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How to look chic on a job interview

18th September, 2022

A job interview can be a nerve-racking experience so it’s important to feel confident in how you present yourself on the day. A polished appearance is crucial for making a good first impression and along with your top notch interviewing skills is one thing that could help you stand out from other candidates. Here’s how what to wear on a job interview to ensure you nail it on all fronts.

Stick to the company dress code

A clean, pressed outfit is a given when going to a job interview but one thing to keep in mind is to dress for the company you’re interviewing for. Do your research into the culture of the business and tailor your outfit to suit. For example if you’re going for a job in a place with a creative culture then a suit might not be the best option—you want the interviewer to see that you can fit seamlessly into the company and the first impression they get will be based on your attire.

Keep makeup to a minimum

Heavy makeup can be a little off-putting in a job interview setting so a fresh-faced approach is best. Keep your beauty look clean and polished to maintain a professional appearance. Also, keep your hair neat and tidy and avoid any overly messy or flamboyant styles.

Go for a clean approach to accessorising

Over the top accessories can be distracting in an interview. This is definitely one instance when you want the focus to be on what you’re saying so save your statement earrings for the weekend and keep your jewellery to a minimum.

Size matters

Make sure you’re wearing the right size. Not only is it a much more flattering effect but it conveys a sense of polish to the interviewer. If what you’re wearing is too big or too small, it can be distracting to the person interviewing you. So if there’s an outfit you really want to wear and it’s not a perfect, invest in getting it adjusted by a tailor to ensure it is.

Comfort is key

A job interview is not the time to be worrying about your outfit when you should be focussing on being a standout interviewee. This is why it’s important to ensure that you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing—this means you should be able to walk in your shoes, not be fidgeting with buttons or straps and everything should be a perfect fit. If you feel at ease in what you’re wearing then you’ll present better, which can only mean good things for you and the end result of your interview.

What are your big interview no-nos?

The best sources of fashion inspo to turn to during a wardrobe rut

6th August, 2022

When you’re faced with a serious wardrobe rut what do you do? Well, instead of just giving up on your wardrobe and deciding you need to go on a rather big (and expensive!) shopping spree to buy new things, why not just help jump start your styling creativity? There are numerous sources of great outfits out there and by calling on some or all of them, you could just find yourself feeling very inspired again.


Of course Instagram offers endless inspiration. One way to save yourself in times of “I have nothing to wear” syndrome is by bookmarking outfits that you like so you have a ready to go mood board. There’s really no end to what Instagram can offer so make sure you have a great edit of people whose looks you love.


I know newsletters can sometimes be a bit hit and miss but if you sign up to the right ones you’ll most certainly open yourself up to new looks, styling tricks and possibly a new wardrobe addition that you never knew you always needed. Most fashion sites — blogs (*ahem* this one included), online stores like Net-a-Porter and Matches and news outlets like Who What Wear and Refinery 29 all have newsletters that are often filled with great ideas.

Head in-store

While there’s plenty of inspiration that’s just a click away there’s something that just ignites your styling creativity when you head into your favourite stores to check out what’s on offer. It’s a great time to check out the outfit combinations they’ve got on display to help you with your own looks, plus try on the different pieces in store. Also, things sometimes look really different when you see them in real life and you may find that you’ll end up pulling an ensemble together that you may not have otherwise considered.


Beautiful, glossy magazines have always been one of my favourite sources of fashion inspiration. You’re always guaranteed to get some great fashion forward styling within the fashion editorials, plus they provide a great snapshot into current trends. Also, there’s just something about flicking through a fashion mag’s sleek images and layouts that can really get the styling juices flowing and help you unlock some new looks.

What are your favourite sources of fashion inspo?



Easy ways to incorporate dressier items into your weekday and weekend wardrobe

26th June, 2022

I love dressing up but I always feel a little guilty to see certain parts of my closet go unworn until I have an excuse to wear something to event again. So, I’ve started trying to use more of my dressy pieces, think dresses, beautiful blouses, tailored pants, co-ord sets and suits, in my weekday and weekend wardrobe. Of course, not everything can be transformed into something decidedly more casual (a ballgown is still a ballgown after all!) but for the most part, I’ve been able to utilise so much more of my closet by incorporating a few styling tricks to make pieces seem more casual or daytime appropriate. Learning how to use dressy items in a more casual way ensures that you’re wearing more of your wardrobe, more of the time. Want to try it for yourself? Here are a few things you can do to give your event clothes a new lease on life.

Pair it with sneakers

The foolproof way to take the dressy vibe away from a particular look, whether it’s a dress or a top and pants is to pair it with a pair of white sneakers. The upside in doing this is that you can pretty much get away with wearing sneakers everywhere these days so it’s an easy fashion trick to adopt.

Add a fun accessory

Dressy for me calls for more glam accessories, but if I want to dial down the dressiness of something I’d usually wear to an event I usually pair it with something playful and fun. Think a pair of white framed sunglasses or a bag in a vibrant colour.

Switch out the top or bottom

Often you can take the dressiness out of an ensemble by switching out an element for something more casual. For example a dressy blouse paired with denim all of a sudden looks ready for brunch. Incorporating a casual feel somewhere tempers the elevated vibe of certain items, but without compromising on style.

Ditch the heels

If you want to make something more work and weekend ready, consider leaving your heels at home. There are plenty of other options to use, whether it’s a slide, a ballet flat or loafer, which are stylish but don’t feel so dressed up. Plus way more comfy, so there’s that!

Pop on a jacket

If you’ve got a dress that looks a little more night than day appropriate, consider popping on a jacket. You could pair it with a black blazer, a denim jacket or a leather jacket and it can instantly make it feel more casual, while maintaining a polished feel. Plus, this allows you to double the wear of your after dark looks.

Do you use your dressy items in your regular wardrobe? How do you do it?


5 important style lessons working with fashion stylists has taught me

14th June, 2022

I’ve worked with a few different stylists on shoots over the years and it’s always an experience in which I walk away having picked up a tip or two to adopt into my own wardrobe and how I style my looks. There’s just something about watching a professional at work that has taught me about everything from the best shapes that suit me to the one non-negotiable of a great outfit. Here, I’m sharing a few of the best lessons I’ve learnt…

Tailoring is everything

The one thing all stylists insist upon is having everything tailored to fit. It really does make a difference to your overall look. For example on magazine shoots, to ensure a garment fits, stylists will often use bulldog clips to nip it in and ensure it falls perfectly on the body. I’ve since adopted this into my own wardrobe by ensuring I get everything tailored whether it be to take something in or up.

Mix it up

Stylists never use a look that’s head to toe one brand. Also often they will mix high end designer pieces pieces with cheaper items to create a look that’s more unique and less like it walked off the pages of a particular label’s look book. I always mix brands and love discovering lesser known designers as I’m able to create an overall aesthetic that’s all my own.

Learn what colours and shapes suit you

Stylists will often do fittings prior to big shoots to do a test run of the different outfits they’ve put together. Having done these a few times I’ve paid attention to the types of colours and shapes that they will pull for me to wear. I’ve found that they will choose structured shapes and cuts for me as looser styles sometimes overwhelm my frame. This has encouraged me to experiment to really pinpoint what suits me. This has been great as I can now look at something and know whether the cut and style will work for me or not.

Working with stylist Jess Pecoraro (left) has given me so much insider knowledge

Accessories can change any look

One of the fun things about being on set for me is seeing all the amazing accessories laid out by the stylist for the shoot. There are often numerous options for shoes, belts, jewellery and bags as they’re the finishing touches that can really finish off a look. Seeing an outfit evolve on a shoot with the addition of an accessory has taught me that it’s the best and easiest way to take an ensemble to another level.

Don’t be afraid to push boundaries

I’ve often come away with an outfit combination I would never have thought to put together or a different way of wearing a particular garment from observing stylists at work. They’re really not afraid to flip fashion on its head and create looks that are interesting and totally unexpected. It has really ingrained in me that experimentation with what’s in your closet is really important for evolving your look.

What are some of the fashion rules you live by?
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The pieces you’ll find me wearing every week

5th May, 2022

It’s a known fact that we only wear a small percentage of our wardrobes. It’s mind boggling given how many outfits we could probably create if we all just tried a little harder to wear them, but I am also guilty of playing favourites. I try my very best to expand my repertoire because I believe every piece in my closet deserves some love, but that said, there are certain pieces that always get a workout during the week. There are of course some weeks where I might find myself dressed up due to events but if it’s a typical week, these are the staples in my closet that I’m guaranteed to wear because they’re ultra easy and so versatile.

Black dad sandals

Initially this shoe style had to grow on me, but now that I’ve embraced it I can’t go back. These shoes are not only ridiculously comfy but I’ve found them to be so versatile. I wear them all the time. They work well with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts and no matter what I can walk for miles in them. They’ve definitely become a permanent fixture in my wardrobe and most likely will continue to do so.

High waisted tapered jeans

I adore high waisted anything. Can’t get enough of them. Jeans in a high waisted style, that are slightly more fitted are my fave. I’ve got a few in rotation including a Levi’s pair that I get DMs about every time I wear them, and a pair of Slvrlake jeans which are a similar fit. Either way you can almost guarantee I will be wearing them throughout the week, whether it’s with a t-shirt or a button down shirt or a tank. Plus they look great with flats, sneakers and heels which makes them just about the most versatile thing I own.

White tee/tank

Jeans and a white top is one of my go-to combinations. It’s a classic style for several great reasons. White looks so fresh against blue denim and looks ultra polished. However I often pair a white top with pants, whether it’s a wide leg style or a drawstring variety and find it works equally as well.

A button down shirt

Button down shirts are always a failsafe in my wardrobe. I often wear them with jeans, always slightly tucked in. And the great thing about this style is there are so many variations. From a crisp white shirt which is always guaranteed to work with multiple outfits, or a simple, classic stripe, there’s always something polished about it. Plus they work back with both pants and jeans equally as well.

Chanel flats

If we’re talking about shoes, these Chanel flats were an investment piece that has become so worth it in terms of cost per wear. The slingback style makes them look ultra dressy but being a flat, they’re comfortable too. I wear these shoes with jeans, pants and dresses and the classic two tone style gives them that signature Chanel touch.

A dress

I can’t pick a single dress I wear every week because I have so many great pieces that I love. However you can generally find me in a dress most weeks. I find them to be such a great outfit shortcut. When I’m unsure what I’m going to wear, I know I can always rely on a dress to do the heavy lifting.



How to buy pieces that you’ll have forever (and the strategies I use to guarantee this)

27th April, 2022

I can think of a number of pieces in my closet that I’ve had for what feels like forever. There are things I bought many years ago that are still going strong and getting used to this day and it’s because I followed the below criteria. It’s often when I venture away from this approach that I end up with purchases that I’ll have for a year or two but end up giving away in a closet purge down the track. The thing with a longevity shopping strategy is that you end up spending less because you’re not wasting money on things you’ll only have for a short time. You’re also likely have more wearable options as you will make considered purchases that align with how you truly like to dress—and ultimately have forever.

Opt for minimalist and classic

While I’m all for having fun with fashion, if you want a forever piece generally it’s going to be something that you won’t tire of seeing or wearing. For me, that requires simple silhouettes and classic hues that can be paired back with multiple things in my closet and that I can mix and match easily.

Stay true to your style

I think the pieces that have longevity are always the ones that stay true to your style and aesthetic. I’ve always found that the pieces I end up purging from my closet down the track tend to be the ones that didn’t quite work back with everything I already wore, or I ventured out from my usual repertoire and ended up with a piece that wasn’t aligned with how I dress. My look always tends to be polished, so if I stick to pieces that are within that realm, I’ll usually hang onto them.

Keep it considered

This is code for don’t impulse buy. I’ve rarely if ever ended up with a piece I bought on a whim sticking around in my closet for longer than a season or two. The things I’ve had for years, decades even, are the ones that I spent some time thinking about before I purchased it. This means looking at how I could wear it, what I could wear it with, and how much I actually loved it. If it’s not something I’m thinking about constantly or planning outfits with in my head before I buy it, it’s likely not going to last.

What are some of your strategies for buying pieces that you’ll have forever?


25 of my fave denim looks

20th April, 2022

If there’s one thing that is a mainstay, can’t-live-without part of my wardrobe it is denim. I am guaranteed to be in it a few times a week because it’s versatile and it just works. I love the fact that it can be dressed up or down and paired back with everything from a t-shirt or singlet, to a blazer or statement blouse. Either way it’s comfortable, chic and oh-so easy. It also doesn’t hurt that denim is now pretty much accepted for most occasions too, so it’s a good failsafe option for those times where I’m not quite sure what I’m going to wear.

I often wear denim when I’m in off duty mode or doing the school run, either with a tee and sandals or a jumper and sneakers in winter. If I want to dress it up a bit more I’ll wear it with a blouse and blazer, or pop on a trench over the top and wear it back with a pair of loafers. The beauty in denim is that it can run the full spectrum of my wardrobe, from really casual to an event and either way it’s guaranteed to work.

In putting together this post I revisited a few of my fave denim looks and not only did I rediscover a few fave looks to wear again but it also showed how truly versatile it is. I’ve worn it on shoots, to Fashion Week, launches, fashion showings and everything in between. I do favour denim paired back with a few key things: a white t-shirt or shirt, a great shoe and some fun accessories. While I’ve found a skinny jean that I really love, I’ve also embraced a high waisted straight cut, a slightly baggier relaxed cut, a wide leg and shades ranging from a classic blue to a crisp white and black. Also, it’s great in its other iterations, from a jumpsuit to a denim skirt or dress. This is the beauty in denim — it can suit almost anyone’s style as there are so many cuts and silhouettes to choose from. So, if you’re a denim lover like me from way back or just starting to embrace it again after months of lounge wear, here are a few combinations to try…



8 wardrobe basics that can instantly make styling an outfit easier

6th April, 2022

Wardrobe basics are the lynchpin of your look. I find that owning a few key pieces can in turn make everything else you own just that little more wearable as you can start with the below items and then build an outfit around them. Each person obviously has their own unique style so some of the pieces below might require substituting here and there but overall I think they’re the kind of staples that can be worked in so many different ways. Versatility is key when it comes to a look and having the right wardrobe basics in your closet can really ensure that you are able to take your style repertoire in several different directions. I’ve narrowed down a few key things that I think every woman needs…

Kate Waterhouse wardrobe basics stacked jeans

Jeans are a key part of my off duty wardrobe

1. Jeans

It’s imperative to find yourself a pair of jeans that fit you ridiculously well and are ultra flattering. My go-to styles are skinny jeans or straight leg as they work with my body shape but be sure to find the right style for you.

2. Leather leggings

I’m already looking forward to transitioning to my autumn/winter looks and one of my can’t live without staples is a pair of leather leggings. I can wear them dressed up or down and as a bonus they’re so comfortable. When buying a pair be sure to try on a range of different styles from different brands as the fit can vary.

3. Comfortable t-shirt

A plain white t-shirt is the kind of piece that will be in constant rotation. I love a crew neck style and wore one here, however a v-neck tee is equally as good. Start with white, however shades such as black, grey and navy and a good stripe are also a great addition to any wardrobe.

4. Button down shirt

There’s a reason why a classic white shirt is at the top of most wardrobe basics lists — it’s just so wearable and can add a stylish touch to any look. One styling trick I like to employ is opting for a slightly looser fit when it comes to shirts as visually it can make your frame appear smaller.

5. High waisted skirt

A high waisted skirt is a go-to when it comes to office wear but it can also easily transition to your off duty wardrobe. Opt for a simple black or a fun print and pair with a tee or shirt for an easy, out-the-door-fast look.

6. Quality knit

Invest in at least one quality knit in a quality fabric (cashmere is luxe, but oh-so long lasting) and opt for colours such as grey or black as they’re easily paired with multiple items in your wardrobe.

7. Blazer

You can wear a blazer to work or out to dinner on a Saturday night and is such a must when it comes to wardrobe basics. Popping one on can easily dress up a look give it a stylish touch.

8. Scarf

A scarf is the ideal trans-seasonal piece to add to your wardrobe. I have one that I like to wear when I’m travelling as I can use it as a wrap when the temperatures are slightly chillier.

Tell me—what are some of the wardrobe basics you can’t live without? Have I missed any on my list?

The style mantras I live by

2nd April, 2022

When I was younger my style was a constant work in project but as I’ve got older I’ve started to really nail down my look. I know what I like and what I don’t and what suits me and what won’t. This has made getting dressed a whole lot easier. This process has also enabled me to start following a few key style mantras. These are the anchor points of my wardrobe and  has helped shape what I wear on a day to day basis and what also what I buy and add to my closet. Every woman will have her own different mantras according to her own personal tastes, however I thought I’d share mine with you all in case it helps you discover your own words to style by.

Always find balance

My style is a constant balancing act. This means if I’m doing one thing such as wearing a shorter skirt then I’ll aim to have a more conservative blouse to even out my look. If I’m wearing a vibrant colour then I’ll try and tone down my accessories so it’s not too overwhelming. I’ve found this has helped me edit my outfits and has given my a basis from which to style them.

Quality over quantity

Given the move towards sustainable fashion I’ve become even more determined to shop for well made pieces with longevity. I try and make considered purchases rather than succumbing to the temptation of an impulse buy. This means that I’ll always leave it a few days before buying anything as it gives me plenty of time to think about how it’s going to work in my wardrobe. I’d rather only buy a tight edit of things a year that I know will last me season after season.

Interesting elements are key

I’ll always try to add one piece in my ensemble whether it’s a killer heel, a statement bag or showstopper earrings that will elevate it. I’ve found that this is often a great way to put my own unique stamp on what I’m wearing and helps give it an injection of personality.

Aim for a polished finish

If you were to ask me what I aim for when I get dressed everyday it would be a polished finish. I always make sure that from head to toe, every garment fits perfectly (which may mean a trip to the tailor to get it altered). As I’m quite on the petite side if I don’t do this I risk looking like I’m swimming in what I’m wearing. Also I don’t forget the little things such as making sure that my bags are always clean, my shoes aren’t scuffed or needing to be resoled or fixed and my jewellery has a classic feel.

Experiment and have fun

Fashion’s meant to be fun. It’s a great way to express myself and play around with different styles and trends, but ultimately I know it’s meant to be an enjoyable part of my life. So this is why I make a point of experimenting with different colours, combinations and brands to find looks that I love to wear and make me feel great every time I walk out the door.

What are your style mantras?

Photography: Sophia Athas


5 pieces that always save me in a wardrobe crisis

27th March, 2022

An unexpected wardrobe crisis is not something I can usually afford to have first thing in the morning. This is why I’ve developed a roster of key pieces that I know will always save me when I’m having issues on the outfit front. They’re tried and tested and I know exactly how to work them with what’s in my closet so I can easily pull together an outfit in minutes. Here’s what’s saved me more times than I can count…

Little black dress

A little black dress is the equivalent of a get out of jail free card when it comes to fashion. An LBD has saved me on numerous occasions from having a wardrobe crisis as it’s such an easy foundation from which to build an outfit—all it needs is a great pair of shoes and accessories and I’m done. I know it’s also guaranteed to be flattering so it’s ideal for those days when I can’t afford to waste time trying on multiple outfits but need to look and feel my best.

Leather pants

I live in black leather pants throughout winter as they’re so comfortable and can also easily be dressed up or down. As a lot of people probably do, I generally always turn to anything black when I’m having a wardrobe crisis as it’s always a flattering hue and is an easy jumping off point to build a look from. The perfect pair of black leather pants can easily be paired with a tee and sneakers for great off duty style or a blouse and heels for a dressier look.


I always feel comfortable and confident in my favourite pair of jeans so for casual days out I know I can always rely on them to build an outfit around. I can easily just add a tee and flats if I’m out running errands or a structured blazer and heels if I’m after something a bit dressier.

White shirts are always a guaranteed lifesaver

Shift dress

Shift dresses have always been my go-to at all times. Even during pregnancy I found them to be a great option as the silhouette works with my frame and is an easy basis from which to create a look. I’ve found dresses are a lifesaver during times of wardrobe dilemmas as you don’t need to fuss around trying to match tops and bottoms—simply throw it on, find a pair of shoes and you’re done. Shift dresses may not work for everyone so definitely find a dress style that you know works with your shape.

White shirt

A crisp white shirt is considered a wardrobe classic for good reason—it’s an easy option to pair with everything from jeans to leather pants to a skirt and always looks polished. I find it’s always a good idea to have a white shirt ironed and ready to go at all times as it’s an easy option to turn to when you’re staring at your closet feeling really uninspired. Throw on a white shirt and I guarantee it’s wardrobe crisis averted!

What are your go-to wardrobe lifesavers?