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How to elevate your date night outfits

7th October, 2022

Heading out for an evening to ourselves is something Luke and I try and do every so often. I think when you have been together for awhile, especially when kids enter the picture it’s nice to be able to reconnect and remember what it was like during the early days. It’s also the perfect time to enjoy the process of pulling a great outfit together and getting all dolled up! Date night outfits are one of my most favourite looks to pull together — here are a few of my tips on how to elevate your next ensemble.

Push your boundaries

I always like to make a point of wearing something that’s just a little more special than what Luke would normally see me in. That could be something such as a great dress that I’ve been wanting to wear or just an outfit that I would never usually wear when I’m just in everyday mode. Also it’s a great time to experiment with a new look — if there’s a particular trend you’ve been wanting to try or something that you’ve been eyeing but haven’t found the occasion to wear it, why not do it during date night?

Pay attention to your accessories

When I’m looking after the girls, simplicity and comfort is key. I don’t have time to fuss around with earrings or bags because kids just don’t wait for things like that! So I always like to make an effort when it’s date night. Statement earrings are always a great option to consider but it’s also the perfect time to introduce a new bag into the mix or a beautiful necklace. I know it’s easy to stick to your tried and tested pieces but consider this the perfect time to do something a little different.

Throw practicality out the door

Date night is the perfect excuse to wear something that’s a little bit sexy and yes, completely impractical. That means letting your fave silk blouse out for the evening or wearing your favourite skyscraper heels—it’s the time to just focus on feeling and looking great and not if you’re going to be able to run after a toddler in your outfit.

Wear amazing shoes

I think wearing a killer pair of shoes is always a guaranteed way to feel great. If you’re always in flats or sneakers then the next time you head out, take it up a notch and let your beloved statement heels take centre stage. Think of it as a way of getting more out of your wardrobe too.

Spend time on your beauty look

Don’t let your look down by forgetting about your hair and makeup. Date night’s actually the perfect reason to stop and take your time with your beauty look. Try a new hairstyle or do a smoky eye or statement lip and enjoy the process of getting all dressed up.


Good wardrobe habits to get into

7th August, 2022

Adopting a few good wardrobe habits will make getting dressed every day a whole lot easier

Every woman wants to look polished and put together however let’s be honest, this takes work. I know everyone has such busy schedules so sometimes trying to style the ideal outfit first thing in the morning can be the last thing you want to think about. The ideal outfit won’t just magically put itself together so if you want to save yourself a bit of time and effort there are a few habits you can adopt to make it a whole lot easier to look great each time you walk out the door.

Keep your wardrobe tidy

Having to dig through a disorganised mess to locate just the right t-shirt or the skirt you want to wear makes for a stressful time. So, start tidying up. It sounds simple but making sure to fold and hang clothes in an orderly manner so you know where absolutely everything is will make it much, much easier to pull an outfit together. If you want some hints on how to get started I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite organisation tips here.

Choose a focal point

Centre your outfit around one particular piece. By deciding to choose a central piece then you give yourself a starting point from which to build from. Whether it’s a pair of showstopper shoes or a statement jacket or a particularly gorgeous necklace, each outfit should have a point of difference that makes it stand out.

Choosing one aspect of your look to focus on will help you build a cohesive outfit

Do a final mirror check

It may sound obvious but before you walk out the door quickly check that everything works. That means making sure that your shoes, bag, accessories and outfit are all playing nicely together. For example sometimes you may think a certain pair of earrings will look great with an outfit but taking one last look when you’re dressed may make you think otherwise.

Repair or get rid of damaged clothing

As soon as something needs repairing do it straight away. Procrastinating may mean that you might find yourself in a rush with a particular blouse in mind only to find it’s missing a button which means double the stress! If something can’t be repaired bin it straight away. It’s important that your clothes are in great shape if you want to look polished.

Follow laundry instructions

Yes, it can be tempting to ignore the tags on your clothes but following laundry instructions are going to ensure your clothes look great but also for longer.

Hang up your clothes at the end of the day

Getting home after a long day it can be easy to just dump your clothes on the nearest chair and forget about them till later in the week. However this will only lead to a rumpled mess that will require more effort to fix later on. Hang up garments such as jackets and blouses straight away to ensure they’re ready for use the next time you want to wear them.

What are some habits that have really helped you with you wardrobe?


The one thing I do to avoid a wardrobe crisis

24th July, 2022

Having a morning wardrobe meltdown isn’t always ideal when I’ve got a busy day ahead of me, not to mention having to get the girls organised at the same time so I’ve had to devise a way to avoid them. It’s always daunting to look into a wardrobe not having any idea on what to wear so I always make sure that I have a backup plan for precisely those moments. Generally, I’ll know what I am going to wear each day but for those times when inspiration doesn’t strike I’ve pre-prepared a few different outfits that I can easily and quickly pull together. Having a series of outfits that I have already styled in my head so I don’t even have to think about makes it easier to get out the door fast.

If you want to try this for yourself you don’t necessarily have to have the entire head to toe look planned (unless you really want to be that specific) but it helps to have the bones of the outfit ready to go such as the dress or the top and pants combination that you’re going to wear. I generally accessorise as I go along when it comes to jewellery and my handbag but I’ll know which of my shoes will go with the outfit so I don’t have to waste time trying on a million pairs. I’ve memorised my go-to looks but you could always photograph them and store them in a folder on your phone for an easy visual reminder. If you want to try this out for yourself I’d recommend identifying the occasions where you’re likely to feel stuck for outfit inspiration such as weekday mornings when you’re about to go to work or leisure wear for the weekend. This is all about making things easier on yourself so you’ll never have to freak out about a wardrobe crisis again.

What are some ways you avoid a morning wardrobe crisis?



The key to timeless style

20th July, 2022

Crisp white suiting always looks chic

Classic, timeless style is one thing I always aspire to. I like to keep my looks on trend but with an overarching sense of polish and generally don’t venture too far from what I know and love. One of the main reasons I do this is because it ensures the longevity of my wardrobe. If I stick to pieces that I believe will last the test of time I won’t have to update them as often and I can guarantee my favourites will have plenty of outings ahead. Having adopted this as my approach to shopping and how I dress for many years, and also observing the stylish women in my life whose ensembles just don’t seem to ever date, here’s what I consider to be the building blocks of having a look that will endure the years to come. These are the timeless style tips to commit to memory.

Scrimp on trend buys

I love purchasing trendy items as much as the next person but I keep them to a minimum. If I like the look of the signature silhouette or colour of the season I will buy a select few pieces and work them back with what’s already in my closet. I avoid wearing one trend from head to toe and like to give it my own spin.

Embrace timeless fabrics and prints

There are certain prints and fabrications that won’t date. Polka dots, stripes and plaid have remained in the mix most seasons and will add a fun touch to any outfit that won’t look dated. Long-lasting fabrics such as tweed, silk, wool and cashmere are worth adding to your wardrobe as they really stand up well to the wear and tear of constant use.

A classic black bag is definitely worth the splurge

Invest in classic pieces

Think of the pieces that have been around for ages and have remained a constant and they’re likely to be things like a black blazer, a white button down shirt, denim jeans and the little black dress and a simple black bag. These are the wardrobe buys that are worth investing in as they’re not going away any time soon.

Tailor your clothes

Ill-fitting clothes will make you look unkempt so it’s best to invest in tailoring pieces so they perfectly fit. Find a good tailor and have things taken in or up or out, depending on your needs, to ensure that whatever you’re wearing fits you like a glove. A perfectly tailored outfit just screams timeless style.

Know what suits your body shape

Learn to pinpoint the styles and silhouettes that work with your shape. Go on a shopping expedition and try on a few different silhouettes in key staples such as pants, tops, skirts and dresses and see what works. Be brutally honest. If what you see doesn’t put a smile on your face then keep searching until you find something that does. Once you’ve pinpointed what works for you then you’ll have a handful of go-to styles that you can always come back to time and time again.

Who do you think has classic style? What are your favourite timeless style tips?

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The investment purchases that have been worth every cent

12th July, 2022


Investment purchases often involve a significant financial outlay, hence the investment part. However what I’ve discovered from this is that yes, there’s a fair bit to pay upfront but what you save in the long run ends up being more than what you’ve paid. It’s often the smart way to shop, as you end up getting high quality, which equates to longevity. For me, I’d rather save up and pay more for a jacket and then not have to worry about replacing it next season or the season after that, or the season after that. And I’ve not yet found any investment purchase I’ve made that hasn’t exceeded my cost per wear expectations. It’s a fashion no-brainer. So, what buys have lived up to their promise and then some? These are the pieces that pull their weight time and time again.

Balmain blazer

It pays to do your research when it comes to investment buys as often you may not have to pay retail if you have patience to wait for it to go on sale. The thing with investment buys is that if you are able to find a design that is a part of a brand’s core collection you’ll be able to find it season after season, which means you can afford to wait for the sales to buy it in case it gets reduced. I bought this blazer years ago, on sale from Net-a-Porter and it’s been my most worn item.

Goyard tote

I can’t rave about this bag highly enough. I used it as my baby bag and every day bag—it’s so roomy so it’s really easy to throw everything in. And because it’s made of a coated fabric, if bottles leaked or water spilt on it, it didn’t matter as I could easily wipe it. It’s also a great travel companion as it’s very light and it can be folded up to put away or within a suitcase.

Louis Vuitton carry on luggage

I have used this bag for years and years. I tend to have a few trips interstate for work throughout the year and it’s such a good size for taking my essentials. I take it on overseas trips too and it’s an incredibly sturdy bag, it really stands up to travelling, whether it’s through the cobblestones of Europe or through many an airport terminal. I actually gave one to Luke for his 40th and he still uses it all the time.

Chanel slingback flats

I adore these flats. I wear them all the time for dressy or casual events, and they can be worn day or night. The classic Chanel two-tone gives it a little extra personality, plus the minimalist colour palette means I can easily work it back with multiple looks. I’ve found that the slingback design also makes them a little dressier than the traditional Chanel ballet flat.

Cartier Un Clou Bracelet

Technically this isn’t a purchase I made, I was lucky enough to be gifted it by aunt for my 30th. However, it’s a bracelet that I have worn every day since. It goes with absolutely everything and it adds an elegant touch to anything I’m wearing. It’s one of my can’t-live-without pieces.

Chanel 2.55 bag

Generally when you buy anything Chanel, it’s pretty much a purchase for life. I bought this quilted bag over 10 years ago and still wear it all the time. It’s a classic design so it works with everything and the straps are able to be adjusted so I can wear it as a shoulder bag or crossbody style. It definitely ticks the versatility box which is so important with any investment purchase.

Diamond Earrings

I love playing with costume jewellery but there’s something about timeless pieces that you can’t beat. These diamond studs are simple and elegant and can be worn every day or to any nighttime occasion. I’ve used it for both and it works seamlessly with pretty much anything I’m wearing, making them a truly worthwhile buy.


How to save money on clothes without compromising on style

6th June, 2022

Truth: clothes can at times be a little expensive. Depending on the brands you like, they can be really expensive. So how can you still splurge on pieces that you love without having to completely break the bank? It’s all about having the right shopping strategy. Over the years I’ve learned a few things that have helped me ensure that I’m not paying more than I should. And sometimes you may not even have to spend any money at all! I’m all about maximising style but minimising cost, and here I’m sharing how to save money on clothes without compromising on style.

Do your research

When I have my eye on something I like to do a reconnaissance mission before I buy it. I’ll make sure to check across several different stores or sites to see which is selling it for cheaper so I know that I’m getting it at the best price possible.

Wait for sale time

There are a few designer pieces in my closet which I really, really wanted but made myself wait till sale time to buy. And I’m glad I did because it saved me a lot of money. I just make sure to do my research beforehand so I know exactly what I’m looking for so I can pounce on it the moment it’s reduced.

It’s a good idea to sign up to the mailing list of your favourite brands and stores so you can be alerted whenever they are having a sale. You may even be given early sale access by doing this which means you’ll have a better chance of finding what you’re after.

Use fashion search engines

Sites like and are like Google for fashion. You can use them to search for whatever it is you have your eye on whether it be a pair of Gucci loafers or a new Givenchy handbag. It will scan across a range of stores, bring up the search results and you can see which retailers are selling it and for how much. If you find something that you like you can ask to be sent a sale alert the moment the price is reduced so you don’t miss out.

Do regular wardrobe edits

There are things in my wardrobe that I forgot I even owned until I stumbled across them during a closet clean out. All of a sudden I felt like I had something new to wear and I didn’t have to spend a cent. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of doing a seasonal edit of your clothes, shoes and accessories. This process will allow you to see what you own, find things you’d forgotten about and see where the gaps are. Also it lets you see what you really should be spending your money on instead of ending up with another pair of shoes identical to seven other pairs you already own.

Make a style hit list

Post-wardrobe clean out I always like to list down what I’m lacking. If left to wander aimlessly, I’d often end up things that I probably didn’t need but a list helps me stay on track. I know exactly what will be useful to me as opposed to just something that I want. This helps me direct my fashion dollars to the right things.

What’s your favourite way to save money on clothes?

5 fashion habits to adopt

28th May, 2022

When it comes to style there are some fashion sins I make sure to avoid but I also have some key habits that I’ve adopted to help making pulling together a great outfit much easier. Here are five things I always do…

Only buying things I genuinely love

This sounds simple but I’ve made my fair share of purchases that were only somewhat right and ended up not wearing it later on because I was only so-so about it. Whereas the things I’ve bought that I couldn’t stop thinking about are the pieces that have remained in high rotation. Ensure that it’s always a case of true love before buying anything and you’ll wear a garment to death.

Ensure everything fits perfectly

And this means everything from avoiding buying things that aren’t the ideal size “in case it fits one day” to ensuring that I take anything too big to be tailored so the fit is just right. This is the one thing that will ensure a garment looks great.

Think quality not quantity

Knowing the colour palette that works for me

I make sure that most of my wardrobe falls within a particular colour palette to make it easier to mix and match. I always gravitate towards neutrals for this very reason. They always look classic and are easy to work back with a variety of different pieces plus I can easily build on them with a few key accessories.

Working with my shape

I know sack dresses don’t work with my shape so I make sure to avoid them whereas I know shift dresses are flattering on my frame so I have a few of them in my wardrobe. I love experimenting with different silhouettes from time to time but I also know that there are just certain things that will work on a petite frame and I will tend to gravitate towards those styles. If something works then there’s no need to stray from the formula.

Think quality not quantity

I have a few items in my wardrobe that I would qualify as investment pieces. I’ve spent a bit more on them but I’ve also been able to get plenty of wear out of them over the years. This includes pieces like my leather jacket, designer bags like my Chanel crossbody bag and my winter coats. When it comes to things that I know will be on high rotation I’m not afraid to spend a bit more to get something that is truly of a great quality so I won’t end up having to replace them time and time again.

What are some of your key fashion habits?


What to do when you feel you have nothing to wear

21st May, 2022

It’s something that happens to most of us at one time or another. Staring into your closet and feeling less than enthused at what’s in there can be annoying, but if it’s happening with great regularity then it’s high time to look into employing a few style strategies to avoid a wardrobe dilemma.

When you feel you have nothing to wear, it kickstarts your day into a more stressful state than it has to be. Given we would all generally have enough items in our closet to work a multitude of different outfits, it’s not the amount you have but how you work it that’s important.

Here are a few tips and tricks to try the next time you encounter “I have nothing to wear” syndrome.

Have a bank of go-to outfits

When you’re having a good style day consider banking that outfit on your phone somewhere so you have a record of a look that you love and you know that works. Aim for at least 10 different looks so that you have an emergency stash of outfits to rely on when you’re encountering a wardrobe dilemma.

Do a closet tidy

Being able to visually clock every single thing you own can free up a little mental space to help get those styling juices flowing. If you’re staring at a pile of clothes it can be really hard to think of how to put them all together. If you’re unable to fit everything in, it’s probably a sign that you need to look at what you own and what you actually need — doing so can help free up valuable closet real estate.

Theme it

Sometimes it helps to narrow down your options. Even something as simple as giving yourself a particular colour to wear or narrowing things down to a denim look can help you hone in on certain pieces and in turn make it easier on yourself to work them together.

Have a reliable staples

Having a few key pieces that can be worked in a few different ways is a great thing to have in case you’re unsure about what to wear. A great pair of pants, flattering jeans, a dress and a skirt are great failsafe pieces to have. You can always fall back on them on the days where you’re really struggling to pull a look together.

Start small then think big

Often just starting with a single piece can help everything fall into place. So start with a small decision such as for example deciding whether it’s a skirt or pants day. Once you’ve done that, then you can hone in on the pants in your closet, as opposed to having to look at absolutely everything. Limiting your choices once again can make it a little easier to tie a look together.

What are some strategies you use when you’re having an “I have nothing to wear” day?


Fashion habits to adopt for great style

19th May, 2022

Who’s your style icon? I have a number of women whose style I admire and whilst they may make it look effortless, I’ve found that often the thing with looking stylish is it doesn’t have to be difficult—as long as you have a few key things in place. If you get into the habit of doing a few things regularly then you can instantly make walking out the door looking polished and pulled together a whole lot easier.

Planning outfits

I’m betting if you’ve ever really loved someone’s look it’s because everything works and there’s cohesion. The shoes work with the outfit, the bag is in keeping with the colour palette… it all just works. And to do this isn’t hard, it just requires putting in the effort of doing a little outfit planning. If you stop and put together a few outfits ahead of time, whether it’s the night before or you do a weekly styling session, you take that hurried dash for clothing out of the equation, which is when outfits tend to go awry.

Doing a tight edit

I think an outfit always has to have an individual element but also a considered edit that allows everything to work together. So always think about striking a balance and ensure that no elements are competing with each other but are instead complementing one another.

A special accessory can elevate a look

Adding one special piece

Aim to incorporate one standout piece when styling an outfit. It could be a great pair of earrings, a beautiful bag or a striking top, but whatever it is, ensure that it’s the kind of thing that can elevate a look.

Ensuring everything is in good condition

One of the things that can let an outfit down is if anything looks a little worn or shabby. Get into the habit of checking your clothes for damage so that you can get onto repairs straight away or replace it if need be. Also little things like pilling, discolouration, fading and even tiny stains are all things that can compromise the stylish feel of an outfit so be sure to either attend to the issue or phase it out of your wardrobe.

Ensure clothes are the right fit

Wearing the right undergarments

The right underwear is so important to the overall finish of a look. A rogue bra strap under a cami, or underwear that’s the wrong colour under what you’re wearing are all things that can make you look less than pulled together. Invest in quality undergarments from bras to slips and underwear (including Spanx if you want a smooth finish under certain clothes) and you’re already ticking all the style boxes.

Aim for the right fit

Bid adieu to clothes that don’t fit perfectly. If it can be repaired then get them altered straight away. If not, then it’s time to donate them to charity so someone else can enjoy them. Also those “someday” clothes you’re saving? It’s time to farewell those too and instead focus on clothes that work for you now. You deserve to look nothing less than stylish after all.


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My favourite jumper combinations

18th May, 2022

Winter is just around the corner so I’m already workshopping ways I can wear my fave cosy jumpers around the clock. Layering is one of the best ways to stay warm when temperatures drop, and this is why investing in great knitwear is a must. I always favour beautiful knits but I also love nothing more than a more casual sweatshirt when it’s cold. If you’re a bit dubious about the latter, the direction trends have ventured of late has made wearing sweats out of the house not only unbelievably warm and practical, it’s right on trend too.

If you’re going to live in jumper throughout winter, it pays to have all your bases covered so you have one on hand to suit most outfits and occasions. I think it works to have some (or all) of the following in your closet:

  • A colourful knit: Whether it’s a bright cobalt blue, a shocking pink or a demure pastel, it’s always a good idea to embrace a little colour when it comes to knitwear. When everything in winter is generally geared towards dark, sombre hues it’s nice to inject a splash of colour into a look.
  • A textured piece: Whether it’s an oversized ribbed feature, cute bobbles or embroidery, it always adds a layer of interest to an outfit when you incorporate some texture into your jumpers.
  • A cardi: Wear it buttoned or open, but either way cardigans are huge this winter so it pays to have one or two in your collection. I am loving slightly cropped styles that I can wear as a standalone top or layer it with something else underneath.
  • An oversized sweater: Big oversized sweaters are so cosy and when worn with something fitted such as jeans or a wide leg pant and slightly tucked in it looks ultra chic while also keeping you toasty.
  • A grey sweatshirt: There’s obviously an array of different sweatshirt styles out there but I always love having a grey one in my closet. I wear it with my gym gear or with jeans and often pop a trench or other jacket on top and it all of a sudden feels more fashion-ey.
  • A turtleneck: Not only does it serve the purpose of keeping your neck warm, there’s something classic and sophisticated about a turtleneck. Hues such as black, cream or camel are always a good option as they offer a lot of versatility in how they can be worn as they can work back with jeans, pants or skirts equally as well.
  • A neutral knit: You most definitely have to own at least one knit in a neutral hue in your wardrobe. It’s a great piece to have as it can easily pair with multiple options, and offers you an array of different looks.
  • Logo sweatshirt: I do love a fun designer logo sweatshirt to dress up a pair of jeans. This one isn’t high on the priorities list but it is a good one to have as it’s ultra comfortable but also on trend.
  • A matching set: Invest in a matching set if you want to take wear loungewear out and about. I often do a jumper with tracksuit pants and pop on a trench to dress it up a little, or a beautiful knit set is also a wonderful alternative if sweats aren’t your thing.

If you’re currently popping a few things on your jumper shopping list after reading the above, there are a few practical considerations to keep in mind to ensure you end up with a knit with longevity…

  • Consider the fabrication: Look at the label and see what the jumper is made from. Wool and cashmere are of course at the upper echelon as they wear well, are breathable and have longevity. Merino wool in particular is said to be one of the best options if you want to avoid dreaded pilling. Cotton is also another great pick if you want a jumper that breathes and is also relatively easy to look after. Also look at the composition, something that is 100% acrylic for example will keep you toasty, but if the weather turns and starts to warm up you may be left feeling a little too hot as it’s not breathable. You want to ensure you incorporate a few natural fabrics so you don’t end up feeling overly hot when you’re wearing layers. Be on the look out for cheaper polyester/cotton combinations which tend to lose their shape after multiple wears.
  • Check out the washing instructions: They say knitwear should be washed as minimally as possible, but if you do have to launder a jumper, how much of a pain is it going to be? I love anything that can easily be thrown in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, but some may need dry cleaning or a specific detergent to keep it in top shape.
  • Choose a neckline that works for your wardrobe: I will often gravitate towards crew neck jumpers as I like the neckline and how it works with the rest of my closet. You may prefer V-neck or roll neck or turtleneck, but always think of what you’re going to wear it with to ensure longevity.