’s something that’s going to fall apart after a few wears. Instead focus on buying well made, quality items that will be with you years down the track. It may be something that you’ll have to pay a little more for, but it’s better than buying lots of cheaper things that you’ll need to replace constantly.

If this were more expensive would you still want to buy it?

We sometimes fall under the spell of a discounted price and forget if we actually really like something or just like how much it costs. So the next time you are considering making a sale purchase, ask yourself if it’s something that you’d still figure out a way to buy if it was more expensive. If you’d baulk at buying it at its original price then maybe think twice.

Can you afford it?

Another thing about shopping more consciously is that it’s healthier for our bank balances. It’s about phasing out impulse purchases that ultimately aren’t worth the cost and thinking about potential buys a lot more deeply. The most practical consideration of any sale item is the price tag. Be honest with yourself and ask if you can actually afford to buy it. If not, well it might be worth leaving it on the shelf. Shop slowly and thoughtfully.

Is it really going to make your wardrobe better?

This question has the potential to weed out a lot of unnecessary purchases. Whenever you find something that you think you want to buy on sale, ask yourself if it’s really going to improve your wardrobe for the better—this means that it’s something that it’s going to elevate things you already own and also make getting dressed every day easier. If you can’t honestly say ‘yes’ then direct your hard earned shopping budget to something a little more worthwhile.


11 things I’ve worn on Instagram that are now on sale!

25th November, 2022

It’s serious sale time and with Black Friday markdowns happening with so many brands, it’s time to take advantage of them! I’ve rounded up a few pieces I’ve worn and shared on Instagram as they’ve now been discounted. I often field questions about various outfits I post, so if you liked a particular piece now is the time to snap it up!


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A post shared by Kate Waterhouse (@katewaterhouse7)

Wore this pink Aje dress to an event hosted by the brand and it’s the perfect party look. Aje is currently offering 25% sitewide, along with 25% off sale items so if you’re a longtime fan of the brand like I am, now is the time to stock up.



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A post shared by Kate Waterhouse (@katewaterhouse7)

Loved this Rebecca Vallance dress that I wore to Derby Day just a few weeks ago. It’s a classic style and an LBD never goes astray in anyone’s wardrobe. There’s currently 30% off sitewide so run don’t walk!



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A post shared by Kate Waterhouse (@katewaterhouse7)

This is the perfect little summer shift dress. It’s simple enough to be able to mix and match with various accessories and footwear, but the lace elevates it into a special piece that can be worn to an occasion. LeoLin are offering 25% off sitewide if you want to make this little number yours.



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A post shared by Kate Waterhouse (@katewaterhouse7)

Can’t speak highly enough about matching sets, and this two-piece look from Viktoria and Woods is perfect for wearing to drinks or dinner. It’s currently 20% off so well worth the splurge if you’ve had your eye on it. I can definitely attest to how wearable it is!



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A post shared by Kate Waterhouse (@katewaterhouse7)

Scroll to the second pic and you’ll see my fave pair of neutral trousers. I wore these Viktoria and Woods pants over in London non-stop while I was there for work and they’re the perfect versatile piece to wear casually or dressed up. Highly recommend.



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A post shared by Kate Waterhouse (@katewaterhouse7)

Viktoria and Woods can do no wrong! This pants and top combination is a fave of mine, but I can attest to how easily wearable the two are separately. I’ve been able to mix and match them with so many different pieces in my wardrobe.



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A post shared by Kate Waterhouse (@katewaterhouse7)

This peachy coloured top is perfect worn on its own or layered under a jacket. I think it’s the perfect hue for summer, plus I love the cut-out design.



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A post shared by Kate Waterhouse (@katewaterhouse7)

I have worn these Aje heels non-stop since I got them. White is a really versatile colour to have as far as heels go, and I like the metal ring design and the strappy detail. It’s a shoe that’s easily paired back with multiple looks, but also makes a statement.



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A post shared by Kate Waterhouse (@katewaterhouse7)

I wore this to launch Sophia the Show Pony so it has special memories for me. With pink definitely one of the colours that’s going to be huge over summer, this is one dress that you’re not going to regret snapping up.

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Black Friday sales round up

27th November, 2020

What better way to celebrate the fact it’s Friday than take advantage of the Black Friday sales. That’s right, if you’ve had your eye on something for awhile now might be the perfect time to snap it up for a fraction of the price. I’ve rounded up a few of the best sales online so all you need to do is get ready to add to cart.

ASOS: extra 20% off outlet and sale

Sephora: 20% off with minimum spend of $120; 15% off with no minimum spend

Italist: save up to 60% off AW 20/21

The Outnet: extra 25% off (excludes just in)

Farfetch: extra 20% off sale items

24S: 20% off your order (minimum spend applies)

Shopbop: 20% off your order of $200

The Iconic: 30% off selected styles

Boohoo: 50% off everything + an extra 10% off

Missguided: 50% off everything + an extra 20% off

Pretty Little Thing: up to 75% off everything

Net-a-Porter: up to 50% sale items, with an extra 15% off marked items

General Pants: 30% off sitewide

Bonds: 40% off sitewide (some exclusions)

Priceline: 50% off select makeup, skincare and haircare

Cotton On: 30% off everything sitewide

Mecca: discounts of up to 50% off online

Myer: Super sale sitewide, various offers

The Undone Store: 20% off everything (excludes ‘new season’ items)

Parlour X:  up to 50% off sale items

Moda Operandi: up to 50% off Black Friday sale items

Mode Sportif: 20% off Black Friday sale items

My Theresa: up to 50% off sale times, plus an extra 10% off selected sale items

Country Road: 20% off everything in-store and online

Seed Heritage: 20% off everything in-store and online

David Jones: save up to 50% off on selected fashion, shoes, accessories

Camilla and Marc: up to 60% off private sale (must register to enter)

Rebecca Vallance: up to 60% off

Steele: 25% off almost everything

Bec and Bridge: Shop up to 60% off the cyber edit

Aje: 20% off sitewide

Matches Fashion: extra 10% off

Superga: 30% off full price styles

Hype: up to 50% off selected styles

Peter Alexander: 20% off storewide

Bassike: 30% off Black Friday sale items

Zimmermann: select sale items

Viktoria and Woods: 25% off selected styles

Showpo: 20% off sitewide

The Daily Edited: 20% off storewide

Sportscraft: 20% off full price items

Uniqlo: select Black Friday deals in-store and online

HM: 20% off everything

Zara: up to 50% off items in-store and online

Sportsgirl: 20% off sitewide

Manning Cartell: 30% off select items

Ginger and Smart: 30% off sitewide

Alice McCall: 30% off storewide

Joslin Studio: take an extra 20% off already reduced styles

Posse: 20% off selected styles


My tips for sale shopping

26th December, 2016

Sale time! This is a great time of year to bag a bargain and restock your wardrobe but it can also be the time when you may end up splurging on things on impulse and end up having lots of items sitting at the back of your wardrobe for the rest of the year. This is why it’s important to have a shopping game plan when it comes to hitting the sales. Here’s what I always do when it comes to sale shopping in-store or online.

Compile a shopping list

A bargain isn’t really a bargain if you end up snapping up something that you had absolutely no intention of buying in the first place. This is why I always inspect my wardrobe and compile a list of things I need so I know exactly what I need to buy when I’m trawling my favourite online stores or browsing my favourite boutiques.

Be prepared to try on things

The crowds are crazy during the after Christmas sales so make things easier on yourself when you go to try things on by wearing an appropriate outfit. This means wearing something simple such as a dress that you can take on and off quite easily and also shoes that you can easily slip in and out of without too much fuss. Leave the strappy sandals at home and opt for a pair of slides instead.

Don’t settle for second best

The rush of trawling through sale items and finding something drastically reduced is understandable for those who love to shop but it’s also the time to be discerning. Only snap up things that truly fit the description of what you want and not something that is just close enough. If the neckline isn’t right on a dress or the pair of designer shoes you’ve tried on pinch your feet it’s best left on the shelf. You only want to buy things that you will definitely be able to wear.

Always know the returns policy

Make sure you protect yourself from buyer’s remorse by being aware of a store’s returns and exchanges policy. You may find that you need to take something back in the event it doesn’t fit or doesn’t work with your wardrobe and you don’t want to be caught by surprise to find that you’re unable to do so.

What are some of your sale shopping tips?


Shop the Black Friday sales!

27th November, 2015

Credit cards at the ready! The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the Northern Hemisphere are always a shopaholic’s dream come true. And while you might not be able to physically get in store you can still take advantage of any offers from the comfort of your own home. There are so many great bargains, discounts and offers to be had so it pays to shop around and take advantage of any great sales. If you’ve been contemplating a big designer splurge or are simply in need of a few new basics in your wardrobe, now might be the time to make a purchase. Here are some of the great offers that are currently floating around online.


You can spend $250+ and save 15%, spend $500+ and save 20%, spend $1000+ and save 25% at Shopbop with the code GOBIG15

The Iconic

Get 20% off when using the Iconic app with the code I0S20


Get 10% off sitewide


Get 20% off everything using the code CYBER

Neiman Marcus

Get $50 off with any regular priced purchase worth $200 and more using the code THANKFUL


Get an extra 25% off selected sale items


Up to 80% off designers Ferragamo, Valentino, Rebecca Minkoff and more


Get 15% off when you spend $150-$299.99; 20% off when you spend $300 – $399.99; 25% off when you spend $400 or more. Just use the code TURKEY at checkout.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Get up to 60% off select items

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