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8 wardrobe basics that can instantly make styling an outfit easier

21st April, 2023

Wardrobe basics are the lynchpin of your look. I find that owning a few key pieces can in turn make everything else you own just that little more wearable as you can start with the below items and then build an outfit around them. Each person obviously has their own unique style so some of the pieces below might require substituting here and there but overall I think they’re the kind of staples that can be worked in so many different ways. Versatility is key when it comes to a look and having the right wardrobe basics in your closet can really ensure that you are able to take your style repertoire in several different directions. I’ve narrowed down a few key things that I think every woman needs…

Kate Waterhouse wardrobe basics stacked jeans

Jeans are a key part of my off duty wardrobe

1. Jeans

It’s imperative to find yourself a pair of jeans that fit you ridiculously well and are ultra flattering. My go-to styles are a slightly fitted skinny (but not ultra skin tight!) or straight leg as they work with my body shape but be sure to find the right style for you. These days a wide leg, mum jean or relaxed fit are also all popular options so make sure you try a few different pairs on to help you fine the one that works best.

2. Ribbed knit maxi dress

I’m a fan of ribbed knit dresses as they’re such a wearable piece that can easily be dressed up or down. I like wearing mine with slides during summer and then layer it in winter with a jacket, trench or blazer when temperatures drop.

3. White t-shirt

A plain white t-shirt is the kind of piece that will be in constant rotation. I love a crew neck style and wore one here, as I find them it to be a style that can work on its own or act as a layering piece. Start with white, however shades such as black, grey and navy and a good stripe are also a great addition to any wardrobe.

4. Button down shirt

There’s a reason why a classic white shirt is at the top of most wardrobe basics lists — it’s just so wearable and can add a stylish touch to any look. One styling trick I like to employ is opting for a slightly looser fit when it comes to shirts as visually it can make your frame appear smaller.

5. High waisted skirt

A high waisted skirt is a go-to when it comes to office wear but it can also easily transition to your off duty wardrobe. Opt for a simple black or a fun print and pair with a tee or shirt for an easy, out-the-door-fast look. I’m a fan of a midi or maxi pleated skirt in a floaty fabric or if you want to look ultra on trend, try a high waisted denim skirt with a longer hemline.

6. Quality knit

Invest in at least one quality knit in a quality fabric (cashmere is luxe, but oh-so long lasting) and opt for colours such as grey or black as they’re easily paired with multiple items in your wardrobe.

7. Blazer

You can wear a blazer to work or out to dinner on a Saturday night and is such a must when it comes to wardrobe basics. Popping one on can easily dress up a look give it a stylish touch.

8. Tailored wide leg pants

I’ve been wearing wide leg tailored pants a lot lately as I’ve found them to be a great bridge between looking casual and dressy as they’re easily dressed up or down. I’ve worn a pair of black wide leg pants on repeat recently as they’re comfy but look polished and it’s quickly become one of my go-to pieces during the week.

Tell me—what are some of the wardrobe basics you can’t live without? Have I missed any on my list?
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The building blocks of a great pregnancy wardrobe

27th February, 2021


Pregnancy can be a tricky time for your wardrobe – you have a new shape to accommodate but at the same time you’re only pregnant for a few months so you don’t want to buy lots of new things that you may never wear again.

If both my pregnancies have taught me anything it’s that it’s important to buy a few key basics that will work back with my existing wardrobe. I’ve found that armed with these, things like jackets, coats and vests are able to work throughout the entire pregnancy.

It’s important to remember that a growing bump doesn’t mean you have to drastically overhaul your wardrobe. You can still maintain your pre-pregnancy style but it’s just about getting creative with how to use what you already own.

I’ve honed my maternity shopping list down to a few key items and I guarantee that with these affordable basics you’ll be able to create multiple looks with minimum fuss. After all, you will have enough things to worry about during your pregnancy without throwing a wardrobe meltdown into the mix!

1. Long sleeve shirts

Perfect for layering under a jacket or vest. A jersey crew cut top andlong sleeved top both work perfectly with leggings for an easy fusion of fashion and comfort.

Stretchy long sleeved tops are a great layering piece for a growing bump

3. Stretchy skirts

The stretch waist is designed to accommodate all stages of pregnancy so prepare for it to become a key feature of most of your pregnancy wardrobe. I am a fan of this grey ribbed skirt which features flattering side ruching and a flat contrasting waistband that sits just below the bump.

4. Singlets

Another great layering piece is the good ol’ singlet which will work for every season. Just make sure you buy them in a stretchy cotton so they can accommodate your growing bump. You can team a singlet with pretty much everything whether it be a pair of shorts in summer or with a leather jacket in winter which makes it the ideal companion during pregnancy.

Singlets and leather leggings were some of my go-to pieces during pregnancy

5. Leather leggings

Black leggings are one of the comfiest things you can wear during your pregnancy but sometimes they may not work too well when you need to look a little more dressed up. My dressy alternative is leather leggings. I have lived in them during my pregnancy as the stretchy waistband is perfect for my growing stomach, plus there’s something decidedly chic about them so no matter how I’m feeling I can at least guarantee that my outfit will looked pulled together. If leather is not your thing a pair of stretchy black pants works equally as well.

6. Dresses

I cannot tell you just how much of my pregnancy wardrobe comprised of dresses. I couldn’t survive without them! The best bit is there are so many styles to suit every taste and budget. I usually went with shift dresses because I found they worked for me and my shape for both pregnancies, but you could opt for stretchy maxi dresses or swing dresses or something that’s cut in an empire line. Either way, I found dresses to be one of my best friends during pregnancy.

Keep dresses on hand for those days when you just want an easy, no-fuss look

7. Jeans

Jeans feature heavily in my regular wardrobe so I couldn’t imagine going through pregnancy without them. Luckily there are now some great options for maternity jeans which still look every bit as stylish as their non-maternity counterparts.

A lot of popular denim brands such as J.Brand and Paige have a great range in various washes and styles that can accomodate any growing bump. If you don’t want to go down the luxe denim route, then check out stores like H&M or Cotton On, which stock some very affordable options.  

Accessories and a few luxe additions like a great coat is one way to elevate your fave maternity looks

8. Accessories

After you sort out the essentials, you can invest in a few key trend pieces that will work as maternity wear but will transition into your post-pregnancy wardrobe. Accessories such as a great pair of sunglasses or a lovely handbag can really elevate your look and keep it of the moment. And the best bit it is it doesn’t matter how your body changes, they will still work.

Photography: Sophia Athas, Adam Nalapraya and Danielle Castano

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The most essential items in my wardrobe right now

7th November, 2018

Like most women, there are certain things in my closet that get a workout. These are the pieces that I currently have on high rotation simply because they are so wearable and can easily be mixed and matched with multiple pieces in my wardrobe.

I’m a big believer in cost per wear so the below list should give you an idea of items that are definitely worth splurging on. Certain styles will easily get plenty of use because of their versatility and wearability — two criteria that are are crucial things to factor into your decision whenever you’re making a new purchase.

Here are the things that are doing double duty for me right now…

Goyard tote and Dior flats

I think a sturdy, roomy tote is a must for any woman. This bag has been such a great investment as I am able to throw all the girls’ things in it and still have plenty of room for my own essentials. And because it’s such a good quality that it can withstand being thrown around at the playground and still look great.

I’ve been on the hunt for comfortable, stylish black flats for awhile and these Dior pointed slingbacks were the answer. They go with virtually everything I own from jeans to my favourite dresses and I can walk in them for an entire day, which is ideal as I’m on the go all the time. I waited until I found just the right pair before buying these and I’m so glad I did as I wear them to death.

Camilla and Marc jeans and Gucci chain strap bag

I can’t live without jeans. I’m in them multiple times a week so I had to track down just the right pair. These jeans ticked all the boxes: I loved the colour, I loved the cut and I loved the fit. I’ve been known to dress them up like above by just adding a dressy jacket or keep them casual by pairing them with my favourite white tee. Either way they work beautifully for various occasions.

I’m all for neutrals but sometimes love splurging on a statement piece. Surprisingly however this embellished Gucci bag has worked almost like one of my more simple bags. I think because I use it as an accent piece for outfits that are quite understated — it’s a great way to add an element to my look that pops.

Balmain blazer and Balenciaga sock boots

My beloved Balmain blazer is one of the items I probably couldn’t function without. It has definitely earned its cost per wear and more. I wear it with jeans and dresses, skirts and pants and it works every time. I love how wearing it always makes anything I’m wearing look instantly polished. The nipped in silhouette, strong shoulders and long length make it the perfect jacket for everyday wear. I think every woman should have a black blazer in her closet.

I bought these for winter one year and haven’t looked back since. I think the fact that the snug fit makes them a little more versatile than an ordinary ankle boot which can be a little bulkier around the top. The sleek look makes them perfect for wearing with everything from a suit to a skirt.

Dior bag

This bag is a new addition to my closet and it’s been getting plenty of outings. It works as both a clutch and a shoulder bag (perfect for events when you may decide that you want to go hands free later on) which makes it really versatile. Also you can never really go wrong with a black bag can you?

Gucci loafers

These loafers are a workhorse in my wardrobe. Mostly because I can never have enough comfortable flats in my life. These are great for waring when I’m out and about and the floral motif gives them a little point of difference that can elevate any casual look.

Gucci heels

I have had these heels for years and still to this day I use them often. At first glance gold might not seem the most practical of colours but I think the contrary — metallics can work as a neutral. They can elevate an outfit but can easily be paired back with multiple looks and virtually any colour palette. I also like the pearl studs which add a glam touch that’s not too over the top.

Gucci belt

I’ve spoken in the past of the value of a great black belt and I still think it’s a critical piece of any wardrobe. It gives any outfit a sophisticated touch and turns it into a go-to accessory that can lift any ensemble. I’ve worn this belt with a more polished look like the above, with denim jeans and a tee and this summer, I think I’ll definitely be wearing it with a few of my favourite dresses.

Gucci sneakers

I pretty much live in white sneakers so you can imagine how often I wear this pair. What I like about it is that it incorporates a touch of colour in the form of the iconic Gucci red and green stripes without being too over the top so I can still work it back with myriad outfits.

Alaïa heels

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve worn these shoes which goes to show how often I use them. A plain black heel with simple ankle strap is a shoe that I can guarantee will get plenty of wear so if you don’t already have a pair in this style definitely buy them, especially for the upcoming party season. I have found these heels to be quite the style chameleon as I’ve worn them with a suit, with a dress for multiple events, and a polished look for the office.

What pieces in your closet are currently getting a major workout?

Date with Kate

Date with Kate: Rose Byrne

23rd November, 2014
Lunch with Rose Byrne

Lunch with Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne is known for her work on both the big and small screens, from the films X-Men: First Class, Troy and Bridesmaids to the TV series Damages, for which she was twice nominated for a Golden Globe. While back in Australia this month as ambassador for Oroton she told Kate Waterhouse about working in theatre, finding comedy hard and hoping to be in a David Lynch film.

What are you up to at the moment?

Well, I’m doing a play [You Can’t Take It With You] on Broadway at the Longacre Theatre… which is a beautiful theatre. We’ve been running now for just over two months.

Do you enjoy stage theatre?

I do. I haven’t done a play for years since the Sydney Theatre Company, when I was in my early 20s. It’s thrilling. The first few weeks of previews were pretty nerve wracking. I was finding my feet and getting used to the adrenaline. I was longing to do a play for a really long time… It’s just such a different medium for actors and it’s in a way harder. But it’s thrilling. There’s nothing like the feeling of a live audience.

Do you prefer theatre to film?

No, I don’t. I feel very grateful to do both. Years ago I thought my dream would be to do a play on Broadway – when I started acting in New York when I was like 19. So it’s communion for me: you go in, you get ready and you have your dressing room, you do your little warm up, people come. Theatre really is a ritual. And the tradition of it is so rich.

You’ve had huge success in comedic roles. Is that something you always wanted to pursue or did you fall into it?

I had done more things like Damages and Troy, which were far more serious, and I longed to do something with a bit more levity. But it’s hard – people see you in a certain way. So I was very lucky that Judd Apatow and Nick Stoller cast me in Get Him to the Greek. They really gave me my break. But I think comedy is really hard… It’s serious business, making people laugh!

What genre do you prefer?

Like most actors I feel like diversity is so great … to be able to able to flex different muscles… I think the actors I admire are the chameleons.

Who are some of the actors you admire?

Amy Adams is incredible. She’s really diverse and just wonderful in everything. And I’ve always admired all of the actors who have come from Australia, like Toni Collette or Cate Blanchett or Nicole [Kidman]. I find Naomi [Watts] really very inspiring to watch. I’m very proud to call them countrymen, I suppose.

Bridesmaids was such a huge hit. Was that a lot of fun to work on?

It was. It’s such a pleasure. As a woman, you never get to work with other women… There’s usually one role for the woman in the film. It’s so rare to work with so many women, so it was so fun. I remember, when we were making it we, by no means [was there] thought it was going to become this beloved kind of big hit… It was like a small little comedy.

You have fans around the world. What film do they resonate the most with?

It’s pretty tragic, but Star Wars is what I get the most fan mail from. That film is just in the fabric of society, it’s amazing. I have a tiny part but [the film] just has such a huge cultural influence.

Tell me about your role with Oroton.

It’s wonderful. I was thrilled to be asked to be the face of the brand. I thought it was a great fit. I love the heritage of the brand – which I was really drawn to, being Australian and having grown up with it – and the kind of revamping they were doing to it and really emphasising the relaxed glamour of it.


What are your wardrobe essentials?

A Oroton backpack [pictured], a great pair of jeans, a summer dress, a hat – because of the sun. As Australians we’re always equipped with several. And then a great winter coat for New York, because the winters there are quite brutal. You want to look chic, even if it’s cold.


Will you ever move back to Australia?

Oh sure. I mean I think, like every Australian, you plan to. Well, I do, anyway. My family is here so it’s my emotional home and it’s beautiful. My greatest treasure is my Australian passport.

You must get asked all the time but what was it like to kiss Brad Pitt?

That’s an old one. I haven’t been asked that for a while. It was a tough day, Kate, tough day at the office – very tough! [Laughs.]

What’s next in the pipeline for you?

I finish the play early in the New Year. And [then] I’m not sure; I’m waiting to see. But I’ve gotAnnie [starring Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz] coming out at Christmas.

If you could play any role, who or what would it be?

I’d love to be in David Lynch movie. I’ve always adored his films and I just think I’m kind of his serial fan. I just love him. That would be a really incredible thing.




WE WENT TO the Park Hyatt, The Rocks.
WE ATE a fruit platter and a selection of pastries.
WE DRANK herbal tea and a cappuccino
ROSE WORE Oroton leather skirt and T-shirt.