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5th May, 2022

It’s a known fact that we only wear a small percentage of our wardrobes. It’s mind boggling given how many outfits we could probably create if we all just tried a little harder to wear them, but I am also guilty of playing favourites. I try my very best to expand my repertoire because I believe every piece in my closet deserves some love, but that said, there are certain pieces that always get a workout during the week. There are of course some weeks where I might find myself dressed up due to events but if it’s a typical week, these are the staples in my closet that I’m guaranteed to wear because they’re ultra easy and so versatile.

Black dad sandals

Initially this shoe style had to grow on me, but now that I’ve embraced it I can’t go back. These shoes are not only ridiculously comfy but I’ve found them to be so versatile. I wear them all the time. They work well with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts and no matter what I can walk for miles in them. They’ve definitely become a permanent fixture in my wardrobe and most likely will continue to do so.

High waisted tapered jeans

I adore high waisted anything. Can’t get enough of them. Jeans in a high waisted style, that are slightly more fitted are my fave. I’ve got a few in rotation including a Levi’s pair that I get DMs about every time I wear them, and a pair of Slvrlake jeans which are a similar fit. Either way you can almost guarantee I will be wearing them throughout the week, whether it’s with a t-shirt or a button down shirt or a tank. Plus they look great with flats, sneakers and heels which makes them just about the most versatile thing I own.

White tee/tank

Jeans and a white top is one of my go-to combinations. It’s a classic style for several great reasons. White looks so fresh against blue denim and looks ultra polished. However I often pair a white top with pants, whether it’s a wide leg style or a drawstring variety and find it works equally as well.

A button down shirt

Button down shirts are always a failsafe in my wardrobe. I often wear them with jeans, always slightly tucked in. And the great thing about this style is there are so many variations. From a crisp white shirt which is always guaranteed to work with multiple outfits, or a simple, classic stripe, there’s always something polished about it. Plus they work back with both pants and jeans equally as well.

Chanel flats

If we’re talking about shoes, these Chanel flats were an investment piece that has become so worth it in terms of cost per wear. The slingback style makes them look ultra dressy but being a flat, they’re comfortable too. I wear these shoes with jeans, pants and dresses and the classic two tone style gives them that signature Chanel touch.

A dress

I can’t pick a single dress I wear every week because I have so many great pieces that I love. However you can generally find me in a dress most weeks. I find them to be such a great outfit shortcut. When I’m unsure what I’m going to wear, I know I can always rely on a dress to do the heavy lifting.


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